Republicans Fear New Voting Restrictions Could Backfire On Their Own Voters | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

3. mai. 2021
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Amy Gardner, national political reporter for the Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Florida Republicans, in their zeal to appease irrational Trumpian concerns about election fraud, passed new voting restrictions that include making it harder to vote by mail, which many Republican constituencies do.
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  • Someone can intercept the mail ballots...are you f****** serious! Republicans are scamming everyone!

    Texas Takeover713Texas Takeover7133 timer siden
  • Backfire? We refuse to use products or buy the services of business which support the GQP and Republikkkans (USAA and Verizon). We never voted DEM until 2016.....the next 4 years totally proved us right.

    Corpsman UpCorpsman Up4 timer siden
  • Don't think for one moment that the Republicans in Florida won't get their mail-in ballots, somehow.

    John SheffieldJohn Sheffield7 timer siden
  • Why don't they just put out a law that they actually want.. no black, no young people, no Mexican, no opposite party votes.. just be honest..

    M HM H9 timer siden
  • This era of the GOP and Republican constituents will go down in history as the most IDIOTIC and SELF DESTRUCTIVE RACIST political mess in history. I certainly wouldn't want to be on that side of history. How much more stupid can these people portray themselves as? I don't know, but they certainly seem to get more and more stupid by the day, EVERYDAY. Good grief!

    Tee BeeTee Bee9 timer siden
  • Umm If you exempt elderly and military, then there is no problem with just having mail voting in general... Republicans are F'ing stupid.

    Eric HEric H13 timer siden
  • Less drop boxes, restrictive times, all hurt large districts and cities, which of course is intentional because urban centers are usually Democrat heavy.

    Eric HEric H13 timer siden
  • My answer to today's sick GOP lunatics will be to compile a list of what companies donate to their campaign coffers and to make that list known any way I can. The only way to address this psychotic behavior is to find out who funds these lunatics and to call them out.

    Delmonico FarquharDelmonico Farquhar15 timer siden

    Vicky JameusVicky Jameus16 timer siden
  • As a Florida voter, I’m going to triple check my voting info stays correct and I get my ballots when I request them.

    usgatorusgator22 timer siden
  • She can really put the spin on a story, wish she was a conservative

    Max HermanMax HermanDag siden
  • Are Republicans that dumb? Democrats usually vote in person and just because of this pandemic they did mail in voting.

    Saanvi SharmaSaanvi SharmaDag siden

    Carlos MartinezCarlos MartinezDag siden
  • Ethnic folks are most likely to stand in line a lot longer than ederly white voters.The heat want bother us as much.

    ristine chapmanristine chapmanDag siden
  • They didn't pass these changes 'accidentally' - they passed them maliciously and angrily.

    Ian DalzielIan DalzielDag siden
  • So DeSantis has no idea how he was elected, or who his electors are - not a details guy I've noticed.

    Ian DalzielIan DalzielDag siden
  • The Republican party! Is destroying its self. They're going to lose their power. When it happens. It will happen. They'll see an panic but it'll be to late!

    Donald PhillipsDonald PhillipsDag siden
  • Florida lawmakers are among the stupidest in the nation. Their zeal in disenfranchising black voters by cutting off their own constituents is evidence of this. They pretty much passed a law in a state that they were winning anyway. So it was unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer money. Florida = Old time politics.

    Queen NitaQueen NitaDag siden
  • In Georgia, 500,000 GOP voters mailed in, take steady aim at foot and...

    JamesAllmondJamesAllmond2 dager siden
  • I'm loving all the comments from everyone. Be patient, we'll see this start playing out in other states as well. I don't know why they thought their voter suppression tactics were only going to hurt democrats. Don't forget to vote in the spring primaries. 😃

    Jodie IrwinJodie Irwin2 dager siden
  • Thanks Rach!

    Rachael JohnsonRachael Johnson2 dager siden
  • The orange cretin votes by mail!. The headline here tells you ALL you need to really know, in a proper world republicans should fear ANY voter don't get an equal vote. The world is watching America, how can this even be possible?, restricting ANY voters in America, a country that prides itself on it's democracy. Every time tRump or any of these republicans do this stuff to you we feel really for ordinary Americans, you really deserve better than this, how can they do this legally, trump and the republican party have put America back 100 years

    Ron WylieRon Wylie2 dager siden
  • .n. . N. . N 8 . N .N N

    Mary SanchezMary Sanchez2 dager siden
    • U77

      Mary SanchezMary Sanchez2 dager siden
  • What can I say? I'm speechless. We'll see how it pans out in reality but that is a bigggg oopsie! I wonder if they really missed it or if they've come up with countermeasures long before?

