Rep. Liz Cheney Continues Criticism Of Trump's False Election Claims | Morning Joe | MSNBC

4. mai. 2021
154 770 Ganger

Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wy., continues to take on former President Trump's false claim the election was stolen, saying on Twitter the '2020 presidential election was not stolen.' Rep. Cheney's remarks are sparking new calls for her to leave GOP leadership. The panel discusses.
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Rep. Liz Cheney Continues Criticism Of Trump's False Election Claims | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  • I believe we have seen the antichrist and republicans are following him. This is my opinion

    William CooperWilliam Cooper7 dager siden
  • The two of you are pathetic!

    Kevin BlierKevin Blier9 dager siden
  • Cheney is a liar and a joke and so is MSNBC.

    Thomas ReynoldsThomas Reynolds10 dager siden
  • Liz your not all there your not going to be here long your on your way out I heard are you quieting

    jonathan murrayjonathan murray10 dager siden
  • Liz go fight another war

    jonathan murrayjonathan murray10 dager siden
  • If you look to the right of the screen you will see all lined up Cnn, MSNBC,MSNBC,FOX NEWS, MSNBC, MSNBC LOL do you think they are covering their narrative or what!

    Richard ChristianRichard Christian10 dager siden
  • I totally disagree with her politics but really admire her courage in standing up to Impotus and his minions.

    David BurgessDavid Burgess10 dager siden
  • I believe she is really courageous.

    pnoronha22pnoronha2210 dager siden
  • If it's a false lie why the resistance in Arizona, Georgia, Minnesota and why are all the states changing there election laws! Requiring ID YES!

    Richard ChristianRichard Christian11 dager siden
  • And in the middle of it all is MSNBC and there reporters poking here misleading there They get the anger going

    Richard ChristianRichard Christian11 dager siden
  • Liz has got a back bone. most of the repubs are jelly fish. they wont stand up to the baby that wont quit crying.

    wayne Brewerwayne Brewer11 dager siden
  • Trump is History, Toxic Political History, America is About the Future.

    Alexander LeeAlexander Lee11 dager siden
  • Liz is one of the few in the grand old party that has the right to hold her head high. Trump is cancer for democracy

    Sheldon WiebeSheldon Wiebe11 dager siden
  • Trump America: Toxic Politic. Honest Government Ad | President Trump ( youtube ) thejuicemedia ( youtube channel ) published on November, - 16 - 2016 Honest Government Ad | We're F........... ( youtube ) thejuicemedia ( youtube channel ) published on September, - 02 - 2019 Honest Government Ad | Coronavirous: Flatten the Curve ( youtube ) thejuicemedia ( youtube channel ) published on March, - 13 - 2020 Honest Government Ad | TRUMP 2020 ( youtube ) thejuicemedia ( youtube channel ) published on July, - 30 - 2020 ( PG Version) Honest Government Ad | The Recession ( youtube ) thejuicemedia ( youtube channel ) published on October, - 01 - 2020 ( PG Version) Honest Government Ad | Q ( youtube ) thejuicemedia ( youtube channel ) published on October, - 25 - 2020 God bless America, and me first. thank you for reading.

    Alexander LeeAlexander Lee11 dager siden
  • This is the movie moment when the hero stands against evil, i.e. the republicans in the congress today led by supervillain Trump and his henchman, kevin mccarthy.

    LeviLevi11 dager siden
  • Republicans in Congress are being paid to nothing but party and Trump business.

