Examining The ‘Herd Immunity’ Question: How The U.S. Can Get Back To Normal | All In | MSNBC

3. mai. 2021
25 796 Ganger

“Even though we still have this incredibly important of needing to reach people who so far don’t want to get vaccinated-life is going to return to normal. People who are vaccinated are going to feel the sense of freedom to partake in all sorts of activities much more safely,” says Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo.
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  • 'NGUL

    Life & PeaceLife & Peace6 dager siden
  • Me and the kids will pass thank you we donate ours to india

    Jimmy WilliamsJimmy Williams6 dager siden
  • “Thinning the herd” to get “herd immunity”......😳 How many deaths? ☠️ NOPE, won’t do...........

    Roy RiceRoy Rice8 dager siden
  • Herd immunity, will not work without the vaccines. just letting everyone get Covid, still leaves people open to a second infection. Even with vaccines, a second infection is possible, BUT the vaccine has proved to be very effective of lowering the chance of being hospitalised, or die. The problem comes, when a proportion of the population, refused to be vaccinated, and the virus mutates, into a strain, that the current vaccines cannot protect against, then we start all over again

    JamsieJamsie10 dager siden
  • “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

    Dan PhillipsDan Phillips11 dager siden
  • “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

    Dan PhillipsDan Phillips11 dager siden
  • Don't EVER consider yourself part of America if you can't decide what team you want to be on. I never took vaccinations but I did take this 1st chance I got a AFTER the seriously needy got theirs & do consider other people, thank God!

    Mark CrossMark Cross11 dager siden
  • Does this mean fewer Republican voters in the future?........hmmmmmm.....seems like the Republican party and Fox 'News" has done more harm to itself than the Dems could have ever done.

    Randy KrusRandy Krus11 dager siden
  • The majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a crime, abuses its strength, and by acting on the law of the strongest breaks up the foundations of society. Thomas Jefferson

    Dan PhillipsDan Phillips11 dager siden
  • Equal rights for all, special privileges for none Thomas Jefferson

    Dan PhillipsDan Phillips11 dager siden
  • There is no justification for taking away individuals' freedom in the guise of public safety. Thomas Jefferson

    Dan PhillipsDan Phillips11 dager siden
  • The idea is quite unfounded that on entering into society we give up any natural rights. Thomas Jefferson

    Dan PhillipsDan Phillips11 dager siden
  • Anyone know of a good place to buy a fake Vaccine Passport? I need several for my family.

    YouTube ModeratorYouTube Moderator11 dager siden
  • Forcing me to take the Soy Sauce Shot is not making anything "normal".

    YouTube ModeratorYouTube Moderator11 dager siden
  • You never go full potatoe 🥔

    Daniel GutierrezDaniel Gutierrez11 dager siden
  • Bill Maher and Joe Rogan are covidiots...

    pakpala1pakpala111 dager siden
    • They are China virusers?

      YouTube ModeratorYouTube Moderator11 dager siden
  • DON’T get the vaccine!

    RobDogRobDog11 dager siden
  • Everyone who is alive should get the shots - we reached herd immunity during the polio and small pox vaccinations during the 1950's and 1960's why not now?

    Nancy DeschNancy Desch11 dager siden
  • We don't even have herd immunity for the flu...explain that

    Patty's Hobby WorldPatty's Hobby World12 dager siden
    • It’s a different virus which mutates fairly often, but your right Covid could mutate often and only those who can stay ahead of the curve will avoid it.

      Jon NelsonJon Nelson11 dager siden
    • Or transgenderism!

      YouTube ModeratorYouTube Moderator11 dager siden

    D LegionnaireD Legionnaire12 dager siden
  • I take a pledge to never get vaccinated.

    Michael LawnMichael Lawn12 dager siden
  • Turn the tv off and BOOM...your all better. Covid goes away when the tv turns off.

    Joe WhoJoe Who12 dager siden
    • Until someone you know catches it

      The Chosen OneThe Chosen One11 dager siden
    • Go, lemmings, go.

      Emsley WyattEmsley Wyatt12 dager siden
  • The amount of stupid in the US is stunning. YOUR immune system may be up to snuff but you can still CARRY the virus to someone whose immune system is NOT up to snuff. The problem with these people is they tend to be anti-maskers and anti-distancers as well.

    Ralph YorkRalph York12 dager siden
    • @NOtown Moderator Cuz they are apples and oranges, no equivalency ... AIDS does not travel in the air, is difficult to catch and like syphilis, now has a successful treatment.

      Ralph YorkRalph York11 dager siden
    • Why no condom mandate until a vaccine for AIDS is made available?

      YouTube ModeratorYouTube Moderator11 dager siden
    • @David Koresh Your parents owe you an apology.

      Ralph YorkRalph York12 dager siden

    greensmashgreensmash12 dager siden
  • So nice, with a good guy in the WH !!

    The Muscle Car GarageThe Muscle Car Garage12 dager siden
  • In UK 65% of over 18s have 1 dose including 95% of over 50's. About 25% of adults have both doses (mostly over 50s). We had 1 death yesterday from a peak of 1,800 three months ago. That's with, obviously, the UK variant everywhere.

    kevak 123kevak 12312 dager siden
    • But there's not just the UK variant, there are a number of variants in the UK from quite a few countries. The vaticinations are effective against all of them to one degree or another.

