Rev. Al Sharpton: The Bad Police Need To Face Federal Law | Morning Joe | MSNBC

4. mai. 2021
16 615 Ganger

Mourners gathered Monday in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, for Andrew Brown Jr.'s funeral after he was fatally shot by a police. The Rev. Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy for Brown at Fountain of Life Church, and he joins Morning Joe along with Michael Eric Dyson to discuss.
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Rev. Al Sharpton: The Bad Police Need To Face Federal Law | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  • Reienforce manipulate and Exploit the blk community al the shackle sharpton can you guess the order

    Whiskey JackWhiskey Jack7 dager siden
  • Shackel Sharpton

    Whiskey JackWhiskey Jack7 dager siden
  • Al and obama 2 sellouts to the blk community reinforce and manipulate

    Whiskey JackWhiskey Jack7 dager siden
  • Lil al the manipulater sharpton wants to keep reinforcing hate for police in blk community so they continue to resist arrest he makes his money off of blks death explotation and maipulation

    Whiskey JackWhiskey Jack7 dager siden
  • Al sharpton ur a sellout to your own you line ur pockets off blk death why you think hes trying get blk community to hate police therfore instilling in them to resist arrest manipulation folks

    Whiskey JackWhiskey Jack7 dager siden
  • Obama and sharpton = sellouts justice clearence is a blk man to look up too

    Whiskey JackWhiskey Jack7 dager siden
  • Nasty man you

    Whiskey JackWhiskey Jack7 dager siden
  • Unless or until all citizens are free from hate, secure in their civil- and human-rights, then none of us are. This maxim extends beyond national borders, as well; it is true at all levels of human society, from local to global. So, not only is it the ethical, moral, and humanitarian standard to be achieved--and the only logical approach to human progress and development--it is also in EVERY person's own direct self-interest!

    wily wascalwily wascal9 dager siden
  • We need an agency with independent investigators and prosecutors in each state, provided with sufficient authority, and devoted solely to cases of alleged police wrongdoing, where citizens can file complaints and public records are kept of the complaints, the officer(s) involved, investigation status, findings, and outcomes.

    wily wascalwily wascal9 dager siden
  • How is it police and prosecutors can release damaging, prejudicial information and make judgmental statements against victims of excessive force by law enforcement, but when asked about particulars regarding the incident, suddenly clam up, claiming they can't comment on an ongoing investigation? Why is this double standard tolerated?

    wily wascalwily wascal9 dager siden
  • Old Al cocaine deal

    David KoonDavid Koon9 dager siden
  • 20 year mandatory prison sentence for any police officer caught lying or fabricating evidence!

    Franklin AdamsFranklin Adams10 dager siden
  • Its just abserlutly dreadful . American police force have a lot to answer to........

    Barbara MohammedBarbara Mohammed10 dager siden
  • the video of the 16 year in 2 days

    transylvanianitetransylvanianite10 dager siden

    Eric AlstonEric Alston11 dager siden
  • KIMT3 News reported Mitchell, 31, acknowledged being at the event and that his uncle posted the photo, but said he doesn’t recall wearing or owning the shirt.

    Iris HewlettIris Hewlett11 dager siden
  • We pay for police let's have the type of police we want

    Becky EcklundBecky Ecklund11 dager siden
  • How are abusive, coward cops synonymous with “white America”... what an absurd book title

    pepperjack77pepperjack7711 dager siden
  • Irrelevant show.

    crocodile242crocodile24211 dager siden
  • Correct Bad police need to be held accountable.. Has anyone been able to prove that these officers did something bad? Hey Al. Why don't ya hang in there and WAIT for the full investigation to be done FIRST before you open mouth , insert foot again like ya did with the Tawana Brawley case.

    Megan EdsallMegan Edsall11 dager siden
  • Tawana Brawley

    Emily CEmily C11 dager siden
  • It's pretty sad when the Two Homewreckers have resorted to having a Race Baiting, Tax Evading Pin Head that defends a Drug Dealing Thug that sold drugs to children.

    grgoldnergrgoldner12 dager siden
  • Locked up the Rotten apples.they don't deserve to received any money. All Graditute.