    Billy HunterBilly Hunter11 dager siden
  • Is so insane how the Republicans say that the Dems are dividing us...n at the end us the bacteria in the Rep. Party tha doesn't want us together as a country!!☝️🧐

    Gio PerdomoGio Perdomo11 dager siden
  • Here's the truth of the matter: Unless the mail-in ballots are vetted for authenticity (meaning they are from real people voting once and that their addresses are valid and actual addresses), nobody has the information to declare whether there was or wasn't election fraud in the 2020 elections. Period. Those stating the election was stolen can only accurately say the election might have been stolen while those like Liz Cheney and the majority of the media state christen this as "The Big Lie" without vetting those mail-in ballots. And that is the real reason so many states, including my own of NJ, went with mail-in ballot voting; the time, expense and effort it would take to personally verify each ballot guarantees the election results simply be accepted and certified. I had been a poll worker in NJ from the general election in 2000 to the general election in 2018 without missing a single election in between. That is why I can confidently state the need to verify those mail-in ballots. None of the election safeguards against abuse and fraud were in place last year. In normal elections, the voter is vetted first before casting their vote when they register to vote with their county. Any questionable cases are relegated to provisional voting, which is hand audited. Likewise, absentee ballots are requested by the voter where they cite their reason(s) for not being able to vote on election day, and those that are approved are mailed out. Furthermore with voting machines, the elected judge from each district has the responsibility of keeping safe one copy of the election machine printouts (along with the zero tares to show there were no votes on the machine to start) that are signed by all of the district's poll workers in the case where the county or state need to size up their machine count with that of the judge's. Again, none of these safeguards were present last year. And that is why nobody can claim for certain whether the 2020 general election was manipulated or not. That's fact.

    Big HugeBig Huge11 dager siden
    • Liz Cheney stated any Republican not certifying the election results should not be allowed to run for President of the United States in 2024, and that was a foolish statement to make given my previous comment above. The reason she said that was because she hates Donald Trump. It's the same reason she and other Republican lawmakers voted to impeach Donald Trump. Cheney simply let her emotions erase logic.

      Big HugeBig Huge11 dager siden
  • Rep. Liz Cheney is an admirable politician in a democratic system of government.

    AlbertOmega1AlbertOmega111 dager siden
  • Can she tone the truth down a bit, it’s ruining everything

    SantafemikezSantafemikez11 dager siden
  • History makes no difference to these politicians, and MSNBC.

    El InglesEl Ingles11 dager siden
  • Liz needs to be commended! She one tough woman!

    William H. BairdWilliam H. Baird11 dager siden
    • She is a Treasonous Traitor and you are a lost ball in high weeds.

      humbugs100humbugs10010 dager siden
  • just when i think i ve heard it all the reps sink to a new low. all she did was tell the truth. the truth is not in the parties interesr

    Doug MillerDoug Miller11 dager siden
  • They should stop wasting money and time on this. Stop engaging Donald Trump and his supporters. Let them cry wolf and get the law enforcement on them. Don't let them abuse our country. The only reason this is happening is because no one is going to stop it. I learned when I was seven years old, you can't cover up a lie with a lie. The truth is set in stone. Also, our voting system is setup to avoid fraud, its impossible for it to be stolen. Donald Trump is trying to steal the election by fraudulent claiming it's unfair. Donald Trump is accusing all Americans of fraud. If you think your vote should count why would you trust Donald Trump's claim? Also, he claimed the election early, the counter wasn't done before he claimed a win. That's not how you win anything. It's up to the people not Donald Trump.

    Bat Brat MandyBat Brat Mandy11 dager siden
  • John Swo: "If you have evidence that will stand up to judicial scrutiny of that happening, you should turn it over to Rudy. Poor Rudy couldn't find any last year. " I wasn't there either at the time it happened! An arrogance one can get away with ease!

    Helmut PeshoneHelmut Peshone11 dager siden
  • Yet Republicans get offended when called deplorables.

    Alejandro ZAlejandro Z11 dager siden
  • In following Trump's example, I'm asking for a recount for the student government election which I was a candidate 25 years ago. According to "sources", Hugo Chavez from Venezuela, the big tech, and the CIA conspired to rig the election against me.

    Cyrus TheowlCyrus Theowl11 dager siden
  • Donald Trump could care less about "the rule of law". He's shown that his entire life.

    ses Sses S11 dager siden
  • Matt Gaetz had his Gaslighting from the fake globalist Marxist media, its your turn now Liz! Soooooo predictable BS'MSNBC!