      DahnDahn12 dager siden
  • What they're really saying is that they trust the virus. They trust it won't infect them and replicate within their bodies to the point where their own immune system can't cope, or they are the means by which it reaches, and harms, other people around them. Why would you trust a virus which has already killed half a million Americans? Covid-19 a national, as well as a world-wide danger. Siding with the virus is aiding that public enemy, and doing so regardless of the clear fact that it will do as much harm to fellow Americans (and fellow human beings) as it possibly can.

    Diane O'DonovanDiane O'Donovan12 dager siden
  • With this virus, people should herd immunity only when virtually the entire population has been vaccinated. The problem are the uneducated masses who don't believe in getting vaccinated will help them. The graveyards are full of Americans, who thought COVID could not hurt them. America should make it very simple. If you refuse getting vaccinated, you will get no priority if getting infected with COVID. Within 1 year from now, any kind of travel by airplane and cruise ship etc. may not even be possible unless you can prove you are fully vaccinated. Especially airlines will most likely consider making vaccination a mandatory requirement to even board an airplane. Travelling by airplane or cruise ships are not methods of travel covered by personal freedom. These modes of travel are governed by rules set out by private companies.

    TheChiefEngTheChiefEng12 dager siden
  • What if the virus mutates and got deadly? Will herd immunity still work?

    jotai99jotai9912 dager siden
    • The virus IS deadly, and it's already mutated many times, that's why there are different strains of Covid all over the world. Herd immunity will work to a degree, but being vaccinated works better. Not being vaccinated is like playing Russian Roulette.

      DahnDahn12 dager siden
  • 藥廠会以身體掃描器機的防人體不適的藥作品,配合適用,SO,大陸富豪高貴族有定期健檢会知購,,,。 媒體剪接縞編片,太可怕了,从沒想过他人他國大佬受拐帶之空窗期,幼努力持住一大國人民及選有心有適有同心者,,,SO,但,,,大陸太監集中營囚姦团隊,隨生隨有人人倍材出,,,SO,何患何使他國助憂心呢,,,??。

    柳岑焉柳岑焉12 dager siden
  • Those in America resisting to vaccinate please donate their vaccines to unfortunate countries to help the poor and follow CDC advice

    Passang ThrinleePassang Thrinlee12 dager siden
    • No problem. You can have my Soy Sauce Shot.

      YouTube ModeratorYouTube Moderator11 dager siden
    • They won't let us do that.

      Franchesca ONealFranchesca ONeal12 dager siden
  • I still dont understand how people are so scared of a life saving vaccine compared to a deadly disease? It is mind blowing the idiotic conspiracies surrounding these medical miracles. My whole family had Pfizer and are all perfectly fine. No 2 heads or microchips inside. Get vaccinated so we can put this nightmare behind us please.

    Ashlynne ShainAshlynne Shain12 dager siden
  • I was diagnosed with PTSD and have a drug sensitivity so I haven't gotten the vaccine and have no plan to. But I wear a mask in public, wash my hands when I get home. Even went as far as putting real copper foil on door knobs to help reduce chances. So I am doing my part under my circumstances. BUT I have a question. What are the long term effects of these shots??? You have no clue. I am not an anti-vaxxer. But what are the long term effects??? Trump is old and fat with legal issues out the butt. Long term effects are the easy way out. Biden is 3 days older than Jesus so long term isn't a problem.

    Raging MonkRaging Monk12 dager siden
  • Herd immunity is a concept not a scientific fact. It has other factors too like same people consistency in time and culture not changing culture, changing places and changing people every minute or day with same medical conditions. God bless America and the world.

    amarjeet sehmiamarjeet sehmi12 dager siden
  • Make the vaccination mandatory!!! Lets get vaccinated people.

    Michael PagsanhanMichael Pagsanhan12 dager siden
    • You can't do that, ever. Even if the vaccines were FDA approved (and they are not--the closest one is Moderna, and it's set for January 2023), only schools and some businesses can require them--and there has to be an exemption for religion.

      Lp78ChLp78Ch12 dager siden
    • Good idea, however those with medical issues may not be able to, eg autoimmune, chemo treatment. Those with a mental block or just outright refuse you can't do much about, but if the majority are vaccinated with the exception of medical conditions ones, then those opposed will in time catch Covid. Our job is to safe guard the vulnerable.

      Common SenseCommon Sense12 dager siden
  • 1:34 well there's also just an availability problem, that I knew we were going to run into, just not this soon. to say it in the simplest terms there's going to be a slow down just because the people who had no hurdles to getting the vaccine, have already gotten it. People who, for example, don't have transportation issues, aren't scared of the doctor in general, live near a place where they can get the vaccine, and have time to go get said vaccine. The question is how many of the people left fall into the "legitimate problem category and how many fall into the "I just don't want to" category.

    roguedogxroguedogx12 dager siden
    • oh and language barrier, I forgot that one, but I'm sure it's a factor.

      roguedogxroguedogx12 dager siden
  • 6:52 is the free hefe-weizen reference - congrats

    Still DoStill Do12 dager siden
  • Wow ! Never seen this coming - who'da thunk. Das amazin

    Still DoStill Do12 dager siden
  • Im 63 here in Australia just had my first astrazenica of two needed. Im both surprised and concerned at the number of people who I judged reasonably responsible and intellegent opting out of vaccination. Here in Brisbane City in the state of Queensland weve been incredibly fortunate in avoiding repeated or sustained lock downs..its like covid never happened. Its like theyre thinking let all the suckers risk the vaccine till Im safe in the herd. Chile is a warning not to be complacent...highest vax rates but now a killer wave of 5 different covid varients ..they went with sino vax and now think it dosent work..but they lifted restrictions too soon.

