Trump Supporter Found Guilty Of Threatening To Kill Members Of Congress After Jan. 6 Insurrection

3. mai. 2021
627 432 Ganger

MSNBC legal analyst Andrew Weissman and Courthouse News reporter Nina Pullano join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the guilty verdict against a Trump supporter now facing up to 10 years in prison for threatening members of Congress after January 6 Capitol riot.
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  • Throw the book at ALL of these TRAITORS!

    Brett S.Brett S.Time siden
  • All dates are relevant everyday is not there day they were innocentv

    Jon MurrayJon Murray3 timer siden
  • What happen to all the kids in Portland did they find any of the killers of all the kids have died there

    Jon MurrayJon Murray3 timer siden
  • No one cares about Mike pence

    Jon MurrayJon Murray3 timer siden
  • The only people that died were trumpet I heard

    Jon MurrayJon Murray3 timer siden
  • Willful ignorance finally gets its' toll paid. Right Wing Media is a National Threat. They are the ones that should pay a price for hundreds of thousands of dead Americans. Start with the Murdochs.

    Hartcore11Hartcore114 timer siden
  • Yes! Investigate. Prosecute! Trump next.

    American ArtistAmerican Artist6 timer siden
  • Remember "LOCK HER UP ?" Hillary never went to court & should have been found guilty !!

    Turbo TurtleTurbo Turtle7 timer siden
  • Where is his Chosen One Donald John Trump when he needs him

    T Dragon 357T Dragon 3577 timer siden
  • I'll bet he's really confused as to why he's getting in trouble considering his dear leader has broken every law in the book and has gotten away scot free..

    M HM H9 timer siden
  • Prosecute hunter Biden

    Corina GallegosCorina Gallegos12 timer siden
  • Do The Crime, Do The Time!

  • Trump is still running his pie hole.

    Homestead lifeHomestead life14 timer siden
  • Those MAGA hats must contain mind altering microchips.

    Jessie McFarlandJessie McFarland14 timer siden
  • Umm I'm ready to see many liberal politicians and government employees be prosecuted for the things they've said against Trump supporters. Publicly and that goes against their oaths of office.

    Birdie BlueBirdie Blue15 timer siden
  • Terroristic threats? Yep,that's a crime. Oh well. So is insurrection, and look what happened there. These traitors shouldn't sweat it too much. Words are words. They do not EVER cause actual harm. RIGHT?

    Tawney Biggs-DominguezTawney Biggs-Dominguez15 timer siden
  • More to come!

    Mickey RiversMickey Rivers16 timer siden
  • Charge them all with attempted murder

    Christopher AllenChristopher Allen19 timer siden
  • Wow I never even herd about this.

    Christie GibsonChristie Gibson20 timer siden
  • Lock these Trump animals up.

    Giovanni SoaveGiovanni Soave21 time siden
  • Hope he serves the full 10yrs with chance of parole

    michael carrollmichael carroll21 time siden
  • All of them need to be prosecuted and serve time for the treasonous insurection do the crime do the time we could get rid of thousands of ignorant people

    Robert GensonRobert Genson23 timer siden
  • so, what was this mystery man's name and where can i see this video he made?

    c. j. macqc. j. macqDag siden
  • more fake news

    charles fadeleycharles fadeleyDag siden
  • Time to go after the Big Kahuna behind it all.

    Cat's MeowCat's MeowDag siden
  • The Trump administration opened up Pandora's box in terms of irrational behavior on the part of Republicans.

    Reclusive Hermit With A Long, Bushy White BeardReclusive Hermit With A Long, Bushy White BeardDag siden
  • The lucky sideboard occasionally bare because syria hooghly scratch across a amused composer. entertaining, dependent bone

    Cris HermaCris HermaDag siden
  • This guy’s mom will be glad to get her basement back while he’s housed in a cell.

    Tim DowneyTim DowneyDag siden
  • Yep just another great american takeing peacefull walk that day.⚡⚡😤😤

    alguien randomalguien randomDag siden

    Addendum KebicAddendum KebicDag siden
    • In the "guise" of insurrection. Try another one. Say it was Antifa and BLM under the guise of "MAGA" that built up that gallow and chanted to hang Mike Pence. Making stuff up, that's what guys do when you run out of arguments👍🏿

      Tyrone Valdéz-KrügerTyrone Valdéz-KrügerDag siden
  • 8 5 Lynn

    Vivian WildermuthVivian Wildermuth2 dager siden
  • Totally off topic...the wall unit behind Andrew Weismann is like one my parents had in the 70s in our living room. It was teak, like the dining room suite. My brother kept them and recently sold the wall unit to a collector for $20,000! Dining room is with even more. Who’d have ever thought that ugly furniture could be worth big money!

