What Happens If The U.S. Falls Short Of 'Herd Immunity' To Covid? | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

3. mai. 2021
36 094 Ganger

Apoorva Mandavilli, reporter for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about what herd immunity means and what the future of Covid-19 in the United States is likely to be as a "manageable threat" if herd immunity is not achieved.
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  • Why are the pressing for fast vaccinations for 70 percent of the population. Red flag.

    Jade rich TvJade rich Tv4 dager siden
  • You haven't mentioned what here immunity is? Is it 85% like Dr. Fauci said or is only 70% like other scientist have said? According to scientist only 32% of Americans are fully vaccinated and 46% have at least one dose. Have these morons thought that maybe millions of people were already infected and have antibodies and that is the reason the cases in the US have dropped all the way to 22,000 positive cases in one day and only 270 deaths in a country of 328 million people. Those who haven't been vaccinated by now most likely wont because they don't want it and never will no matter what these liberals wish. In fact our state of Minnesota is dropping the mask mandate on July 1st as have already most red states. What I believe is going to happen is this virus is going to be with us for years, like the flu and those who want the shot can get it and those who don't will just live their lives as well. A vaccination passport will never work and won't be accepted by the US population. Instead of doom and gloom as Rachael always projects, why not be more positive and mention how the cases and deaths have gone way down and we are winning the battle. States are open and schools are running full time, concerts and fairs will happen, restaurants are open along with shopping, but yet the cases and deaths continue to follow.

    Sax aphoneSax aphone6 dager siden
  • Get rid of trumpism and you will ramped up herd immunity

    PotomacstudPotomacstud6 dager siden
  • *aawww we have missed you americans , I'm guessing the world will continue with your travel ban until the adults take charge*

    AN0NY M0USE IVAN0NY M0USE IV7 dager siden
    • ps: my country the UK has an even longer travel banned list than the US atmo but hopefully we are gonna get a majority vaxed ..

      AN0NY M0USE IVAN0NY M0USE IV7 dager siden
    • Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Are a few stopping entry from the US and more are stopping travel to the US ..

      AN0NY M0USE IVAN0NY M0USE IV7 dager siden
  • If people don't reach herd immunity,,,,,,,,,,, Then they'll still have a 1 in 99.91 chance of survival ........

    Chuck Brenner IndianashogmanChuck Brenner Indianashogman9 dager siden
  • What happens if COVID becomes known as the Republican Disease since they are the only ones still getting sick? Well, I don't think anyone will have compassion for them at this point.

    Beau OBeau O10 dager siden
  • Herd immunity is not for humans do your research

    Jean HubleyJean Hubley10 dager siden
  • Stupid because any one can conebi. Any where don't be stipid

    Jean HubleyJean Hubley10 dager siden
  • Blame republicans , blame country bumpkin religion & right wing radio

    gary avonagary avona11 dager siden
  • The Republican Party is a disinformation AND a terrorist group.

    Randy KrusRandy Krus11 dager siden
  • You better be wrong, lady. Prove her wrong, America!!!!!!!!! Get your shots today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do your patriotic duty; help America reach herd immunity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jay Roy SimsJay Roy Sims11 dager siden
  • We're going to decide there's a certain level of acceptable death in order to keep things running. That was always gonna happen.

    Onward to DystopiaOnward to Dystopia11 dager siden
  • If we fall short, the ones too stupid and selfish to get vaccinated will be the ones who get sick and die. I don't wish death on anyone, but my sister would say "there'd be a lot less stupid people in the world" and my brother would say "survival of the fittest, the vaccinated are the fittest" I don't know if Republicans realize they are killing off their base :/

    Gloria PlattGloria Platt11 dager siden

    votes- have consequencesvotes- have consequences11 dager siden
  • 🤔🤔🤔

    lenny kosslenny koss11 dager siden
  • Insurance premiums should double for anti vaxers... Make them pay for their stupidity masked as freedom of choice

    Osvaldo TrujilloOsvaldo Trujillo11 dager siden
  • This is actually not true in the big picture: We will reach herd immunity when almost everybody is either infected or vaccinated. When people are either infected or vaccinated that usually activates their T-cells against up to 52 different segments of the spike protein. This is why vaccinated people do not get seriously ill from the variants. It would require many many mutations to let a variant escape those T-cells. When the T-cells do react against a variant, the immune system makes antibodies that are specific toward that variant! About a third of people in the US have yet to be infected or vaccinated. Around 100 million people. If those people get infected with a more lethal variant, many will die. It's their choice. Covid-19 will never die out completely, because it's in the wild animal population all over the world. Even if symptomatic infection becomes rare, it's still going to infect the unprotected, like rabies or hantavirus. The only way to defeat it is to get vaccinated.

    guy grotkeguy grotke11 dager siden
  • um, you didn't mention what happens if/when new strains appear... the 'india variant' for example...

    mieliavmieliav11 dager siden
  • Biden? Who is that women?