    Barry DavisBarry Davis12 dager siden
  • I've been taking vaccines the majority of my life I had Covid it's a dreadful virus and yes I got vaccinated and encourage everyone I know to get vaccinated.

    Toneisha JohnsonToneisha Johnson12 dager siden
  • Mutations in the virus looks like India. I guess folks who can afford to skip lines and fly private don’t care.

    LaLa HLaLa H12 dager siden
  • How the US gets back to normalcy? Easy. Lock up all anti maskers, anti vaxxers, anti lockdown people and people who don't maintain personal space distances. Simple, cheap and no side effects.

    A horse with no nameA horse with no name12 dager siden
    • Plus, you would also get most of the psychos attempting to overthrow the country in Trump and Putin's names! Double win! ;-)

      DahnDahn12 dager siden
  • herd immunity is a naturally acquired immunity,not from a vaxx

    jane simmonsjane simmons12 dager siden
    • @Lp78Ch No deaths from the vaccine, MILLIONS from Covid. Moronic troll

      DahnDahn12 dager siden
    • @Bill Walsh No one dies?? Hahahahahahahaha

      Lp78ChLp78Ch12 dager siden
    • It can happen either way, it's just 10 times faster with a vaccine and no one dies.

      Bill WalshBill Walsh12 dager siden
    • Nope. "Herd immunity occurs when a large portion of a community (the herd) becomes immune to a disease, making the spread of disease from person to person unlikely." Hellman's Mayo Clinic

      darkpatchesdarkpatches12 dager siden
  • If you want a vaccine get one, but don't force someone who doesn't want one. They can open this country up back to normal anytime they want. But not everyone is going to get vaccinated, that's just facts smh that being said open up the country so raw entertainment can film the lost dutchman goldmine... O wait no national interest exception, o that's why we are not back to normal keep blocking the UK

    Roger RantzRoger Rantz12 dager siden
  • 😎

    Cottage FarmCottage Farm12 dager siden
  • When Trump mentioned herd immunity he was ridiculed.. now it’s an ok subject?

    Louis TullyLouis Tully12 dager siden
    • @Dahn when did he mention bleach? also- herd immunity would be achieved through normal infection.

      Louis TullyLouis Tully12 dager siden
    • Trump intended for Covid to RAVAGE the nation, which would have killed hundreds of MILLIONS of people, and caused major devastation across the country for generations to come. When told the number of deaths it would cause, he openly didn't care. Not to mention his raving about bleach and all the other nonsense he spouted. You Trump worshippers and apologists are really pathetic, you know that??

      DahnDahn12 dager siden
    • Get your facts right, the reference now for herd immunity is relating to those who receive the vaccine, trump's claim was let everyone catch Covid and allow their own immune system to fight it - trouble is the body can't in far too many cases, particularly the elderly. The new strains developing etc. Covid in fact is another virus - measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, TB, Polio are all vaccinated against. Covid is another deadly virus we can add to the list which is extremely harmful to humans.

      Common SenseCommon Sense12 dager siden
    • He meant without vaccination he also suggested bleach and uv lights

      Toneisha JohnsonToneisha Johnson12 dager siden
  • So good news and bad news… hm I see

    Bendys Plush StudioBendys Plush Studio12 dager siden
  • When IQ-45 stops lying and his cult stops believing his big lie, we can start our normal life again

    Floda ReltihFloda Reltih12 dager siden
  • Thr Media and most of the Biden Administration is too stupid to realize that it's actually irrelevant if others refuse the vaccine. Reason being is that those who ARE Vaccinated are safe regardless. For a Vaccinated person to worry about who is NOT Vaccinated is the height of stupidity. Obviously if you are Vaccinated you are safe. You are not at risk when you go out among unvaccinated people. The vaccine is protecting you. It's so insane that some are telling others what to do. Just get the vaccine if you fear Covid and you don't have to worry about others.

    SPG 565SPG 56512 dager siden
  • Its herd immunity...not herd minus 30 percent immunity.

    Didwm BasumataryDidwm Basumatary12 dager siden
    • vaccination is not the only way to get to herd immunity also those who have already had symptomatic and asymptomatic infection and if they want more people to get a vaccine they need to make a vaccine available that people dont consider experimental

      jenny Bjenny B9 dager siden
    • Is that why dr fauci at the beginning said we would hit herd ammunition when 60 percent get vaccinated now they move the goal posts

      Joel RivardJoel Rivard11 dager siden
  • These same idiots Buy Big Macs and other Hormones food that have far more adverse effect than this vaccines.

    TheShafiqueMTheShafiqueM12 dager siden
  • can they just give the vaccine to the rest of the world?! they've hoarded so much vaccines while most countries are relying on donations or waiting for their orders.

    Ponti PPonti P12 dager siden
  • We aren’t a herd! We’re a hoard! Can he get nothing right?

    PJ CelestePJ Celeste12 dager siden
    • Horde

      Happy Camper4everHappy Camper4ever12 dager siden
  • So tired of anti vaccers!!!

    ThewolfinsheepsClothingThewolfinsheepsClothing12 dager siden
    • the feeling is mutual

      Paul WilsonPaul Wilson12 dager siden
  • Dude I thought he said her name was Jennifer Nutso.