    Auntie DoughAuntie Dough2 dager siden
  • Awesomeness..LOCK HIM UP....

    Janet RamosJanet Ramos2 dager siden
  • Nina Pullano a whole snack.

    Obanje SpiritObanje Spirit2 dager siden
  • When the government violates the people's rights, insurrection is, for the people and for each portion of the people, the most sacred of the rights and the most indispensible of duties. Marquis De Lafayette

    bigbrothers fatalattractionbigbrothers fatalattraction2 dager siden
    • @Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger Yeah i did cause you are full of isht and disingenuous. Under a different comment's discussion though cause you acted like antifa and everything they've done and been given impunity to do has not happened and does not exist.

      bigbrothers fatalattractionbigbrothers fatalattractionDag siden
    • @bigbrothers fatalattraction I just noticed...did you called me a mother.cker?

      Tyrone Valdéz-KrügerTyrone Valdéz-KrügerDag siden
    • @bigbrothers fatalattraction They have been arrested for doing it online during an insurrection. Don't even say that about White Supremacists. The biggest threat of domestic terrorism over the last 5, 6 years. Remember the latest mass killings of Asian Americans after years of "Kung Flu" gaslighting? This makes no sense, so let me ask you this to try to understand: Do you still believe in the slogans "Blue/All Lives Matter"? We agree that all life matters, but how is it as slogans that came up as response to "Black Lifes Matter"?

      Tyrone Valdéz-KrügerTyrone Valdéz-KrügerDag siden
    • @Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger They're under arrest for tresspassing and a handful for punching a cop or something. Don't even say that about ANTIFA. They've been all over this website for 5 or 6 years all day every day all over mthrfkr.

      bigbrothers fatalattractionbigbrothers fatalattractionDag siden
    • @bigbrothers fatalattraction Trying to hang someone is more than letting someone know. But who are those Antifas disguised as MAGA really? I always hear "Antifa" or "they" but I never see faces or hear names. These insurrectionist on the other hand are worldwide known and that's why they are under arrest or sentenced to prison

      Tyrone Valdéz-KrügerTyrone Valdéz-KrügerDag siden
  • "Nothing to see here, folks. It's just another harmless tourist." If republican't stop lying, they have nothing. Even Trump looks fat when you see him from the side, but when he stops lying, he turns invisible! And he knows it! It's hard to wield dictatorial control over the narrative when there is no narrative! It's the same with the talking heads at Fox fake news. As soon as their mouths quit blabbing, they disappear! It's amazing! And it really doesn't matter what preposterous things they manage to spew out, as long as their lips are moving. Sure, it is boring, but it is all they have! Question: What happens to fake news talking heads and republican'ts when you stop listening to them? Answer: They begin to shrink! No kidding! They all start running for their little blue pills just to make sure they are still alive! Cruz calls McConnell and says. "Hey, Mitch! I can't smell my own stank! Am I still alive?" McConnell answers back, "I don't know, Ted. I haven't been able to smell my own stank for twenty years!" And the rest is history.

    Millennial SeekerMillennial Seeker3 dager siden
  • B b be bu be bu but my orange master made me do it!!!!!!

    charles nelsoncharles nelson3 dager siden
  • It's about time! We can't allow people to threaten our president or our congress people!

    T ST S3 dager siden
  • Now it they can just scrub Killeen.

    Dirty RedDirty Red3 dager siden
  • Now that he's a felon, the FBI needs to watch him and find out where his guns are hidden and take them all away from him. After prison of course. I hope the FBI follows all of them for the rest of thier broken and pathetic lives!

    Tin ManTin Man3 dager siden
  • Can we say .... Fake News!!! This station is a joke. I literally just watch it to laugh

    cuntpunter mcGcuntpunter mcG3 dager siden
  • It occurs to me that if any Republican had been injured, they might be singing a different tune today.

    Sandee RodriguezSandee Rodriguez4 dager siden
  • This on the day that Liz Cheney was ousted for standing up to Trump's lies

    Michael EnglandMichael England4 dager siden
  • MSNBC you are silent about BLM/ANTIFA hypocrites!

    Eddie SheltonEddie Shelton4 dager siden
  • Maximum lame excuses like I have FOXitis, the TV said, or I didn't reall mean it. People need to think before they speak.