    John MillardJohn Millard11 dager siden
  • 50% of the US still believe the pandemic is a hoax so send their share of the vaccines to the nations of Africa. The last thing the world needs is Americans forging vaccination cards considering US pandemic mismanagement. A blanket ban on all Americans international travel is required. India have 366,240 less Covid deaths than the US.

    DJ PomareDJ Pomare11 dager siden
  • The US is finally stepping up to help India? US J&J has had blood clotting issues and accidentally ruined 15M vaccines. China has exported vaccines to 69 countries, arranged exports to 43 others including vaccines for Tokyo Olympians. US has kept all their vaccines for themselves. US 592,409 UK 127,543 India 226,169 NZ 26 When was America great? Not wearing masks are why US Covid deaths is 592,409 while New Zealand is 26 with the last fatality in August last year.

    DJ PomareDJ Pomare11 dager siden
  • Covid deaths US 592,409 Mexico 217,740 UK 127,543 Canada 24,396 China 4,636 Australia 910 NZ 26 Taiwan 12. The educational gap caused by pandemic mismanagement are Trump's legacy affecting the US for years to come. There are 18 variants, 11 from the US, 2 from the UK and India and 1 each from South Africa, Brazil, China and France. Anti-maskers, Anti-vaxers, MAGATs and QANON are killing Americans. When was America great?

    DJ PomareDJ Pomare12 dager siden
  • Well then the borders can still stay closed . And make sure they have vaccinations to travel. The economy will never recover, I talked to friends in Canada they don't want people here that are not vaccinated.

    Moms MADDMoms MADD12 dager siden
  • It might fall short because there is so many who won't want to take it

    Cookie ScottCookie Scott12 dager siden
  • A threat is that, in the absence of herd immunity, the virus will have opportunities to mutate. It's a crap shoot whether new variants will be worse or not as bad.

    Henry OnlineHenry Online12 dager siden
  • Amazing People will eat Tide Pods without question yet won't get vaccinated against a dangerous virus

    LonestarLonestar12 dager siden
  • I'm sorry when did herd immunity ever worked on humans. Measles and diphtheria never reached herd immunity, mandatory vaccines of children for school admissions and occupations for immigrant families and underserved communities has kept these diseases only in check.

    Gayle FosterGayle Foster12 dager siden
    • Smallpox. That's the example you want.

      AtanaloAtanalo10 dager siden
  • Make no mistake, we will reach herd immunity. We're pushing vaccination because we'd rather not do it by attrition.

    ZrebbeshZrebbesh12 dager siden
  • Maybe u guys should start paying people to take it if your all that scared???

    Joel RivardJoel Rivard12 dager siden
  • Thanks, Rachel! Thanks, Apoorva! 💜

    Aunt VesuviAunt Vesuvi12 dager siden
  • The ones that don't get vaccinated shouldn't be allowed any access to any Medical system in America.

    DD12 dager siden
    • @Muhammad the Prophet There more than just your ways for the world to work. The technology is there to implement it, even if you say the world cannot.

      DD11 dager siden
    • @D, there is a way: the vaccine cards. All proposals including the vaccine passport will have to rely on the vaccine cards as a starting point. After that system is in place, they can verify all new vaccinations, but they can’t go back in time and verify old vaccinations. So anti-vaxers will have to apply to any new system early enough so that can use their fake cards. You said people who hasn’t had the vaccine should be denied medical services... What do you think they should do if someone said they just lost their card? This will likely be true for millions of Americans. There wouldn’t be a way to verify they had the vaccine but giving them the vaccine again could be dangerous. What about immigrants who never had the opportunity to be vaccinated? Can they get medical services or just let those people die? Do you give illegal immigrants medical services but not anti-vax Americans who paid for the services? As you see, your proposal isn’t possible even if you were that cold.