    LinkolnverseLinkolnverse12 dager siden
    • That's what I heard.

      Walter Kai Yuen PangWalter Kai Yuen Pang12 dager siden
    • I tinnitus, but heard that as well. My first thought was they might have picked the wrong spokesperson if they want folks to believe what she says. I'm imagining a tinfoil hat for some reason.

      Chia_PetChia_Pet12 dager siden
  • Reach herd immunity by requiring proof of vaccination to attend public events and places, to work and travel, isolate and quarantine those who wont comply. Incentivize people, especially the poor, by offering a sawbuck.

    Big Daddy RatBig Daddy Rat12 dager siden
    • @Paul Wilson Say's the Trump worshipping troll, who's actively supporting fascism.

      DahnDahn12 dager siden
    • @Nino Nuccio Funny you say that, because many States are actually offering incentives like that, while China just orders their people to get the shot. Proving once again that another troll moron doesn't have the first clue about not only communism, but nations outside America as most of you fools don't. But how could you know about the rest of the world from inside your Mom's basement?

      DahnDahn12 dager siden
    • @Thyalwaysseek And you are a known troll and Trump worshipper.

      DahnDahn12 dager siden
    • Hahahahahah 🤡

      MetalcorekidMetalcorekid12 dager siden
    • no that would fascism

      Paul WilsonPaul Wilson12 dager siden
  • Covid19: Curing Stupidity, One case at a time!

    NewOldVideosNewOldVideos12 dager siden
    • As China intended!

      YouTube ModeratorYouTube Moderator11 dager siden
    • Considering that 99% of people recover, your sadistic hopes are bound for disappointment.

      Rhode Island's Last Surviving ConservativeRhode Island's Last Surviving Conservative12 dager siden
    • Omg!! So true!!

      ThewolfinsheepsClothingThewolfinsheepsClothing12 dager siden
  • So vaccine shaming is going to be a thing now hey? Reminds me of a certain country where if some of the citizens wore a little yellow star they were ostracized and couldn't partake in activities like the other citizens.

    ThyalwaysseekThyalwaysseek12 dager siden
    • @Thyalwaysseek I did. I totally deconstructed you. You're so deconstructed. Even yo momma wouldn't recognize your former construction. Anyway. Does anyone here remember the program Eliza, which could grammatically respond to you, giving the illusion of intelligence, but couldn't actually understand you? That's what this conversation reminds me of.

      darkpatchesdarkpatches11 dager siden
    • @darkpatches You didn't deconstruct my analogy you just confirmed it. You think you can shut down people who aren't part of your club but you're just showing who the real Nazis are here.

      ThyalwaysseekThyalwaysseek11 dager siden
    • @Thyalwaysseek Nope, I did not say that. I deconstructed your analogy to show how it did not make the point you were trying to make and that comparing it to Nazis inappropriately dialed its inflammatory intent up to 11. Stop arguing by analogy and just say what you mean. And stop reading into what other people say that which is not there. I have a feeling that if the time comes for you to be ostracized for something, it will because of your overreacting and inability to articulate your thoughts. During the polio epidemic, the messaging for the country was, "We're all in this together." The motto for many who are anti-COVID vaccine (not necessarily you; see J. Rogan's rationale) is, "We're all in this for ourselves."

      darkpatchesdarkpatches12 dager siden
    • @Common Sense Obviously people don't have a choice because if they choose not to be vaccinated then you encourage them to be shunned and excluded from the community. What I find disgusting is people like you who try to justify your behavior. No different to those who defended their behavior towards the ones they made wear little yellow stars.

      ThyalwaysseekThyalwaysseek12 dager siden
    • @darkpatches So what you are saying is that if people don't have the same beliefs you do then they should be ostracized and treated as outsiders. Exactly how people with yellow stars were treated, thanks for confirming my analogy.

      ThyalwaysseekThyalwaysseek12 dager siden
  • "I trust my own cells more than i trust pharmaceutical goop" Ok but id like this explained. The odds of the vaccine having any serious or permanent side effects in the long term are pretty much zero. Not impossible but jsut not likely. Covid has been shown to linger in people and caused serious long term damage even in people with mild cases not feeling well for months after with so called "long covid". We also have no idea what the long term effects of this virus could be. Its not out of the realm of possibility that we see millions of people with health issues developing in the coming years that turn out to be covid related. So this excuse for not getting the vaccine makes zero sense. "I trust my own mind more than i trust liberal elites" This is just plain ignorance. This pandemic has nothing to do with politics and its the health experts whom you should listen to not the libs or the loonies on the right.

    Mr. NobodyMr. Nobody12 dager siden
  • I’m completely vaccinated and so happy I did my husband did too! He’s a Republican I’m a Democrat it wasn’t a political issue it was we don’t want to get sick and possibly die we have a 3 year old granddaughter that we want to be around for a long time

    Deeceeba BauerDeeceeba Bauer12 dager siden
    • Good call, Congrats!

      Bill WalshBill Walsh12 dager siden
  • For starters COVID-19 can stay dormant in your body after you thought you were over it. It can flair up multiple times. Your body can go into a Cytokine Storm where your own immune systems rages out of control and kills you. If you're positive for antibodies it doesn't mean you're now immune, it means the Clock is ticking.

    Ralph BoydRalph Boyd13 dager siden
  • To those who won't or don't get vaccinated , I say this. We are always going to have the dumb and the stupid in this country.