    JudyJudy12 dager siden
  • In 2020 457 whites and 241 blacks were shot and killed by police in the USA. When was the last time there were riots when the police killed a white person? Where is the equality? Where is the justice?

    PJ CelestePJ Celeste12 dager siden
  • Civilization review board

    ThockologyThockology12 dager siden
  • That's right Rev. Not just these policemen but the same should go for those that attacked our capital! They should all face federal law!! The police should face a federal standard as well as have a central training facilities all across the country so that they all get trained the same. Yes that would be awesome!

    T ST S12 dager siden
  • There is absolutely no reason to not pass the George Floyd Act... unless you are very afraid of the Truth coming out. Justice 4 ALL!!!!!!

    Pilar GonzálezPilar González12 dager siden
  • Meanwhile... two hammer attacks and a curb-stomping Crickets.................

    Big BoomerBig Boomer12 dager siden
  • I'd like to hear Sharpton address all the recent violence in the New York area... he could use his voice to make a difference!

    Big BoomerBig Boomer12 dager siden
    • What there suggesting here is the samething that Germany did under aidoff government. Replace police under control of Notsee party. His Brownshirts replacing Germany Police

      Skylark 99Skylark 9911 dager siden
    • Sharpton is in it for him self ! NY, Chicago 75 murders in two weeks and Nothing from this so called Rev.

      Eric KlausEric Klaus12 dager siden
  • My heart breaks more and more each time I hear of these families sending their loved ones off to a better life. For the rest of us who are still here; something has to be done to stop the killing of these souls.

    John ColeJohn Cole12 dager siden
  • Al Sharpton, perpetual grifter.

    Styxhexenhammer666Styxhexenhammer66612 dager siden
  • The fact that criminal charges against police can only be brought by the same prosecutors who work with police is nonsense.

    EvilJawaEvilJawa12 dager siden
  • RIP: Reaping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning Amen.

    Toneisha JohnsonToneisha Johnson12 dager siden
  • i had a policeman recently tell me that body cameras are for their protection -- to protect them from unjust accusations. i responded, 'that isn't my experience.' delusional. there are lots and lots and lots of bad policemen and policewomen.

    ted kaczynskited kaczynski12 dager siden
  • Too often race baiters like Al sharpton and Maxine Waters will try to upset the people and rage them into "peaceful protest"

    drew Dondrew Don12 dager siden
    • And are they really causing rage over flowers (violets, roses, poppies)? I don't think so.

      Thomas FreemanThomas Freeman11 dager siden
  • "Too often" indeed.

    Curtis ThomasCurtis Thomas12 dager siden
  • Also, police who take 'Killology' police training are trained to escalate the situation. Can we find out how many officers involved in shootings have taken the Killology training?

    King OneiKing Onei12 dager siden
  • The way I practiced police work I would have no problem with complete Transparency. Most cops enjoy being on the side of Justice. Only a very few need to fear change.

    Make Racists Afraid AgainMake Racists Afraid Again12 dager siden
  • Well we’ll. It’s coming out now that one of jurors lied to the judge that he had no knowledge of the case. Now his social media shows him with a George Floyd shirt on. And is a BLM activist.

    Free speech Is deadFree speech Is dead12 dager siden
    • If that's true, that should be grounds for a mistrial.

      Deborah FreedmanDeborah Freedman12 dager siden
  • books won't change anything

    shay sternshay stern12 dager siden
  • where the fuxk is the body cam video

    BIG MIKEBIG MIKE12 dager siden

    Kelly EmpsonKelly Empson12 dager siden
  • Pathological MSNBC bobble head deception, the hot air force. Demon eyes of the blue sky genocide, the Nazi love song sign along, the Nazi cheddar, the Nazi trap, yap yap yap. All that is the demonic passion of National socialism crushing infrastructure authority. The Nazi officials come a calling, they that must be held in Nazi divinity awe.

    Do-Bee BrothersDo-Bee Brothers12 dager siden
  • MIKA IS A LIAR, look into what her father wrote about...using media to manipulate the general population. Who is paying Mika to lie to ALL AMERICANS? Gross.