      Muhammad the ProphetMuhammad the Prophet11 dager siden
    • @Muhammad the Prophet Im sure they can connect it with our socials or something. They wouldn't talk of vaccine passports if their wasn't a way to keep track of who had the vaccine. Their is no current medical database but Im sure something an be put together. You can't just say theres no way, when we have other forms of id that make it hard to fake. The data base can simply piggy back something else.

      DD11 dager siden
    • @D, perhaps you don’t understand the problem. Without a national database, the government has no way of verifying who has already been vaccinated. Any new system they create will rely on the old card system for people already vaccinated. So the government would be spending enormous amounts of resources to create a secure system that will do nothing to identify forged vaccine cards.

      Muhammad the ProphetMuhammad the Prophet11 dager siden
    • @Muhammad the Prophet Sure their is, how do you think people get arrested for copying birth certificates or other id's. They will create one.

      DD12 dager siden
  • I still dont understand how people are so scared of a life saving vaccine compared to a deadly disease? It is mind blowing the idiotic conspiracies surrounding these medical miracles. My whole family had Pfizer and are all perfectly fine. No 2 heads or microchips inside. Get vaccinated so we can put this nightmare behind us please.

    Ashlynne ShainAshlynne Shain12 dager siden
  • New Variant !!.. the Republican Anti-Vaxxer Virus .. removing weak minded people from the gene pool.

    BigCooter.comBigCooter.com12 dager siden
  • Nah nah dont be out here with this so called "herd immunity" and then they to say its because ppl arent getting this quick fix mystery vaccine. 1st ppl are straight up nasty and 2nd all of these illnesses and diseases out here that still get spread despite ppl getting yearly shots.

    Pearl The SpinsterPearl The Spinster12 dager siden
  • A portion of the population will remain in self quarantine, forget movies, restaurant or anywhere closed in.

    Walter GodsoeWalter Godsoe12 dager siden
  • Nothing, it's a regular flu season. Its happened many times just never been overhyped like this for political gain. Scamdemic

    Daniel DarkoDaniel Darko12 dager siden
  • I hate to say this but the only solution at this point is to allow Health ins companies to deny Coverage of treatment for Covid if the individual has denied getting the vaccine ( without a valid medical reason for not getting vaccinated) If people cant learn the easy way, let them learn the hard way.

    Fritzroy #3254Fritzroy #325412 dager siden
    • Should people who don't wear sunscreen be refused treatment for skin cancer, too? How about refusing first trimester abortions if there was no attempt at contraception? People will always make poor decisions; it's part of being human. That doesn't mean that we should be punished for life.

      A.L. McLaughlinA.L. McLaughlin12 dager siden
  • Stop with the masks, all I ask

    Gooby PlsGooby Pls12 dager siden
  • Go to Highwire dot com for the real science they won't show you.

    Truth seekerTruth seeker12 dager siden
  • They opened too early and dropped the ball 9n the 10 yard line. I'm sure those who don't understand are more confused than ever!! The IGNORANT ANTI-MASKERS AND VAXXERS HOLD US ALL HOSTAGE!

    Michelle MMichelle M12 dager siden
  • Who needs Obama death panels when we have anti-vax republicans? Keep covid for yourselves republicans.

    akahinaakahina12 dager siden
  • This is all meant to get the sheep 🐑to put pressure on the skeptics to be 🐑 like them.

    Truth seekerTruth seeker12 dager siden
  • Who listens to this propaganda as facts? Same people that would roll up their sleeves to sign up for an experimental shot that will turn them into spike protein manufacturing machines 🐑 . Stay away from the 🐑 they are the bio weapons now.

    Truth seekerTruth seeker12 dager siden
  • Who enjoys NOT having polio? How about small pox? ✋

    akahinaakahina12 dager siden
    • @j. lee What flavor Koolaid did you drink? 😄😂🤣

      akahinaakahina9 dager siden
    • This vaccine has not been approved. There is nothing in it that fights the virus. Please do your research especially if you want to have children.

      j. leej. lee9 dager siden
    • I don't doubt any number of them think they still have some residual microchips inherited from their grandparents' polio vaccinations - that happened years before chips even existed.

      Hydrocarbon82Hydrocarbon8212 dager siden
    • yet, we have many senior citizens who experienced the horrors of Polio and Small Pox.. who refuse to get vaccinated .. people over 80 years old who are worried about the long term side effects of the COVID Vaccine, LOL... people past the avg life expectancy, LOL.