    James HershbergerJames Hershberger13 dager siden
  • Smh. They deserve the polio virus.

    Mr. MisterMr. Mister13 dager siden
    • @Ron Sullivan Ummm. I was Vaccinated against it as a kid. Never had it.

      Mr. MisterMr. Mister12 dager siden
    • Which polio virus did you get?

      Ron SullivanRon Sullivan12 dager siden
  • The problem is that while science does create amazing advances in pharmaceuticals, the company's themselves are driven not by people who care and want to help but by profit margins. This has eroded many amaricans trust in the motives of said company's. It does not help when company's charge us 10 times more than what they charge other country's to be healthy just because they can, or leaked sales calls of execs chomping at the bit to give out covid boosters because they will get to raise the price. Why would people think what is being put in them is actually ment to help??

    SoulHarvester GamingSoulHarvester Gaming13 dager siden
    • @Jamsie because the Oxford astrazenica vaccine was produced in the UK not by an amarican based company like the Moderna and fizer vaccines are. I should have specified that this is MOSTLY an amarican problem

      SoulHarvester GamingSoulHarvester Gaming10 dager siden
    • @SoulHarvester Gaming If as you say, the Pharma companies are producing the vaccine for profit, then WHY is the astra zenica vaccine, being sold at COST PRICE , and produced by other countries under license , for their own use

      JamsieJamsie10 dager siden
    • @SoulHarvester Gaming Gotcha, I misunderstood what you were getting at. I agree with you about the idea of the pharma companies having their own bottom line as their number one priority. Big pharma has been gouging the American public for years, and our politicians have enabled it.

      T. O.T. O.11 dager siden
    • @T. O. I am not at all arguing that the vaccines don't work or whatever. got my first Moderna shot and waiting on my second. However I understand the mistrust of people tword these companies and they aren't doing themselves any favors being money hungry. They have already made more off this vaccine than any drug in history, but can't wait to raise the prices. The news on us not reaching heard immunity is music to their ears

      SoulHarvester GamingSoulHarvester Gaming12 dager siden
    • It's hard for a company to continue to make money if they sell a product that doesn't work. If they want to be able to sell a new drug in the future and continue to make money, it's not in their interest to produce something that doesn't work, especially in such a high profile situation. Capitalism...

      T. O.T. O.12 dager siden
  • This is a global pandemic. Global!

    The Church of Silly BeggarsThe Church of Silly Beggars13 dager siden
    • Exactly they are trying to make a one world government and are using covid to usher in their new laws and regulations for the sake of our “safety”

      RobDogRobDog11 dager siden
  • Hmmm, my TO DO LIST, live virus free or possibly die or be impaired in brain, heart, lung functions indefinitely. I think I’d make getting vaccinated a priority. Oh wait, I did!

    Robert MaddenRobert Madden13 dager siden
    • @NOtown Moderator no, mine’s working better than ever. I live in reality, not delusion.

      Robert MaddenRobert Madden11 dager siden
    • I think you got it too late as your brain stopped working.

      YouTube ModeratorYouTube Moderator11 dager siden
    • how do we know you are not lying?

      Paul WilsonPaul Wilson12 dager siden
    • virtue signal...

      Paul WilsonPaul Wilson12 dager siden
    • Same! That's why I'm glad I got COVID!

      Nino NuccioNino Nuccio12 dager siden
  • Some of us will have herd immunity and we'll be blamed when the Qnuts get sick and start dying.. oh well 🤷‍♂️

    Big BoomerBig Boomer13 dager siden
    • @Jamsie Mutations can happen even with a vaccinated population and sometimes the mutation can even make the vaccines useless.

      ThyalwaysseekThyalwaysseek10 dager siden
    • @Thyalwaysseek mutation, that the vaccines cannot protect from, that is the danger of not vaccinating enough of the population, and that is without factoring in foreign travel, that could bring new strains to a country

      JamsieJamsie10 dager siden
    • @NOtown Moderator ridiculous..your obviously brainwash

      p8ently obviousp8ently obvious11 dager siden
    • Still no AIDS shot. Will Fauci make you wear a condom or just a face mask?

      YouTube ModeratorYouTube Moderator11 dager siden
    • @RobDog EXACTLY!!!!!🤣🤣🤣

      Ry BlackRy Black11 dager siden
  • "...people who so far don’t want to get (Covid) vaccinated..." motivate us, the people of America, to redouble our efforts to rapidly find out at any given moment, including even while On-Line, who among us are unwittingly contagious (i.e. pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic) in order to "Convince It Forward" for them to call their doctor and to self-quarantine per CDC guidelines in hopes of stopping this pandemic instead of having more "Mourning In America." Thus, we're hoping for the best while preparing for the worse-case scenario of the "UK variant" strain(s) mutations and others like the South African, Brazilian, Californian, Texan (BV-1) & "Cluster 5 Mink" mutations rendering current vaccines no longer effective.

    HeartDoc AndrewHeartDoc Andrew13 dager siden
  • Herd immunity is very difficult to achieve when you are talking about a very large population that interacts closely and travels long distance especially if you do not act on it right away, it's one thing when you're talking about several hundred thousand or even several million, but when you're talking about hundreds of millions and half have a laxidazical attitude you can kiss herd immunity goodbye, everyone has to take it seriously just like a Democracy requires everyone's participation to function correctly. You have to see it through to completion, you can't give up or become complacent or throw caution to the wind 3/4 of the way through. We are making good progress so let's stay focused on all the things that have gotten us this far and not worry about herd immunity itself, it is a byproduct of doing everything right.