    Pink PandafcPink Pandafc2 dager siden
  • This is called, "cutting your nose off to spite your face."

    Mountain NMountain N3 dager siden
  • It's not surprising, though. The republican official position is that millions of people vote fraudulently. In other words, they are the only ones who are eligible to vote.

    S J MullenS J Mullen3 dager siden
  • The GOP should really be worried because we have the Amazing Stacy Abraams who will teach us everything we need to know and vote and keep the state together.

    Vinicius LimaVinicius Lima3 dager siden
  • Let these THUG'S make there bed's. In 2022 we make them lyie in them.⚡⚡😤

    alguien randomalguien random3 dager siden
  • They better be scared. ⚡⚡ stikes allway's twice. The american people are not STUPIED. WE know what they are tryieng to pull with this trump and jim crow bull SH.T.⚡⚡😤🤒

    alguien randomalguien random3 dager siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Laurel BushLaurel Bush3 dager siden
  • In their own words "For the purity of the ballot box." I dont need to explain what this means.

    Nox FenrirNox Fenrir3 dager siden
  • "The technical term for this tactic is.... oops.

    altareggoaltareggo3 dager siden
  • Exactly! Florida has many seniors and lots of Cuban Americans which is the reason it stayed red! 🤔

    james greenjames green4 dager siden
  • lmao it is going to affect the republican cult leader T****. he votes by mail.

    Jesus' Fish RoomJesus' Fish Room4 dager siden
  • It's a wonder they didn't try to just have exemptions for registered GOP voters 🤣

    Kare A RotoKare A Roto4 dager siden
  • Can make laws that won't affect YOU....

    Eric PenningtonEric Pennington4 dager siden
  • God I hope so !

    Mark PeñaMark Peña4 dager siden
  • That's what happens when you buy into the Big Lie. Democrats only voted by mail-in ballot (not me when Trump started making his stink) because of the pandemic. In the long run they're turning that gun on themselves. Repubs always express dissent privately, too afraid everyone else will jump on them and punish for not going with the flow. Repubs talk about dead people voting but I wonder how many nursing home recipients or people with dementia are voting by mail-in ballot with the help of family or a conservator. :)

    Shih Tzus RuleShih Tzus Rule4 dager siden
  • They are not giving New York a hard time. WHY? Because we refuse to be controlled by these republican anti-Americans. Any republican associated with NY is now facing conviction-trump and giuliani.

    W and SW and S4 dager siden
  • Its called absentee voting not mail in ballots. And drop boxes can be as easy as your local mailbox. No need for special boxes.

    Joy PhillipsJoy Phillips4 dager siden
  • I've always thought that if we just let Republicans be Republicans they'll shoot themselves in the foot over and over.

    Alabaster greenAlabaster green4 dager siden
  • One man, one vote. Now they just have to decide who that man is going to be.

    Immortal SoFarImmortal SoFar4 dager siden

    RoseRose4 dager siden
  • Nah, they don't. " love your term of "irrational" like thats a fact. can you cite your source confirming the it is irrational? Keep spreading the hate!

    Grateful FredlyGrateful Fredly5 dager siden
  • ....duh. This was the first thing I thought about when I heard about these new voting bills.

    MissT -MissT -5 dager siden
  • The GOP is exposing its true nature.

    1locust11locust15 dager siden
  • I thought about the effects that this bill was going to have on older voters and military personnel who have been using the mail in votes, and to remove drop boxes and closing polls, will hurt everyone, not just certain areas or groups of people, so we will see, because they have made it law...

    Dave WallsDave Walls5 dager siden
  • They most definitely will. It's like when the North Wind and the Sun compete to see who can remove a person's jacket. The more the North Wind blows, the tighter they cling to their coat. When it's the Sun's turn, it shines and warms the person into removing the jacket to stay cool. This is a perfect analogy for their suppression attempts, because Democratic persons will tightly cling to their vote, and there isn't any Sun to warm us out of it with Moscow Mitch in the Senate. Their confused voters on the other hand won't redouble their efforts since they're being told elections don't matter. This will be an historic midterm election where the opposition party doesn't reclaim a branch of Gov.

    wmbtechwmbtech5 dager siden
  • You can’t fix stupid !

    Thomas SchwalbThomas Schwalb5 dager siden
  • You can’t fix stupid !