    RhetoricRhetoric12 dager siden
  • My sincere condolences.

    Wanda SimmonsWanda Simmons12 dager siden
  • A TRUE american will attack ANY BLM supremacist he sees, upon sight. there is no room in my country for their vile obsession with racial supremacy.. Nat Turner WANNABES

    michael boultinghousemichael boultinghouse12 dager siden
  • They are hiding something that stinks very bad. Thinking we will forget in 30 days, judge? WE WILL NOT! Justice can never be forgotten but must matter!!

    C RC R12 dager siden
  • There DEFINITELY needs to be an accounting of their behavior. There also needs to be a listing of all police who get fired, or have complaints against them. This listing would prevent them from being able to just move & apply & work as cops elsewhere where their bad behavior is not known.

    Ku Istan C FraineKu Istan C Fraine12 dager siden
  • And there are bad judges also need to be held accountable 😭😭😭😭😭😭✍️📃

    Jackie LewisJackie Lewis12 dager siden
  • Tawana Brawley

    Jasmany FochJasmany Foch12 dager siden
  • Has Al paid his back taxes? The last report was that he owed over $700,000 to the federal treasury. Has he paid his back taxes. Why does MSNBC employee tax scofflaw as a representative?

    T. R. CampbellT. R. Campbell12 dager siden
  • Push the news coverage of the government today asking for forgiveness for 500 years of racial discrimination

    Ronnie DansbyRonnie Dansby12 dager siden
    • And should the Jewish people start asking for their TWO THOUSAND YEARS of "push back" for the discrimination they've endured for 2 centuries? No, I'm not Jewish. If that's where you went with this, you completely missed the point. The point is that every race has been discriminated against and many STILL are and while we ALL should apologize for the "sins" of our ancestors, recognize their wrongness and diligently strive for "a more perfect union" we can't start compensating those whose ancestors were wronged because MOST of our ancestors were wronged and where would we start? Where would we stop? Where would we get all the funds necessary for compensation? It MUST be ONLY current cases or cases in the immediate past. Those cases however, should be met with the same strength and power our country takes into battle! It should be immediate. It should be unwavering and it should be Federal. imho, of course.

      Nancy RanftNancy Ranft12 dager siden
  • NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD COP! EVERY cop has seen some other cop violate a citizens constitutional rights, EVERY cop has seen some other cop abuse his/her authority. Because they never report the abuse or arrest their fellow cop it makes them accomplices and complicit to the crime and guilty by association. Defund the police. End qualified immunity for the police.

    john adamsjohn adams12 dager siden
    • yes, those who refuse to be held accountable for their own actions have no business representing Law & Order to Serve & Protect!!!

      Pilar GonzálezPilar González12 dager siden
  • Police are not good or bad! They are police and killing is what they do! Just like Great White sharks! Too many

    MOON PORTERMOON PORTER12 dager siden
  • This killing has got to STOP! Our police officers must be more aware of the dangers involved with their actions. And, YES, I know they're dealing with dangerous situations all the time. There must be some answers to solving this! LORD, guide us in a solution. 🙏🙏🙏

    Kay SimpsonKay Simpson12 dager siden
  • Brawley boy Al ! My you sure no how to pick classy dudes to represent MSNBC.

    Skeeter FarmerSkeeter Farmer12 dager siden
  • Well the bad mayors in cities that have the most shootings should be held accountable after so long

    red rumred rum12 dager siden
    • The NRA if only we had yacht to escape this evil

      Toneisha JohnsonToneisha Johnson12 dager siden
  • Al Sharpton is my favorite race baiting character

    Joe WhoJoe Who12 dager siden
  • Wheres the justice for the young cop that got killed because of a drunk bi....,,in Astoria last week??????????

    annamaria christopoulosannamaria christopoulos12 dager siden
  • BLM member on the Chauvin jury. Mistrial coming.

    Jay GibsonJay Gibson12 dager siden
    • @Jay Gibson : the jurors are suppose to be HIS PEERS . SO.. PERFECT!!!

      Kelly EmpsonKelly Empson12 dager siden
    • @Kar Walker He lied about it.