    Linda ElmoreLinda Elmore4 dager siden
  • I like the way they hardly, if at all mentioned the defendant's name... and in doing so alluded him part of his 15 minutes of fame... :-)

    Rep WannabeeRep Wannabee4 dager siden
  • If they had succeeded with the Sedition, all those terrorists Would be heroes of Trumps republic now, What is wrong with The USA, these GOP senators & congressmen are criminals

    Alan BlackAlan Black4 dager siden

    William AustinWilliam Austin4 dager siden
  • I'm not sure 10 years is enough for these insurrectionist. I think all involved should get at least 25 years for being the traitors and terrorists they truly are.

    James RatliffJames Ratliff4 dager siden
  • The jury was trying to give him a fair trial?

    d3volvdd3volvd4 dager siden
  • Trump supporters did not do that quit blaming it gets old we need people who care about america. evil media lies tired of it u all need god

    Stephanie gow noahStephanie gow noah5 dager siden
    • Trump supporters did it. You're gullible idiots who were used and thrown under the bus. YOU guys did it. Own it.

      Obsidikiss NecrozineObsidikiss Necrozine4 dager siden
    • oKKK, comrade. The Nazis blamed the media

      Rob hillRob hill4 dager siden
  • Tired of everyone blaming trump trump best president ever. No one did anything all lies sick of it all

    Stephanie gow noahStephanie gow noah5 dager siden
  • Jury members talking to the press? Wth

    Andrew SAndrew S5 dager siden
  • I would agree that taking down the videos and such is certainly like wiping down an assault weapon to remove any fingerprints.

    Jack LowJack Low5 dager siden
  • Trump and all of his so called buddy's needs to face a long stint in jail I mean every single one of them did

    Julian KeplerJulian Kepler5 dager siden
  • Taking the video down after the fact does nothing but show the jury that you knew you committed a crime. Lock that traitor up.

    Jarry SciligoJarry Sciligo5 dager siden
  • Old enough to play old enough to pay

    Deacon DavisDeacon Davis5 dager siden
  • The Capitol riot is an example of When Racist dumb dumbs throw a party

    Isabel BecerraIsabel Becerra5 dager siden
  • Any person threatening anybody like that should go away for years. This is not acceptable and if they start sending people to prison for years they will think about what their saying and doing. People that incite also should be sent away and not just for a couple years, for decades.

    Yoshi237xyz Plushie timeYoshi237xyz Plushie time5 dager siden
  • Can you blame the person. The person know it was a setup and I would expect to see more!

    Dirty QtipDirty Qtip5 dager siden
    • Not our fault Trump supporters were dumb enough to post videos of their crimes.

      Obsidikiss NecrozineObsidikiss Necrozine4 dager siden
  • And Trump should be amongst them...This coward has not said anything about the people that lost their lives for his coward self, and does not care about the country self destruction.. This is all on Trump and I pray justice is served for him as well,as all the restthat broke the sacred trust of protecting America democracy that day by storming that sacred ground...

    Danny AkensDanny Akens5 dager siden
  • We can’t just sit pretty for four years with Biden. Trump and his rouges are ready to steal the next election and already they are trying to pass the most shocking discriminative voting laws.

    househeadericmdhouseheadericmd6 dager siden
  • I thought it was Antifa...Not trump supporters 🤯

    soonersdevilsoonersdevil6 dager siden
    • It was Trump supporters. They're going to jail in record numbers soooo....

      Obsidikiss NecrozineObsidikiss Necrozine4 dager siden
  • How many peaceful burning, killing, rioters have gone to prison ?

    WSOX ManWSOX Man6 dager siden
  • Lock and throw away the key

    James GravesJames Graves6 dager siden
  • It's a very slippery slope when you convict people for things they say, rather than for things they actually do or attempt to do. I know a lot of mentally ill people that say a lot of crazy stuff but don't make actual slightest plans of doing them and they totally forget what they say a couple of minutes later. I can't stand Trump or his Treason for Trumpers but what actual plans did that guy make other than just shooting off his mouth? And yes, drug use is a mental illness and should be treated as such, as a health issue, not a criminal issue, and the fact that he himself took down the post in question is reasonable doubt about any intent of acting on it.

    DAY LITEDAY LITE6 dager siden
  • unfortunately you don't have to be sober to commit murder, drunk and stoned people do it too. Not a god defense

    George PicheGeorge Piche6 dager siden
  • Good jury, there’s consequences for our actions!

    Alfredo SilvestreAlfredo Silvestre6 dager siden
  • Now bring out the enabler politicians who gave these premeditators the maps and security layout of the Capitol.