      BigCooter.comBigCooter.com12 dager siden
    • I know, right? Even seasonal flu!

      Jeff FJeff F12 dager siden
  • Musk on, Save OUR Grandchildren.

    chemon atherchemon ather12 dager siden
  • The ones that won’t get the vaccine are a disgrace to our country. I don’t have sympathy for them, only sympathy for their victims. Actually, I think many are using any excuse because they are afraid of needles. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

    Golden ShineGolden Shine12 dager siden
  • What about natural herd immunity?

    Mark ShumateMark Shumate12 dager siden
    • Natural herd Immunity would involve Natural Selection - those more genetically or physically susceptible to a novel virus would be affected, and that would result in far more fatalities. Vaccines are a "Cheat Code" to trick the body's immune system to fight an unknown viral pathogen. But in the end, they are only a treatment, not a cure.

      ShadamachaeonShadamachaeon12 dager siden
  • Every day more fear mongering Yawn 🥱

    Seamus McKennaSeamus McKenna12 dager siden
  • Israel vaccinated 57 percent and got herd immunity Where at 45 percent and cases are plummeting

    Seamus McKennaSeamus McKenna12 dager siden
  • This is disgusting when people worldwide want to be vaccinated but there isn’t enough supply! Americans don’t realize how lucky they are to be able to be vaccinated!

    ᔕɧყ Lunaᔕɧყ Luna12 dager siden
    • Republicans don't , they will always be lucky by God they think

      gary avonagary avona11 dager siden
    • Isn't that crazy?! When we have something in abundance it sometimes makes us suspicious of its value. I sure wish we were, collectively, better at thinking critically than that!

      A.L. McLaughlinA.L. McLaughlin12 dager siden
  • Nice change in programming colors. Tell darpa the purple was better, CGI freak puppet.

    Fiona BolognaFiona Bologna12 dager siden

    Rad techRad tech12 dager siden
  • We would have variants anyway since the rest of the world won't be vaccinated for years.

    Joseph CoatesJoseph Coates12 dager siden
    • Then there are the anti vaxxers spreading it and producing new variants (like the recently discovered New York variant). Once a new variant has been discovered and reported, it has already run rampant. My guess is we'll need annual jabs, like current flu shots.

      Jeff FJeff F12 dager siden
    • Ah, I see what you mean now, sorry for the misunderstanding, thank you for clearing it up and I agree completely

      Sadie CSadie C12 dager siden
    • You seemed to miss the point, even if the US reached herd immunity this year, the rest of the world won't. We have not done enough to help the poorer nations of the world, we need more lifeguards and life vests.

      Joseph CoatesJoseph Coates12 dager siden
    • Absolutely right. Also, kids can drown in 2 inches of water anyway, so we should just stop having lifeguards and vests

      Sadie CSadie C12 dager siden
  • a bunch of people will die, a bunch more people all denying that they have Covid...sigh...thank you Qanon, GQP, FOX, OAN, NEWSMAX, Trumpites...thanks for nothing.

    JamesAllmondJamesAllmond12 dager siden
  • Anti-vaxxers constitute a present danger to EVERYONE’S health and survival. Perhaps they need to be quarantined, somewhat permanently.

    James CJames C12 dager siden
  • If we do not reach herd immunity on a global scale, we will never really get rid of it... They need to stop playing their little capitalism games with this vaccine and get it out there, now!

    Andrew EnsignAndrew Ensign12 dager siden
  • Why bother about not getting herd immunity ? I've got my shots, that makes me quite safe. Let the anti-vaxxers have a word with natural selection.

    Mathias WeitzMathias Weitz12 dager siden
    • Anti vaxxers can, and are, spreading new variants (such as the New York variant), which if left unchecked, likely will mutate into a form that the vaccines are 0% effective against. So they're projecting that same "natural selection" onto everybody.

      Jeff FJeff F12 dager siden
    • Quite safe is not completely safe, and variants as a result of anti-vaxer ignorance could be more virulent.

      Gordon MacWilliamGordon MacWilliam12 dager siden
  • If we don't get to Herd Immunity we become India. And with a new variant maybe something far worse.