    Thomas SchwalbThomas Schwalb5 dager siden
  • Don't forget their end game! In republican majority areas there will be a voting location on every street corner while making everyone else drive hundreds of miles to a polling location thats only open for one hour!

    Ken JordanKen Jordan5 dager siden
  • Hey guys, look north of the border (you know, Canada) where we have an absolutely unassailable principle of one citizen one vote. And fair and transparent (and respected around the world) elections. Really simple. It's not rocket science. You should try it......

    Paul CoplandPaul Copland5 dager siden
  • The GOP would like us to follow suit with them in following Trump who can't even keep his own personal business functioning and staying open without going bankrupt and we're supposed to follow Trump he's a proven s***** businessman

    Bob TurnerBob Turner5 dager siden
  • Man, if Florida flips blue, or even the house in the mid-term, it's going to be the Ultimate irony and just plain hilarious

    thaSwervethaSwerve5 dager siden
  • So the Rethuglikkans change the laws and THEN BREAK THEM! Typical!

    D. P.D. P.5 dager siden
  • 6:25 lmao no one thinks the 2020 election was played fairly. not even democrats.

    Connor TerrillConnor Terrill5 dager siden
  • They are literally cutting of their Nose to spite their own Faces. So willing to follow till they will bend a knee and kiss the ring.

    Pete WilkersonPete Wilkerson5 dager siden
  • Humans gonna human.

    elzydoeelzydoe5 dager siden
  • The voting restrictions are designed to make it harder to vote while avoiding Covid (obviously because Democrats avoid Covid while Republicans seem to seek becoming infected.) The trouble is that before any 2022 elections happen it’s looking like everybody who wants a vaccine will be fully vaccinated. So *all* of the voting laws are going to backfire. Not only that, Democrats are going to double-down on voting, whereas Republicans are now splitting their party in half and warring with themselves even more than when it was just The Lincoln Project. It’s looking like the Republican Party has utterly self destructed.

    GrunchyGrunchy5 dager siden
  • I went into the comment section of heavily favored right wing videos and had "discussions with some them about all this. That went about as well as you could imagine. My god, these people really are that dumb.

    Not SureNot Sure6 dager siden
  • Thats what I said months ago, that they're not just hindering Democrats, but to their own people. It's called STINKING THINKING.

    Jasmon2020Jasmon20206 dager siden
  • The republicans worked soooooo, hard at doing NOTHING for 95 % of Americans for so long, now that corporate work is bitting them in the a**.

    Willie McKinneyWillie McKinney6 dager siden
  • :O

    strato stratorunnerstrato stratorunner6 dager siden
  • As they should since they can’t let the people vote and speak shame on the Republicans party I hope they know what goes around comes around and it’s not going to work out so Good for the cheaters 🤣Now I want everyone that cares about our democracy please vote for Democratic so that we can save our democracy 🙂🙏🏾🙏🏾✌️🙂

    Joanne WisherJoanne Wisher6 dager siden
  • NEVER FORGET: Trump encouraged his supporters to vote by mail...AND in-person!

    Lana2k6Lana2k66 dager siden
  • Nope. Just more lies.

    thumbobthumbob6 dager siden

    1Derek20101Derek20106 dager siden
  • Accept there were no restriction in the law it actually expanded the ability for people to vote. Democrats are mad because they don't want to have to have any identity to vote.

    Jay MasJay Mas6 dager siden
  • The GOP is finished. Look now for the rise of a genuine MAGA White Nationalist Fascist party in America, which will be born dead, as well, to linger as a rabid and insane white privilege. Maybe there will be a lot of statehouses attacked and governors kidnapped by Fascist thugs before the ghost of the Fourth Reich can be purged, I don't know. But if this is the cost of finally getting rid of White privilege, we should prepare to pay it. Full disclosure: I am White, and I will fight for an inclusive America and against modern Fascism.

    CougarWCougarW6 dager siden
  • Just desserts.

    Toni GlickToni Glick6 dager siden
  • Big brain moment

    Prussian ApplesPrussian Apples6 dager siden
  • They are so out of touch with most of their constituents as it is, they deserve issues that they themselves caused. there are still the "Trump-nuts", but most are glad he's gone. I ride bike through my neighborhood and the day of, and day after the "riot" most of those signs came down, that was the "last-straw" of Trumpism they could take.

    David CoteDavid Cote6 dager siden
  • Republican voters use mail in ballots because they aren’t from Florida. Stupid MSNBC

    peter Dagnesepeter Dagnese6 dager siden
  • What Democrats should start doing immediately in Florida is open up voter education centers all over Florida right now !