      Jay GibsonJay Gibson12 dager siden
    • Jurers are part of society not monks. Many have Black Lives Matter displays on shirts, cars and homes. Just because a jurer participated in a demonstration in the past about an injustice he felt his good conscience called him to help counter.... Doesn't make him unable to fairly participate as jurer. It makes him a good citizen. Unless he was questioned about it and what?

      Kar WalkerKar Walker12 dager siden
  • The bad po po need to face federal court While the suvillans need to face shooting crimes Got it

    Buddy MckimmeyBuddy Mckimmey12 dager siden
  • There have always been bad police, doctors and governor's, we need to make sure police are trained to do there job with restraint and fairness, it's a tough job when criminals have the advantage and we see officers killed just approaching a vehicle, we are clearly seeing as cities lessen sentences on crimes and take a more subdued approach, crime rates have skyrocketed dramatically in cities by taking a more subdued approach and the defund the police movement, we are consistently seeing the officer and more citizens end up being victims now, if allowing protests and groups like BLM and Antifa continue to wreck havoc , loot and pilage homes and stores, home owners and store owners will be doing there own policing and citizens continue to be left more and more on there own, we may as well close every down town down if this continues and just plan on your own law enforcement. Currently when you call 911 nobody even shows up In many cities now because they are not staffed and ate to busy with just protecting the precinct.

    Don mDon m12 dager siden
    • @Kelly Empson it's definately not all bad cops, the media wants it to all look bad for law enforcement and we know the number of bad cops and to much force is very low and the FBI has the statistics which don't support that many bad officers , so I know we do have bad cops but probably way more bad people on the street who are targeting them and the people are more of a problem and causing most of the issues we are currently seeing according to govt statistics ,

      Don mDon m12 dager siden
    • @Deborah Freedman that's an inherently false narrative you've got going there. I'm sure you believe cops are always the good guys too despite the overwhelming evidence that about 50% of cops are either bigger criminals than those on the streets or are too incompetent and stupid to be trusted with enforcing laws.

      Matt OMatt O12 dager siden
    • @Kelly Empson And the people killed were criminals, or BAD PEOPLE!! NOT INNOCENT VICTIMS!...

      Deborah FreedmanDeborah Freedman12 dager siden
    • That's the job they applied for. The good , the bad . But, this is... BAD COPS !! NOT... " PEACE OFFICERS" ! Very simple.. If you can't be a PEACE OFFICER... AMERICA DOES NOT NEED YOU!!! Oh, and I bet their HIDING TOGETHER in their lil precinct's !! RATS ON A DROWNING BOAT.

      Kelly EmpsonKelly Empson12 dager siden
  • Rep. Tim Scott say's that there is no racism in America?

    Trout FisherTrout Fisher12 dager siden
  • Take firearms away from all our police !!!!

    Winston KinneyWinston Kinney12 dager siden
    • lol never dat.

      red rumred rum12 dager siden
  • Well, I guess that is progress, for us liberals. We went from “all cops are racist” to “bad cops”. Smh. 🤷‍♀️

    Bat BoyBat Boy12 dager siden
  • Never disappointing to see episodes of Sharpton Derangement Syndrome in the comments. 😄

    Insignificant360Insignificant36012 dager siden
  • where is george floyd he owes me money for the stash i gave him ,some good stuff ,,quick hitters

    joseph ressajoseph ressa12 dager siden
  • "We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions." ~Ronald Reagan

    LibertyMatrixLibertyMatrix12 dager siden
    • @Kar Walker How about when that minority oppresses another minority?

      Deborah FreedmanDeborah Freedman12 dager siden

      mike brigantimike briganti12 dager siden
    • @Ronnie Dansby WELL SAID COMRADE.

      mike brigantimike briganti12 dager siden
    • Society becomes guilty when a minority is oppressed and treated unjustly without justice from the society.

      Kar WalkerKar Walker12 dager siden
    • United States

      Ronnie DansbyRonnie Dansby12 dager siden

    mike brigantimike briganti12 dager siden
  • It's about federalization of a police force so government has all the power, but let's say it's about WAYCISM! Get a clue...