    Ralph BoydRalph Boyd12 dager siden
  • Economic and social costs of folks not getting vaccinated will continue to hurt our nation. The people not getting vaccinated should either get paid to vaccinate or fined for not getting vaccinated.

    David VDavid V12 dager siden
    • Mark of the Beast

      David JacobsDavid Jacobs12 dager siden
  • Vaccine manufacturers have ZERO LIABILITY In case of injury or death caused by vaccines

    Lulu GarciaLulu Garcia12 dager siden
    • You're thinking of police officers and confusing them with effective vaccines.

      Jeff FJeff F12 dager siden
  • Covid survival rate 99.97%

    Lulu GarciaLulu Garcia12 dager siden
    • 1986 National childhood vaccine injury act NCVIA removed LIABILITY from manufacturers

      Lulu GarciaLulu Garcia11 dager siden
    • Vaccine manufacturers have ZERO LIABILITY In case of injury or death caused by vaccines

      Lulu GarciaLulu Garcia11 dager siden
    • It was never about a virus It was always about control

      Lulu GarciaLulu Garcia11 dager siden
    • @ Lulu Garcia Get your facts straight and stop spreading false information, please

      Blitz RoehreBlitz Roehre11 dager siden
    • Death is not the only risk. Do you know about "long-termers"? Or folks who have emerged with organ damage? And we don't know what the longer term effects might be. We've recently learned that people who had polio as children can be susceptible to multiple organ failure 40-50 years after infection.

      A.L. McLaughlinA.L. McLaughlin12 dager siden

    Lulu GarciaLulu Garcia12 dager siden
  • It’s only gonna hurt the antivaxxers by getting them sick.

    FreedomFreedom12 dager siden
    • People have already been getting minimal sickness from covid even without the vaccine. It has a 99.7 survival rate. The vaccine doesn’t change anything.

      Jade rich TvJade rich Tv4 dager siden
    • @Jeff F well not ineffective. As many Doctors have said, this could very well become like the flu shot. Everyone vaccinated will get a booster or updated shot each year to keep safe and to keep from spreading it more.

      FreedomFreedom12 dager siden
    • @Freedom Yes, but going ahead, If it continues to spread and mutate further through people who refuse vaccination (and there are more than enough of them), it will eventually render the current vaccines ineffective. Their "rights" = everybody's loss.

      Jeff FJeff F12 dager siden
    • @qantj vulpis it’s already proven that if a vaccinated person gets sick from COVID it is very minimal.

      FreedomFreedom12 dager siden
    • Vaccinated people will get ill too, and those who are unable to be vaccinated... So much collateral damage.

      qantj vulpisqantj vulpis12 dager siden
  • What happens when, not if, the US falls short of herd immunity? The wrath of God. If not literally the effects will likely be pretty darn close to it.

    Franchesca ONealFranchesca ONeal12 dager siden
  • I wonder when health insurance companies will start denying coverage to people who decline to get vaccinated?

    Craig RussellCraig Russell12 dager siden
    • @Kalt Sure thing, bud. That water joke has been done before ya gotta be quicker than that.

      Truth seekerTruth seeker11 dager siden
    • ...they may not deny coverage, But like former smokers, YOU'LL HAVE A HIGHER PREMIUM!

      votes- have consequencesvotes- have consequences11 dager siden
    • @Truth seeker facts wouldn't work with you so we're just going to talk silly

      KaltKalt11 dager siden
    • @Kalt Come back when you have a solid argument, silly 😀

      Truth seekerTruth seeker11 dager siden
    • @Truth seeker correlation =/= causation. 100% of people who drink water die

      KaltKalt11 dager siden
  • Kind of like herd mentality

    JosefJosef12 dager siden
  • We have 350 million people a year in holding 500k deaths I think we will be pretty good

    Shay WikeShay Wike12 dager siden
    • @Shay Wike I thought that was explained by Darwin and the proof is everywhere. Heck, stupid deaths are commonly Darwin award recipients! lol

      Jeff FJeff F12 dager siden
    • @Daniel Schlobach not really more should have died we actually need the death Humans are literally the definition of an invasive species we need a Thanos to snap his fingers but a virus will suffice

      Shay WikeShay Wike12 dager siden
    • What? That’s an insane amount of death every year due to one disease!