    M2300M230011 dager siden
  • And you have christians Following these people You have to be a sick individual to just lie on national TV Knowing That it's a recording of what you said last week, last month, last year. These people are pure racist evil Liars that will never win because The world finally realise From the top that hate racism discrimination and white supremacy truly exist. We must continue to vote like never before They are going to destroy this democracy and the world if America don't come together.

    Jim BlackJim Black11 dager siden
  • GO MS. CHENEY !!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Paul GloverPaul Glover11 dager siden
  • That woman has a backbone. Why do I keep seeing women have more balls than men in this country? It's really odd.

    jadejade11 dager siden

    David AnthonyDavid Anthony11 dager siden
  • Hypocrisy, gaslighting and being corrupt are key core traits of being Republican. Rudy gave up his partnership at his previous law firm to serve Donald Trump. This is where all Trump supporters end up while Donald Trump sips on cocktails at Mar Lago. How many more idiots are going to walk off a cliff for Donald Trump?

    David AnthonyDavid Anthony11 dager siden
  • she is the only honest Republican it seems from their comments.

    Hoke RobertsonHoke Robertson11 dager siden
  • Liz Cheney for President! Cheney 2024!

    Sweetleaf 505Sweetleaf 50511 dager siden
  • You either have to be an outright liar - or stupid beyond belief! *It is impossible for Biden to get 15 million MORE votes than Obama when he LOST 200 counties that Obama won* - except for 2 things. Hacked Dominion voting machines (even the Pentagon's computers were hacked!). Forensic experts testified to this! And ballot stuffing in the Dem-run cities in the swing states! We all saw the late night security cam video in Atlanta of election officials pulling out boxes of fraudulent ballots from under black draped tables after election observers were sent home on the ruse of a water main break! Dem-run cities like Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago all have long records of voting corruption!

    PaulPaul11 dager siden

    NaigaBritish GuyNaigaBritish Guy11 dager siden
  • America exceptionalism revival long overdue 🇺🇸

    Sheri EvansSheri Evans11 dager siden
  • She should be a Democrat

    Charles GillCharles Gill11 dager siden
  • TRUMP 2024 MAGA 🇺🇸

    Ranger1Ranger111 dager siden
  • when are they finally going to call this Trump Time the 21st Century Civil War between the States

    DharmaOfDogDharmaOfDog11 dager siden
  • But, Gaetz, Hawley, Cruz, Greene, Boebert, Johnson, etc. McCarthy is ok with!! These Republicans are poisonous!!!

    esflxianesflxian11 dager siden
  • Hmmm, sounds like Lizzy is in the wrong Party and is about to defect, along with that rascal Romney. ....while we’re at it, anyone else?

    Bongo FuryBongo Fury11 dager siden
  • And so the destruction of the Republican National Party continues

    kyRee Elain ProhmkyRee Elain Prohm11 dager siden
  • Who do you trust more with your child in a foxhole in a battle Liz or Kevin? Liz is the American Margaret Thatcher. 💥👍

    michael clennanmichael clennan11 dager siden
  • The Republicans want to get rid of Liz Cheney for telling the truth, but is willing to keep Matt Gaetz who constantly lies😔

    Rick LeeRick Lee11 dager siden
  • Liz Cheney brava!!!! Way to go! The GOP will turn into pure cult trumpism if she goes. Trump supporters? Maga cultists? Right of reply? Anything? ANY defence for your criminal cult leader? Didn't think so.....

    enjolras76enjolras7611 dager siden
  • I love how the little guys try to tell the big guys they are bigger ...