    DAVIDDAVID12 dager siden
  • 30 to 45 days, they always push justice back when it comes to us, the first priority of these policing departments is to protect the Police officers (The murderers)! We all know this shell game, we know this game!!

  • POLICE are social class predators! A gang, armed like the military!

    Divided&ConqueredDivided&Conquered12 dager siden
  • So Brandon Mitchell lied on his questionnaire about never attending any BLM rallies...welp. Here comes the mistrial or appeal for Chauvin.

    Mike StevenMike Steven12 dager siden
  • John 8:31-32 The truth will set you free. If you continue in my word than you are truly disciples of Mine.

    Catherine HendricksonCatherine Hendrickson12 dager siden
    • It’s says knowing the truth will set you free It’s saying knowing Jesus which is the truth

      468 468468 46812 dager siden
  • The democrat leaders should be investigated and arrested for supporting domestic terrorism. For threatening a country with burning looting and violence if they don’t get what they want.

    Free speech Is deadFree speech Is dead12 dager siden
  • Release the full tape. Taxpayers pay police wages, the public deserves to know what cops are doing on their dime. If these officers have done nothing wrong then they should welcome the opportunity to clear their names.

    Alli PAlli P12 dager siden
  • The Repugnant Caucasian legislative body thinks this is funny 😠😠

    BERNIEO4BERNIEO412 dager siden
  • Disarm the police.

    Greg RainesGreg Raines12 dager siden
    • @Matt O Your boy's solution isn't what you think but you'll find out soon enough.

      DAVIDDAVID12 dager siden
    • @DAVID nope I've just seen it first hand. Not all cops are the good guys, that's just fact. Not all cops are competent and intelligent enough to be trusted with carrying out their duties legally within the scope of the law either. I'm not saying all cops are the problem but that they're are more problem cops than good cops. If we do away with police unions and qualified immunity it would make it a lot easier to get rid of the corrupt and incompetent officers that plague society.

      Matt OMatt O12 dager siden
    • @Matt O You're deceived

      DAVIDDAVID12 dager siden
    • @DAVID half the police in this nation are bigger criminals than the criminals on the street. That needs to change.

      Matt OMatt O12 dager siden
    • Don't expect police to help when only criminals have guns genius.

      DAVIDDAVID12 dager siden
  • The true reason the judge is holding up the video is, because the police are trying to change the evidence. Since they have it, and WHY did they only let the family see a SMALL PORTION OF THE VIDEO 🧐🤬🤬🤬

    Terry MartinezTerry Martinez12 dager siden

    _ sillyEyes __ sillyEyes _12 dager siden
  • In order to have peace, we must have love, in order to have love we need to have unity. We need PEACE, LOVE, and UNITY in our communities.

    Trump's a Treasonous TraitorTrump's a Treasonous Traitor12 dager siden

      Kelly EmpsonKelly Empson12 dager siden
    • And in order to achieve peace, love and unity we first need accountability and justice.

      Alli PAlli P12 dager siden
  • If you try and post a comment critical of these black attacks on innocent asian Americans, or you challenge black celebrities or public figures to speak out and condemn these attacks, you tube deletes them.

    JVS 3JVS 312 dager siden
    • Look into the killing of a man just going to his cousin's house. Killed for being Jewish in Baltimore. The story isn't on any of the US news, but as the victim was an Israeli, in town for that cousin's wedding, it's all over the Israeli news.

      Deborah FreedmanDeborah Freedman12 dager siden
    • You toob algorithm. It happens. Have to be careful of what you write.

      Bat BoyBat Boy12 dager siden
  • if too many cops are white supremist you can't keep saying we can't defend ourselves against this fake rule of law

    T DT D12 dager siden
  • All police are bad. There are no good police. They create more victims than they help. You can’t commit your own crimes to stop other crimes. You are a criminal when you act like that. All police are trained to be criminals. The whole tree including the roots are racist and rotten.

    BanGBanG12 dager siden
  • Cops taking out trash, beautiful thing

    Biden SucksBiden Sucks12 dager siden
    • Soon we'll be taking out cops. Even more beautiful thing.