      Daniel SchlobachDaniel Schlobach12 dager siden
  • We turn off the tv and live our lives! That's what happens

    Joe WhoJoe Who12 dager siden

    greensmashgreensmash12 dager siden
  • I'm not a big Trump fan but he got us two vaccines in a record 9 months! He ordered hundreds of millions of doses before he left office. I got my 2nd shot a month ago and Joe Biden had absolutely nothing to do with it. The vaccination machinery was all set up during the previous administration and by the states. And Biden's *Dr. Fauci is telling us fully vaccinated that we still have to wear masks and can't even go to a restaurant!!!*

    PaulPaul12 dager siden
  • Much unamerican. Many oppressors. Comments and video.

    CHANNEL QCHANNEL Q12 dager siden
  • Hi Rachel Anne.👋🍺. Me, i already knew about all of that.👍. Democrats, 👉be patient, have faith👈.👍. Democrats, 👉stay on the path👈.👍.

    Junior HarryJunior Harry12 dager siden
  • covid will be here in 20 years as a very bad flu when everybody in the world gets vaccine jab

    Stephen StretchStephen Stretch12 dager siden
  • “America’s sense of independence is hurting our effort.” Fauci

    Jay GibsonJay Gibson12 dager siden
  • As long as there are those idiots out there who think the vaccine (any vaccine!) implants some type tracking devices in you,or it's being used as a form of government control,we will never reach herd immunity. Those that are too dumb to realize that the more that get vaccinated, the quicker things can return to normal. Tired of the restrictions? Go get the vaccine!

    Michele ConnerMichele Conner12 dager siden
  • It’s not the government’s fault. It’s not the supply chain. It’s the 30%-40% of the population who are intelligence-impaired that’s the problem.

    Steve SmithSteve Smith12 dager siden
    • That 30-40% are creating variants that will put everyone at risk, vaccinated or not.

      Jeff FJeff F12 dager siden
    • To be fair the government has been underfunding education...

      qantj vulpisqantj vulpis12 dager siden
    • Its the governments fault that they have destroyed small businesses over a virus that is not dangerous to the vast majority of people. That is their fault, not the fault of the supposed virus.

      Leonardo MontalvoLeonardo Montalvo12 dager siden
  • I'm not interested in being a lab rat. Good luck with your Mask Cult also...

    Dino SteaksDino Steaks12 dager siden
    • @Stefanie Kokal I'm not interested in your Fear Cult either. Sorry Stef.

      Dino SteaksDino Steaks12 dager siden
    • Don’t waste resources when you get the virus. Stand up for your rights and stay home (gasping for your breath). You have your rights! Go for it

      Stefanie KokalStefanie Kokal12 dager siden
  • If you listen to Fake news the US falling short of herd immunity is Trump's fault.

    Karen GraceKaren Grace12 dager siden
  • We really don't know crap. For how long is the vaccine effective? How effective is it, really? What about variants, and mutations? Is it all a hoax or is this really some biblical beginning of the end? Can't we just go on with our lives and see how it plays out without all the drama? No one dies one day early. We do know this: we ALL die one day.

    Miguel PazosMiguel Pazos12 dager siden
  • We live on.

    evan doeevan doe12 dager siden
    • @James C such is life.

      evan doeevan doe12 dager siden
    • Some of us.

      James CJames C12 dager siden
  • Herd Immunity resistance to the spread of an infectious disease within a population that is based on pre-existing immunity of a high proportion of individuals as a result of previous infection or vaccination. "the level of vaccination needed to achieve herd immunity varies by disease but ranges from 83 to 94 percent"

    Bad NoxinBad Noxin12 dager siden
  • So I work in an industry that tends to be more conservative minded (trucking) and it is so frustrating to hear people say they are not going to get vaccinated. You can talk facts and science all day but they are not going to change their minds.

    Roger AndersenRoger Andersen12 dager siden
    • @Wisconsin Man just shows your lifelong commitment to being correct.

      KaltKalt10 dager siden
    • @Kalt Someone who gives 2 fuqs is a word is misspelled from time to time.

      Wisconsin ManWisconsin Man11 dager siden
    • @Wisconsin ManIf I'm special needs, but know the difference in Here and hear; what does that make you?

      KaltKalt11 dager siden
    • @Kalt Read it again you Special needs person.

      Wisconsin ManWisconsin Man11 dager siden
    • @Wisconsin Man what?