    PhylumPhylum11 dager siden
  • October 18, 2019 we had Bill Gates coronavirus pandemic, event201. October 24, WP writes an artical how 195 countries aren't prepared for a pandemic. October 25, 2019 Joe Biden attacks Trump for cutting pandemic funding that created the covid 19 virus. Dr. Fauci's NIH gave a grant to ecohealth alliances who funded the Wuhan Virology Lab who Dr. Genocide Fauci and others signed a none discloser agreement in February 2020 before the March 11, 2020 WHO pandemic warning. What are the odds of given 3 pandemic warnings in less then one week apart and a month before the 11-17-2019 new first Wuhan victim, all four in a month period? WP wrote the fake DNC hack story and Russia was involved and others. Trump had record low unemployment for blacks, hispanic, women and minority women ever in October of 2019(That's the motive)covid 19 so they could use mailin ballots to rig the US elections. The fockers murderered people, putting them in nursing homes to increase death totals, all over the world. German nurse calls nursing homes in Germany "Death Cambers for the elderly". Five democrat leaders are being investigated for ignoring federal law and stuck covid 19 patients in nursing homes. Cuomo, Newsome, Whitmer, wolf and one other I can't think of right now. Lindell tv below comments will show 100% Massive Fraud the cheaters and media are trying to hide. THERE'S AN IMPOSTER IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

    Nick ANick A11 dager siden
  • Just resign, Elizabeth. Read the room.

    Glenn HubbardGlenn Hubbard11 dager siden
  • The BIG LIARS, who continue to spread the BIG LIE should all be charged, tried and convicted for perjury.

    Writer PMGWriter PMG11 dager siden
  • December 30, 2019 is supposed to be the first Wuhan victim in chart below comment but by February 2020 there's over 75, 400 cases? How is that explained?

    Nick ANick A11 dager siden
  • The 2020 is the only election in the history of the United States of AMERICA where there was NO ELECTION FRUAD... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Kenny ShepardKenny Shepard11 dager siden
  • Trump America: Toxic Politic. America is so predictable, We are all Idiots and Crazy, What you see in TV will or One day already in Politics First we have Family Fueled Then we have the Survival, Then come the Big Brother, Now the Amazing Racism. What is Next .... ??? thank you for reading.

    Alexander LeeAlexander Lee11 dager siden
  • Kevin McCarty have no back bone,coward

    Suresh NarainSuresh Narain11 dager siden
  • Being patriotic and royal is different from being royal to Horrible TRUMP Wake Up we need to STOP yes : is true...... :)) racist, toxic politic, politicians. TRUMP NO MORE NEVER AGAIN.

    Alexander LeeAlexander Lee11 dager siden
  • The Order 66 Darth Vader 🔥 🔥 the two duel through the fire and the flames. leave him to die on laver bank. A Noisy breathing Apparatus

    Alexander LeeAlexander Lee12 dager siden
  • Rep.Cheney has bigger balls then all the GOP Trumpets put together. Shameful absolutely dishonest Repubs.

    A_Light N Da_DarkA_Light N Da_Dark12 dager siden
  • Congressional Rep. Liz Cheney is just being honest and just has more balls (way more balls) than Kevin McCarthy. I think they used to call it GUTS when you stood up and said the truth when others didn't want to hear it!

    Rick EmerickRick Emerick12 dager siden
    • of course. the same way as Tulsi Gabbad and Glenn Greenwald have guts to speak the truth and expose all the garbage and corruption of the DNC. BOTH the DNC and the neocon RINO faction of the GOP are corrupt. they want war. both of them have teamed up togheter because Trump didn't remove Assad in Syria. with Biden, Assad will be removed in a similar fashion to Gadaffi in Libya.

      Levis HogeaLevis Hogea11 dager siden
  • Thank you Liz!your courage is appreciated.

    david shafferdavid shaffer12 dager siden
  • Arizona vote audit is underway. 6 more weeks and shall probably be sure. There was major election fraud

    Gregory MGregory M12 dager siden
  • Liz Cheney is one of the few Republicans standing up for what is right.

    Rebecca BrownRebecca Brown12 dager siden
    • same could be said about Tulsi Gabbad and Glenn Greenwald standing up for the truth and exposing the corruption of the DNC. but if course you being a partisan hack will simply ignore these things because "Orange Hitler" is no more. btw, what happened with all these "concentration camps" at the border? where is AOC doing a PR stunt crying like a lunatic about these "poor migrant children"?