    Chris JohnsonChris Johnson13 dager siden
    • Couldn't have said it better

      SoulHarvester GamingSoulHarvester Gaming12 dager siden
  • The Biden administration really needed to come up with a contingency plan for not enough people being willing to get vaccinated. They need to do this immediately. They knew this would be a problem. I'm vaxxed. There will be no further justification for me to wear a mask after June when everyone in the country has had vaccine access so the mandates must end nationwide. It's no longer my concern to protect others who freely choose not to vaccinate after June.

    ItsStillRealToMe DamnItItsStillRealToMe DamnIt13 dager siden
  • I find it very ironic that herd immunity was the only plan that fat donnie talked about in the early going. He didn't like masks, he didn't care about social distancing, and he absolutely did not want to shut down the economy, but he preached that everything would be fine when we got to herd immunity. Now, we are having trouble reaching that point, because millions of people refuse the vaccine, and they are by a huge margin, TRUMP SUPPORTERS!!

    tinker Ttinker T13 dager siden
  • What will happen when unvaccinated folks show up in hospital needing treatment for Covid?

    Carol-Anne McMillanCarol-Anne McMillan13 dager siden
  • 9th day since phyzer shot and im am still sick, and its only the 1st shot

    H. PotterH. Potter13 dager siden
    • @Jock Young Depends. I got the tetanus vaccine and it made me as sick as a dog for two weeks. That said, still better than getting tetanus.

      M A CM A C12 dager siden
    • @miss ano No it isn't. The authorities just didn't mention it prior to having a vaccine. Likely because they were afraid that we would burn the infected alive.

      Ralph BoydRalph Boyd12 dager siden
    • @Ralph Boyd This is just false.

      miss anomiss ano12 dager siden
    • @Ralph Boyd What?!!!! gtfoh with that nonsense!!!

      Mr. NobodyMr. Nobody12 dager siden
    • @Jock Young Unfortunately for others it's a big deal when they die from the side effects.

      ThyalwaysseekThyalwaysseek12 dager siden
  • let them die. i see no downside to fewer trumpanzees.

    mike mann songsmike mann songs13 dager siden
  • If the pharms offered a cure for cancer do you think people would turn it down? No way the difference is the GOP messages about it and former guy

    Sierramade 1Sierramade 113 dager siden
    • @Todd Smith Oh look, a Trump worshipper and apologist. You here visiting from Faux "News"? Maybe you should go back there, you lot are so scared of reality, and no one will believe your lies.

      DahnDahn12 dager siden
    • @Ian Dawson exactly, the numbers would be far lower, in all probability less than 80k

      Common SenseCommon Sense12 dager siden
    • @Todd Smith disagree with you, seriously do you think the world begins and stops with USA, the vaccine was a global effort and 100% not a bloody trump effort. The importance of developing a vaccine was paramount, trump pooh hard Covid.

      Common SenseCommon Sense12 dager siden
    • @Todd Smith Any competent person who was President would have done Operation Warp Speed. How do I know this? Because even the incompetent dullard who had to declare bankruptcy because he couldn't make money running casinos knew enough to do it.

      T. O.T. O.12 dager siden
    • Bahahahaha!!! As if big pharma would ever offer a cure for their biggest cash cow, not real smart are you.

      ThyalwaysseekThyalwaysseek12 dager siden
  • Consider this, Big Pharma makes money in vaccines but bigger money on treatingnew cases. Notice the AMA is largely quiet.

    Bill WedekingBill Wedeking13 dager siden
    • What are your medical certifications to know better than the rest of the world?

      DahnDahn12 dager siden
    • How many years of college did you complete?

      Mr. NobodyMr. Nobody12 dager siden
  • I am no expert but I am in the field. My understanding of herd immunity is the point when there is no large scale community outbreak even though there could still be SPORADIC cases (the end game is not eradication of the COVID-19). So herd immunity determined by a complex medical, viral, social, environmental factors not easily summarized as a fix point like "when 75.62% of the population is immunized". On the issue of the anti-vaccine people, regardless of their motivation, I would just say: open up the economy once every one who wants the vaccine has the FREE vaccine. After that, those who get infected (mostly the anti-vaccine people), they are on their own. (Vaccine failure cases should be exempted.) They may or may not have paid medical leave or medical coverage, subjected to their individual negotiation between them and their employers.

    Timothy WTimothy W13 dager siden
  • You are being punished like a kid untill you do what ever the government wants

    Doob SnackzDoob Snackz13 dager siden
    • Ah, the known troll, trolling again.

      DahnDahn12 dager siden
    • You sound like a kid. That's probably why you think that.

      Bill WalshBill Walsh12 dager siden
    • Or you could just use your common sense and get vaccinated.

      Jock YoungJock Young13 dager siden
  • With these new strains an variants of covid-19 it will be herd to determine if herd immunity will be possible. Even with the current vaccines.

    Timothy HawkinsTimothy Hawkins13 dager siden
    • Most of the main vaccines ARE effective against the new strains, just not to the same 90%ish levels. That's because of how the vaccines work, shutting down the methods of covid to attach to cells. It's a new method that has been extraordinarily effective, and doesn't just rely on the older styles of vaccination where the body is just shown the dead contagion so it is ready if infected. (VERY basic overview, details are interesting and freely available online if one is interested)

      DahnDahn12 dager siden
    • @Timothy Hawkins They do with the flu vac yearly based on new strains, once this Covid plateaus at particular strain, hopefully, then any subsequent vac will be aimed at it.