      KaltKalt11 dager siden
  • Lol there won’t be any democrats left on earth in about 5 years

    Mark EMark E12 dager siden
    • @qantj vulpis I’ll see if I can find it knowing these corrupt pieces of dirt they probably have deleted it from the web just like they did every mask study

      Mark EMark E12 dager siden
    • @Mark E Got a link about this animal study you mention?

      qantj vulpisqantj vulpis12 dager siden
    • @qantj vulpis most are lining up to get this expiermental drug and every ferret from their animal study has ended up dead... there’s already been 3,500+ that have died wait until whoever survived so far catches another virus, it might do them in right there

      Mark EMark E12 dager siden
    • I'm curious what makes you think that.

      qantj vulpisqantj vulpis12 dager siden
  • We may not reach herd immunity, but we may possibly thin the herd of Right Wing crazies when they catch Covid and pass on,.

    Marchant2Marchant212 dager siden
    • @Muhammad the Prophet I know one thing. The Democrats living in “Democrat” areas are literate enough to use the word “Democratic” properly.

      Marchant2Marchant211 dager siden
    • @Marchant2, you think crime is lower in Democrat areas? Why?!? It’s not by far! I know all the rich people choose to live in Democrat areas. Almost all of them do. I wonder why that is... hmmmm... It’s almost like the Democrats treat rich people better... which is pretty hilarious considering the Democrats anti-wealth narrative isn’t it?

      Muhammad the ProphetMuhammad the Prophet11 dager siden
    • @Muhammad the Prophet Funny how the safest states in America are all blue. They’re also the richest, most educated and healthiest. But you go on with your red state stupid. No one’s going to stop you.

      Marchant2Marchant211 dager siden
    • @Marchant2, you think the murder rate in red rural America is worse than blue metro America? Seriously?!? It’s not even close. Especially now with the anti-police movement in Democrat areas.

      Muhammad the ProphetMuhammad the Prophet11 dager siden
    • @Muhammad the Prophet But not as low as the survival rate of Right Wing terrorism.

      Marchant2Marchant211 dager siden

    Jet MechJet Mech12 dager siden
  • Recovered+Dead+Human Shield+Useful Idiot+Hoax+Poax=Herd Immunity.

    apextrollapextroll12 dager siden
  • Shutting off your tv cures covid variants including china and now the brazilian strand 🔴 and heightens your fashion sense,,and hairstyles

    Blue CrowBlue Crow12 dager siden
    • Get me out of your head

      Blue CrowBlue Crow12 dager siden
    • @Blue Crow I suspect English isn't your first language... Your comment makes no sense.

      qantj vulpisqantj vulpis12 dager siden
    • @qantj vulpis talked about,,, then what political for land money freedom control world trade control, what you can and can not do .choose truth choose freedom

      Blue CrowBlue Crow12 dager siden
    • @Blue Crow Climate change has been talked about by scientists since the 19th century...

      qantj vulpisqantj vulpis12 dager siden
    • @Anubhav Bhoumik defunded since the marxist took over probably whatever they need the climate change craze to be this term it's either warning or cooling follow the money dress accordingly

      Blue CrowBlue Crow12 dager siden
  • Why are we alll assuming the vaccine is working before we have any data?

    nyclearnyclear12 dager siden
    • @nyclear Yes, correlation is not causation. Because of that, for a study for a new vaccine, half the participants are given NOT the vaccine but a placebo, and neither they nor the person giving the shot is told. If half a year later 10 from 1000 people without the vaccine got corona but only 5 from 1000 people with the vaccine, you have 50% efficiency. This was done for all currently available vaccines.

      Thilo ReicheltThilo Reichelt10 dager siden
    • @Jeff F by your analysis you could also say autism is caused by vaccines since the vaccine schedule increases matched autism rates over time. That isnt causatjon. That means u do a study to find out

      nyclearnyclear12 dager siden
    • @Jeff F correlation is not causation

      nyclearnyclear12 dager siden
    • For starters, since vaccines have been rolling out, in countries with even a 30% vaccination rate, the death toll has decreased significantly.

      Jeff FJeff F12 dager siden
    • @qantj vulpis there has been no studies who told u that? Show me

      nyclearnyclear12 dager siden
  • Derp

    Odin's Missing EyeOdin's Missing Eye12 dager siden
  • Yes. I agree but. There is a lot more government could be doing. Coronavirus is mainly transmitted indoors through the air. That message is not getting out there. Also, there is a lot that could be done to improve indoor air quality and decrease transmission. Hepa filters, exhaust fans, open windows, bringing in outdoor air instead of recycling indoor air, air-to-air heat exchangers. We have some of the worst indoor air quality in the world. That is why coronavirus was so bad here. Thankful that we have vaccines but also need to emphasize indoor air quality. Could you please investigate why this is not emphasized and why no one is listening to indoor air quality experts?