      Levis HogeaLevis Hogea11 dager siden
  • you decide its a false claim. There were many discrepancies in many states. You'll never convince me that it was "normal" for early morning numbers in all those swing states to all of a sudden jump in Biden's favor.

    HossrockyHossrocky12 dager siden
  • Anyone that critisizes the true accusation of election theft will not get re-elected. These two compares are exactly liars or they are thoroughly stupid. CNN will soon go broke with quality like these shallow thinkers

    Gregory MGregory M12 dager siden
  • Respect for Cheney. Disrespectful for McCarthy, Graham, trump & Republican Party. Don’t know why they are called a PARTY. No one appears to be having a good time!

    Terri SeatonTerri Seaton12 dager siden
  • History has no shortage of the perils of blind allegiance to one person. I’m glad Cheney is sticking up for our ideals!

    Rex II ForSureRex II ForSure12 dager siden
  • Ms. Cheney is a very AwEsOmE Woman!!👍💥💣 Ms. Cheney has my respect. She stands for TRUTH and Democracy. And those within the GOP/Republicans who embrace CHUMP's Big Lie are going to lose in the upcoming elections. Hang in there Ms. Cheney!💖🌹We're cheering YoU on!🙋💗💖👍

    Paul ChavezPaul Chavez12 dager siden
  • Wow. Liz is getting almost universal support for standing her ground on this issue. People had forgotten what integrity looks like coming from a congressperson. I dare say, at the moment Liz is looking almost presidential.

    James GambrellJames Gambrell12 dager siden
  • Well, I guess there's one honest person in Wyoming and in the republican GOP.

    Summer TeaSummer Tea12 dager siden
  • Nobody cares.

    Eric SchryverEric Schryver12 dager siden
    • @Janet Hart good. Grow up in the mean time.

      Eric SchryverEric Schryver10 dager siden
    • @Janet Hart thats the way it works. Back-and-forth. What's dangerous now is the left changing the game to hold power.

      Eric SchryverEric Schryver10 dager siden
    • @Janet Hart yawn.

      Eric SchryverEric Schryver11 dager siden
  • And like Texas, republicans will continue to run the systemic racism that has been run in this country since the slave ships set a foot and killed indians but america is blind ro truth, lies and ignorance run the United States.

    Christopher SmithChristopher Smith12 dager siden
  • Trump needs to swallow more clorox...those robo calls are still coming ugly.

    Sunny DaySunny Day12 dager siden
  • There's no GOP, it's the Trump Party

    Yourdeadmeat69Yourdeadmeat6912 dager siden
  • Biden just outright lied about the number of Vaccinations and his campaign promises he claimed were kept but havent been. But when he does it, he overstates (the propaganda calls it a simple mistake.🙄). When Trump does it he is called a liar.

    Jey FryeJey Frye12 dager siden
  • Hilter is back ,republicans are communists political economic system that seeks to create a classless society. With the big lies

    Noemi FigueroaNoemi Figueroa12 dager siden
  • Last thing America needs is another Cheney.

    Jack CameronJack Cameron12 dager siden
    • GFY

      Rick LeeRick Lee11 dager siden
  • Who cares she is still a GOP who NEVER got airtime during the Trump administration for challenging his amoral and unethical conduct, political incompetence, anti American policies or overt corruption. Another politician trying to save their reputation for one notable act. Oh Joe as a republican you need to sometimes step outside your own historic fantasy of the GOP and take a hard look at what the ideology of American conservatism actually has stood for. Lincoln as Jesus were left not right activists who were considered radicals in their own historical settings. Change occurs when people stand up for the truth not a blanketed ideology that has distorted and covered up what it stands for and who benefits from following it's tenets.

    Helen McCannHelen McCann12 dager siden
  • Ok people please help me understand. Why does this clip get 3 likes and 2.1k dislikes ❓⁉️

    Chris BabaeroChris Babaero12 dager siden
  • The liars try to brand the 2020 election fraud/crime as "legitimate." The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are overturning this crime and putting President Trump back in Office in this year 2021 and getting Biden and Harris OUT. Welcome to God's Universe and Justice!