      Common SenseCommon Sense12 dager siden
    • @Jock Young I agree unless the vaccines keep up with the changes of this virus. Then the goal may just be met.

      Timothy HawkinsTimothy Hawkins12 dager siden
    • It's a sliding scale. The vaccines will help a lot, but may not shut it down completely.

      Jock YoungJock Young13 dager siden
  • Since trump / MAGA destroyed trust in science, maybe personal doctors are trusted to advise the reluctant %

    Bill WedekingBill Wedeking13 dager siden
    • @Todd Smith you talking absolute bollocks fool 🤥🤥

      Ian DawsonIan Dawson12 dager siden
    • Trump destroyed the trust in science Trump was the one that pushed to get this vaccine even developed and you know it it's Dr fauci's done more than anybody to keep people confused

      Todd SmithTodd Smith13 dager siden
  • How do we know WHO has been vaxxed? And what about the variants? This vax is just the first of many if we are lucky enough to survive the "re-opening". Talk about dropping the ball on the 10 yard line!

    Michelle MMichelle M13 dager siden
    • You will be given a Star of David to wear on your uniform.

      YouTube ModeratorYouTube Moderator11 dager siden
    • @Paul Wilson for now

      Ralph BoydRalph Boyd12 dager siden
    • Arizona has had no restriction for a while now... schools are open no masks required.. and guess what... are number are very low

      Paul WilsonPaul Wilson12 dager siden
    • I got a CDC Card.

      Ralph BoydRalph Boyd13 dager siden
  • Me: "Nah I ain't gonna get my vaccine" Connecticut: You can have a beer Me: *YYYYYAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!!!*

    Augustus CaesarAugustus Caesar13 dager siden
    • @NOtown Moderator bruh you can literally just get a shot by walking up to vaccination centers, you dummy

      Augustus CaesarAugustus Caesar11 dager siden
    • I'm getting a fake Vaccine Passport. My friend at work knows where to get fake Green Cards and SSI cards in his immigrant neighborhood.

      YouTube ModeratorYouTube Moderator11 dager siden
    • @mike mann songs bruh I ain’t an anti vaxxer

      Augustus CaesarAugustus Caesar13 dager siden
    • do you think we see a downside to more of you anti-vaxxers dropping dead from a preventable disease....🤣 have at it.

      mike mann songsmike mann songs13 dager siden
  • If this country had 101% immunity, it would be over in a minute, as soon as someone set foot on an airplane.

    Tania BurtonTania Burton13 dager siden
    • Clearly showing that you don't understand what is being spoken of here. There's an old saying: "Better to be silent and thought a fool, than speak and confirm it"

      DahnDahn12 dager siden
  • Almost on the level of virus shaming here.

    samnelsosamnelso13 dager siden
    • If you don't like it you can move to India

      Big BoomerBig Boomer12 dager siden
    • ok snowflake

      Mr. NobodyMr. Nobody12 dager siden
  • Flat earth, election fraud, anti-vax, pick your lie and believe it or be a socialist..... 👻

    Kudos17Kudos1713 dager siden
  • I think the next vaccine that gets authorization should cost the recipients at least $100. If you have to pay for it, it has to be the best one. Right.

    ruth depewruth depew13 dager siden
    • uhhh no

      Augustus CaesarAugustus Caesar13 dager siden
  • The virus will ping pong back and forth among the republicans for years to come since they can get re-infected. The Neanderthals didn't learn what works too. Darwin at work.

    Brian MckibbenBrian Mckibben13 dager siden
  • Never now that they gave up and caved into the profits over people. The anti-vax/masters are keeping us all HOSTAGE! That is a BS arguement...most of those people are old enough to have been vaccinated if they went to school. We will be India by July. Americans seem incapable of adapting to adversity. They have bribed like toddlers just to do the right thing for themselves and their country. I bet their dogs are vaxxed🙄

    Michelle MMichelle M13 dager siden
  • The holdouts want to do herd immunity, fine I will shed 0 tears when people are dying at the end of summer. Anyone who want to do herd immunity they will get their wish at some point and get some version of this virus because it will be around for quite a while. Some 60 year old may skate by a year or 2 but will eventually get sick and some will be dying 2 or 3 years from now. You never will wipe it out but you will have familiarity to it and chances are you won't die or even end up in the hospital the next time you get it.

    myko fredermyko freder13 dager siden
    • @Common Sense You need to read some studies. Seriously. Your numbers are way off. The great majority (80%) of people who get COVID are asymptomatic, with absolutely ZERO long-term effects. But, of course, that percent may be way off, too, because the stupid PCR tests gave a bunch of false positives, so these "cases" weren't really infections to begin with. If you find out that 95% of the "COVID deaths" occur to people over the age 75, and most of them were already well on their way to death, anyway, you'll think twice about the virulence of this virus.

      Lp78ChLp78Ch12 dager siden
    • @Common Sense who’s to say is right ?

      Jerry PJerry P12 dager siden
    • @Jerry P but the majority do, plus who is to say it hasn't had an long term adverse effect on some of your body organs that will become evident in a few more years - sorry but fact.

      Common SenseCommon Sense12 dager siden
    • I had covid and it wasn’t anything. So some people’s don’t get it bad .