      Tessmage TesseraTessmage Tessera12 dager siden
  • al sharpton pay your taxes boy ,,,al sharpton is a liar

    joseph ressajoseph ressa12 dager siden
    • @Kelly Empson what you do in your spare time is your business

      joseph ressajoseph ressa12 dager siden
    • @Kelly Empson Such sarcasm

      red rumred rum12 dager siden
    • @joseph ressa I never stated Trump did or didn't pay his taxes. I speculated that given Trump's history of facilitating and engaging in fraud that its highly likely he would've engaged in tax fraud as well. Why are you stupid? There has been no back tracking on my end whatsoever 🤣. I never conclusively stated that Trump was guilty or innocent of tax evasion or fraud, I just said it's not a hard conclusion to draw given his past. There's a big difference between what I said and what you're implying I said.

      Matt OMatt O12 dager siden
    • @Matt O hey matt enjoy the higher gas and food prices inflation is on its way and enjoy paying for all these illegal immigrants what a joke

      joseph ressajoseph ressa12 dager siden
    • @Matt O : it's a child.. on line. You can tell . Leave the kid alone. Just thumbs DOWN and move on too the Adults.

      Kelly EmpsonKelly Empson12 dager siden
  • They want us divided. They want us hating eachother for having a different opinion. Let’s be kind and loving to one another, after all we are all humans.

    Conner CoxConner Cox12 dager siden
    • Yes, Conner, we ARE all human and should have more respect for each other than we do. It's very disheartening to see your call for peace and the bitter, nasty, hurtful responses you got for it. In our world that has been deliberately ripped asunder for political and financial gain without regard to the harm it causes the rest of us, I am happy to accept your invitation to be happy. When you have someone whose only motive is being a horse's tailfeathers, I've found it to be enormously satisfying/gratifying and insanely irritating to them when I am able to ACT with thoughtful caring and sincere concern rather than RE-ACT with violent anger and non-challenging ignorance! So thank you Conner, peace to you and yours ☮️, live long and prosper and last but not least...don't worry, be happy.

      Nancy RanftNancy Ranft12 dager siden
    • @red rum I don't remember the Dems storming the Capitol like maniacal lemmings 4 years ago, do you..? And I am not a Democrat, little boy.

      Tessmage TesseraTessmage Tessera12 dager siden
    • @Tessmage Tessera Democrites lost the election 4 years ago and cried all 4 years so stop being such a hypocrite, well actually you cant because you're Democrite and Democrites are hypocrites 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈

      red rumred rum12 dager siden
    • Just stop already

      Bat BoyBat Boy12 dager siden

      mike brigantimike briganti12 dager siden
  • There are bad police, bad doctors, bad teachers, bad bankers, and they all need to be held accountable!

    rhrh2025rhrh202512 dager siden
    • bad criminals

      Cody ChaCody Cha11 dager siden
    • @mike briganti - I guess I don’t tolerate this “race insanity” very well, when it comes from “my side”. When it comes to being “woke”, we are not very woke on how “race” is a mental box; a trap, we place ourselves in.

      Bat BoyBat Boy12 dager siden
    • What about bad people, like the creep who murdered a man in Baltimore, just for being Jewish?

      Deborah FreedmanDeborah Freedman12 dager siden

      mike brigantimike briganti12 dager siden
    • Well, I guess that is progress, for us liberals. We went from “all cops are racist” to “bad cops”. Smh.

      Bat BoyBat Boy12 dager siden
  • Saint Andy, was a well known pharmaceutical enthusiast supplying crack, cocaine, fentanyl and meth to his beloved community, with a career 180 Page criminal record.

    Cow SenseCow Sense12 dager siden
  • America back to its nonsense the rest of the world is disgusted. The police force is disgusting

    Jerome SimonJerome Simon12 dager siden
    • Hey! Watch what you say! There are definitely some bad cops. We're working on fixing that. It takes time. YOUR government isn't perfect either! But meanwhile, there are a ton of GREAT cops out there so stfu unless yours are perfect.

      Nancy RanftNancy Ranft12 dager siden
    • Americas government fault not the individuals doing their jobs.

      red rumred rum12 dager siden