    Ron LugbillRon Lugbill12 dager siden
    • Same reason the fools never listened to the experts telling everyone not to gather indoors in large groups without masks. They think they know everything and don't have to listen to experts.

      Michele ConnerMichele Conner12 dager siden
  • worthless report

    WingnutWingnut12 dager siden
  • We should cancel president’s day until we actually get one. Mr potato head is not my president he’s a failure

    sour kushsour kush12 dager siden
    • I didn't know Dan Quayle was president...

      Jeff FJeff F12 dager siden
  • Can we get vaccinated so that we no longer need masks in stores/most jobs? I mean don’t get me wrong I was worried myself, but I’d rather get the shot than be on a ventilator. Also, having asthmatic family members was a big driver to get vaccinated.

    Bones 300Bones 30012 dager siden
    • @Adam Astro So you're saying it would be incredibly reckless and pointless to get the experimental shot then? Got it! 👌

      Truth seekerTruth seeker9 dager siden
    • Even if you’ve been vaccinated, you could still catch and transmit Covid. That’s why it’s recommended you continue to wear a mask and socially distance.

      Adam AstroAdam Astro9 dager siden
    • @Golden Shine, my body, my choice.

      Muhammad the ProphetMuhammad the Prophet12 dager siden
    • Why don't you ask the doctors and scientists that are speaking out on the dangers of the experimental shot? Ask them questions not random CCP trolls.

      Truth seekerTruth seeker12 dager siden
    • The person immunized likely won’t get Covid. Masks are still needed to protect others. At least 70% need to be vaccinated before things can return to normal. Blame those not getting vaccinated. I think many are just afraid of needles.

      Golden ShineGolden Shine12 dager siden
  • Here in UK we have about 1600 a day catching Covid, and we have about 15 a day Deaths. We only have 30% of population with both Jabs, but everybody above 40 Years old with one jab.

    Richard O'GradyRichard O'Grady12 dager siden
  • Well, the biggest part of reasonable sane people are now vaccinated or at best way to get it... But what about all that MAGA minions that believe all crap they hear at FOX? They still deny that Corona exists...

    Oliver SeitzOliver Seitz12 dager siden
  • Hey Whi te fo lk: have you 'he rd' about the je wish su prem acists who con trol every nat ion, and are acti vely geno ciding you?! Lea rn the tru th here: rene gade trib une dott kom

    Anthony RAnthony R12 dager siden
  • Antivaxxers: say no to Trumpoison

    Floda ReltihFloda Reltih12 dager siden

    Norman MarxNorman Marx12 dager siden
    • Double the pleasure with Doublemint gum.

      Jeff FJeff F12 dager siden
  • Biden needs to announce that as of July 1st, the USA will end ordering more vaccines, and that after that states need to hold their own stock, and all extra stock be sent back. Anyone wanting vaccines after that, will have to pay for it. It's like anything, people who think they can get it any time, will not rush to get it. Put a time limit on it, and if they don't get it and die, that's their fault.

    HankakahHankakah12 dager siden
  • What happens if we fall short? The domestic terrorists win.

    Jason JimersonJason Jimerson12 dager siden
    • @Rocket Boards “disinformation” and “antivaxxer” are what Orwell would call Newspeak. Is China forcing vaccine passports in the west? Is China controlling the ACSH who declared COVID to be 99.98% survivable for the majority of the global population? No.

      cat videoscat videos11 dager siden
    • We got rid of other scary horrible diseases why have we become more ignorant than we were years ago?

      Linda MullinsLinda Mullins11 dager siden
    • More like Russia and China, who are behind this dis-information anti-vaxer information online. People don't realize where the information they read online is coming from, and how badely these countries want to destroy our democracy so they can continue justifying their dictatorships and surpass the US as the global leader.

      Rocket BoardsRocket Boards12 dager siden
    • I don’t get it.

      cat videoscat videos12 dager siden
    • republicans die

      BigCooter.comBigCooter.com12 dager siden