    The Blessings Of Jesus ChannelThe Blessings Of Jesus Channel12 dager siden
  • Thank you Liz !! Join the Democratic Party !

    Doug DoldeDoug Dolde12 dager siden
  • Arizona audit!🙀

    O SO S12 dager siden
  • Trump definitely won the election, no question about it. Vote Republican

    Bryan CarpenterBryan Carpenter12 dager siden
  • Fox,OAN and Max news have to keep repeating the Big Lie to retain the MAGA morons,lies and conspiracy theories are their lifeblood

    Lionel StrangeloveLionel Strangelove12 dager siden
  • God bless President Trump! Buz off Rino Li Chen

    Victoria LaplasseVictoria Laplasse12 dager siden
  • It is pure Antichrist Behavior. There's no other words for it. That's the truth. Spin, anyway that you want to. Just don't forget the truth. Good job.

    Joe BakerJoe Baker12 dager siden
  • I'm wondering, would they be trying to oust Liz Cheney if she were a man?

    Marti SanMarti San12 dager siden
  • Oh no! We need to oust Liz Cheney for telling the truth before all the Sheep figure out what us Wolves are doing and we will never eat again!

    Jaden808Jaden80812 dager siden
    • Liz is lying.

      humbugs100humbugs10010 dager siden
  • I would encourage all Republicans especially those who have name recognition to back Country First. The election wasn't stolen. The Republican Party was stolen through lies.

    Terry GTerry G12 dager siden
  • Hey Liz, the big lie is coming from you ignorant people. Tell me one thing. When in our history have we stopped counting ballots and sent home republican counters and then resumed counting. No matter how many times you trump haters say there was nothing wrong with it, you are full of crap. You cannot change what happened by repeatedly saying nothing happened. The truth will be coming out. All the cheating democrats will be sent home and trump will serve his 2nd 4 year term while democrats are prosecuted for treason.

    Jeff MedgeJeff Medge12 dager siden
  • Seams like Joe has been working on his "let Mika finish a sentence" skills. GG

    akinnon2000akinnon200012 dager siden
    • Akinnon2000 seams or seems, so stop making fun of our President whether you like it or not because you could work on your English as well

      Alicia MartinezAlicia Martinez11 dager siden
  • I’d love to know what trump has on these people or how much they financially benefit. This goes beyond the trumper gops choosing to support the big lie.

    Dee ConnorsDee Connors12 dager siden
  • You know Satan is trying to completely rule this world, and the Grand Obstructionist Party is welcoming him in. Thank you Liz Cheney for fighting that evil, however we know you can't do it alone. We need to VOTE to remove some of that evil from the top. "Together we Stand ".

    Marti SanMarti San12 dager siden
  • You called it joe - it’s the know-nothing movement all over again!!

    Giselle YoungGiselle Young12 dager siden
  • Liz stick to your guns. Soon the evil will be done away with. These Republicans, lies, lies, lies. Do you now see what Trump has created in this country. Now do you believe that Trump brought the crazies out of their holes

    Bb CalaBb Cala12 dager siden
  • The GOP is dead. I saw this coming in 2016 ( over the weird worship of this con-man). It's why I left the Republican party in 2016, although I had been a Republican since 1987. I am now a registered Nonpartisan Voter in my state . The party of honesty, integrity, and family values is long gone.

    L. A. DiazL. A. Diaz12 dager siden
  • Shame on the crazy people because GOD Is on our side 2021 for the good people

    Michelle PeeblesMichelle Peebles12 dager siden
  • Good for her, it is great to see a Republican with honesty and morals. Too bad the majority of them are gutless wonders

    Alice WellsAlice Wells12 dager siden
  • These days I don't understand why anyone would want to be in public office. Especially republican.

    Shaun WhalenShaun Whalen12 dager siden
  • “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in history of American politics “ Joe corrupt Biden admitting massive voter fraud on TV. November 2020. Fact checked.

    rolbackrolback12 dager siden