    Geo78Geo786 dager siden
  • Every seditionist must be sentenced to the maximum term. The audacity of taking over the capital and threatening all the politicians up to the vice president. It weakened the country in the eyes of the entire world. Meanwhile, Trump is regrouping for another coup attempt. If his base sees people getting probation, diversion or light sentences, they certainly will have no reason to sign up for a more deadly attempt to overthrow the government and install Trump as dictator for life. This is no joke.

    Richard TRichard T6 dager siden
  • So get politically correct and just give him a few months probation,big deal no harm no foul.

    Steve ZuehlsdorffSteve Zuehlsdorff6 dager siden
  • Good throw away the key!

    Gail EastwoodGail Eastwood6 dager siden
  • What's their favorite thing to say? Lock them up! Lock them up! I've seen people throwed in jail for less.

    BubblesBubbles6 dager siden
  • These Morons are the ''low hanging fruit''. Once they are all put away for their treachery, then let's go after the true Traitors. Hawley, Cruz & the gutless Republicans who gave a standing ovation for Marjorie Taylor Greene & enabled Trump to incite the insurrection of Jan 6th.

    MisterT BrownMisterT Brown6 dager siden
  • The Capitol incident is only the first drop of blood. People won't have time to serve their sentence based on how long the US will be a country.

    You TubeYou Tube6 dager siden
  • HANG EM HIGH! That's a Clint Eastwood movie right? Good for him! HA HA!

    Gwendolyn PorterGwendolyn Porter6 dager siden
  • What's his name?

    ambria harrisambria harris6 dager siden
  • Gitmo.

    Best BastBest Bast6 dager siden
  • Heee, heee

    Alice HoodAlice Hood6 dager siden
  • So it's okay for these jurors to speak out but it's not okay for the George Floyd Jeweler to speak out and so they are now filing a mistrial based on what oh, the same bulshit with no complaints you have got to be f****** kidding me. But we know there is only one justice system and that is just as for the others. But God knows and sees all and when you stand before him in heaven it will be in the Book of Life the things that you have said and done remember that you may land into the Lake of Fire.

    Alice HoodAlice Hood6 dager siden
  • I agree

    Lationa KingLationa King6 dager siden
  • Let’s fill the jails 🙌🏻🍻

    arne ottossonarne ottosson6 dager siden
  • Set an example. Imprison him.for life.

    Elizabeth W.Elizabeth W.6 dager siden
  • If it had been a Demorat that had done this to the Republican congress, we would never have heard anything about it ,because they can do anything they want to and get away with it. Just remember that what goes around, also comes back around to bite the people who caused it in the 1st place. Amen

    Edith MosesEdith Moses6 dager siden
    • Trump caused it when he lied about the election being stolen.

      Benjamin ThompsonBenjamin Thompson6 dager siden
  • The republican party has become the party of death. Vote blue in 22, if you want to live.

    Patrick HenryPatrick Henry6 dager siden
  • Lock em all up. The Trump brand is trash.

  • These Trump supporters should all be on some kind of terrorist watch list.

    jason wjason w6 dager siden
  • Found guilty so wtf does that mean ? Probation ???

    TRUTHTRUTH6 dager siden
  • Is there some reason why the name of the accused is never mentioned?

    jeffibjeffib6 dager siden
  • Trumpery is TREASON. Who's next?

    yana_ gamingyana_ gaming6 dager siden
  • Idiots! It was NOT an insurrection! It was a well planned attack on the Capitol building by Antifa and other such people. You don't see people who "protest" wearing full battle gear carrying knives and guns emerging from the crowd. Planned. Period.

    Sarah GideonSarah Gideon7 dager siden
  • God will hold you all accountable for your lies some day!!!!!!

    Wayne TWayne T7 dager siden
  • Imprison the hand who threw the spear.

    Poring LittlefootPoring Littlefoot7 dager siden
  • It's very wrong for sure.Its also sad when Hollywood threatened Trump was laughed at..not much was done...there is huge double standard on reaction here..both are wrong...

    Teresa EllisTeresa Ellis7 dager siden
  • Yak yak yak Nothing is happening to these privileged people

    Jazetta WilliamsJazetta Williams7 dager siden
  • Death of the Piguloids. Chapter Seven. The Reckoning.

    Pete ZipardiPete Zipardi7 dager siden
  • There you go, that guy looks like a classic Trump follower; NUTS! Throw the book at them all that did that Jan 6th horror show. Trump is Not worth this attention.

    pbruc brookspbruc brooks7 dager siden
  • Wonderful take them all down

    R & RR & R7 dager siden
  • When will the leaders and powerful be brought to justice for their part?!?! We cannot allow them to slide... AGAIN... and ALWAYS in the US!!! 😡 😤

    SimpLee68SimpLee687 dager siden