    J WillJ Will6 dager siden
  • Stoping military voting stoping senior votes ...just trying to do that... people need to know

    Spring SunshineSpring Sunshine6 dager siden
  • What millionaires in Florida, Texas, want to stand in line? No more mail in ballots Hahaha....I still can mail my votes in my state.

    Redsky EagleRedsky Eagle6 dager siden
  • Propaganda central MSNBC.

    MegaTrucker65MegaTrucker656 dager siden
  • It will come back to bite them. I hope it does.

    Bubby RedmonBubby Redmon6 dager siden

    Marian LincolnMarian Lincoln6 dager siden
  • Play stupid games . . .🙄

    H.R.M. Blaq-Grinda 1stH.R.M. Blaq-Grinda 1st6 dager siden
  • What the Republicsns ought to do is organize to resist the Trump base, but for some reason they are so radicalizing their party that it's in the process of tearing itself to shreds. It's too bad because this country needs at least two functioning parties. Makes me wonder about 2022.

    Shawn WalesShawn Wales6 dager siden
  • Putin policies have arrived in Florida

    Spring SunshineSpring Sunshine6 dager siden
  • Republicans can't win on their own merits so they need to exploit the system to give themselves a huge advantage,

    GreenKrickettGreenKrickett6 dager siden
  • These type of bills will hurt Repukes more than Dems and Independents. The people of color and other marginalized people saw that there votes count in the last two elections. The momentum is stronger than suppression. The more you try to suppress someone the more they will push back when they see push back works.

    Larry BussLarry Buss6 dager siden
  • Beware of unintended consequences of new laws.

    Greg BrannanGreg Brannan6 dager siden
  • And we shall laugh

    Lime GgLime Gg6 dager siden
  • I can't wait to see how this works out for the GOP in Florida.

    123 abx123 abx6 dager siden
  • Message to Florida Republicans: HA-HA!

    MTBMTB6 dager siden
  • Wow can you imagine voting restrictions are not racist they affect everyone!

    KTG NetworkKTG Network6 dager siden
  • The Republicans will cut off their nose to spite their face. Let them be self destructive, the U.S. has hit a point of no return.

    BlackHoodProductionsBlackHoodProductions6 dager siden
  • FORMER PRESIDENT ! Stop calling him president your feeding his big ego !

    Ray R RRay R R6 dager siden
  • I found this quote recently by Professor Timothy Snyder and I thought it was scarily familiar; “[Hitler's] idea of taking power was to discredit traditional sources of factuality in favor of a myth of a supposedly innocent nation and its supposedly faultless leader, and to undermine the rule of law by willful violent actions carried out in the name of a race.”

    Spaceman _Spaceman _6 dager siden
  • They are trying so hard to shoot themselves in the foot. Don't they know that when you tell people that they cannot do something. All they think about is doing exactly that 1 thing. Researching, planning, organizing To prove you wrong. That's what happened last election. We also had a domestic terrorist in office. This is just on the state level. I don't see this going good for reps in any good way. People will show up early. They will vote these idiots out. Like in az, and georgia. The red will become purple. Maybe even blue. When you want to control a free country by force, and power. That is dictatorship, or communism. Not in america, and not from these reps. McConnell needs out too. Badly.

    mageofthestorm1mageofthestorm16 dager siden
  • Can you imagine Knowing the election was fair but having to go along with the "The election was stolen" thing just to keep from being shunned by your colleagues ?

    Dennis WootenDennis Wooten6 dager siden
  • Nope Rachel, keep slinging propaganda MSNBC.... The left is going to have to get really creative to cheat again.....

    I am an americanI am an american6 dager siden
  • Oops! 😂

    Stephanie SaundersStephanie Saunders6 dager siden
  • I hope that enough Republicans get shut out of voting that Ron DeSantis meets the same fate that his buddy Trump did when his term runs out in 2022.

    murray1575murray15756 dager siden
  • Love how the gop basically in an attempt to segregate people of color from voting wound up making it hard for everyone to vote and are really wishing that they could add a "no persons of color can vote" to the draconian laws getting added like and these dudes will hold a black baby and say that they're not rascist while they hold the baby by the back of their shirt like they're holding a dead cat talking about family values like only brain dead window lickers unknowingly elect people like this

    Chris MorrisChris Morris6 dager siden
  • Montana...GOD bless 🙌🙏

    Fabian GongFabian Gong6 dager siden
  • None of the bills have anything about Presidents and government officials making phone calls threatening to find votes and lose votes...

    Sassy CarterSassy Carter6 dager siden