      Jerry PJerry P13 dager siden
  • The anti-vaxxers will never admit that those of us who dutifully and rapidly got vaccinated helped end the pandemic while they did nothing to assist. All they did was whine and pretend to have a superior immune system. They never wonder how they acquired a superior immune system. It does not happen by accident. These are the people who need to be Darwin'd out of the gene pool.

    Sue MontgomerySue Montgomery13 dager siden
  • don t be a bloody wanker, get vaccinated! Saludos from South America!

    christoph paesslerchristoph paessler13 dager siden
  • normal is not good enough

    DAYBROK3DAYBROK313 dager siden
  • The most dangerous pandemic in the US is wanton stupidity. The people who are rejecting the vaccine are doing it mostly out of their own ignorance and arrogance. This situation belongs in Tom Nichols' book "The of Expertise ". Maybe this is how evolution works in a modern society. Maybe these antivaxers will simply take themselves out of the gene pool because they are too stupid to survive.

    Sam HuffSam Huff13 dager siden
  • There's also the religious nuts who are convinced that the vaccine is the mark of the beast, due to a publication number. But this publication number is 060606, which means 60606. I'll continue to say this: The mark of the beast is not sixty thousand six hundred and six. If you can't even get your numbers right, then you're making it worse.

    Wolfgang VetterWolfgang Vetter13 dager siden
  • *Trump sheeple will keep dying. So be it.*

    Marc LawrenceMarc Lawrence13 dager siden
  • The one who don't want to get vaccinated are the ones who want all businesses to open.

    aa22 ZZaa22 ZZ13 dager siden
    • Yes. We want freedom over dictatorship. Crazy right?

      YouTube ModeratorYouTube Moderator11 dager siden
    • And don't want to mask up. Covidiots.

      Emsley WyattEmsley Wyatt12 dager siden
    • @aa22 ZZ it's noones responsibility to protect your health. If they're worried they need to get vaccinated or accept the risk. All the scared people demanding everyone get vaccinated are the people we need to worry about.

      Danny RDanny R12 dager siden
    • ya... you are right.... i guess you want people to lose their jobs

      Paul WilsonPaul Wilson12 dager siden
    • And the schools to open. Just ignorance.

      Aero FPVAero FPV12 dager siden
  • Get back to normal? It’s been normal for me and mine and the people I associate with. No mask usage. No layoff. No vaccine. This is what happens when you don’t let others think for you.

    TēōdēdēTēōdēdē13 dager siden
    • @Tēōdēdē Maybe you will get infected, then you can come back here and tell us how it worked out for you.

      Bill WalshBill Walsh12 dager siden
    • @Garrett Olson stupid logic? Says the clown willfully being injected with an experimental drug that didn’t go through the normal long term studies other vaccines went through before being released to the public. And since you’re so confident in the vaccine’s efficacy, you should have no problem with those of us not being vaccinated. You’re protected from the virus, right? So yea, deuces you 🤡.

      TēōdēdēTēōdēdē12 dager siden
    • @Garrett Olson it’s your deranged science boi.

      Jerry PJerry P12 dager siden
    • @Jerry P cAn'T gEndER yOUr waY oUt of ThiS OnE. derp.

      Garrett OlsonGarrett Olson12 dager siden
    • @Tēōdēdē stupid logic. there's no cure for malaria, hiv, cancer, etc. however, there are things that we can actively do to prevent transmission/development of diseases (use a mosquito net, use a condom, not smoke cigarettes). anti-vaxers are nothing new... ask dr. salk. you are probably here, alive today, making stupid arguments... thanks to him. i'm pushin' 50 and have been all over the world. i've seen the horrors of simpletons not getting vaccines that prevent archaic aliments. good luck, child. your dipshittery affects all of us. dueces.

      Garrett OlsonGarrett Olson12 dager siden
  • Number of people dead from Covid-19 vaccine = 0. Number dead from Covid-19 = millions. Math is hard.

    warpedjaffas1warpedjaffas113 dager siden
    • A lot more people die from old age. Can't we ban calendars?

      YouTube ModeratorYouTube Moderator11 dager siden
    • In 2030, how many people will be dead from vaccine? No one knows.

      Jade rich TvJade rich Tv12 dager siden
    • J&J has been linked to the death of 4 people last time I checked (including a woman in Iowa today). Not sure where you got 0 from but that’s some disinformation.

      Unfinished WorkzUnfinished Workz12 dager siden
    • @Doob Snackz Pity you donate, it would seem, a good proportion of your existence to conspiracy.

      Common SenseCommon Sense12 dager siden
    • @Doob Snackz evidence or shut ul

      PedroAugusto MarquesPedroAugusto Marques13 dager siden
  • Liberals think 47% of people infected with covid end up in the hospital. That's enough to show you how indoctrinated they are. (It's around 12% according to CDC)

    Mike StevenMike Steven13 dager siden
  • As to when we can get back to normal, that's up to the people who have only gotten 1 shot of the vaccine and those who didn't get any.

    Brian MelendyBrian Melendy13 dager siden
    • Wrong, because there is no plan to punish those who refuse to vaccinate. I'm vaxxed and the vaccine is now available for everyone. After June, there will be no further justification for any of it, because I'm not wearing a mask to protect people who freely can choose not to vaccinate. I'm done. And I'm not conservative either.

      ItsStillRealToMe DamnItItsStillRealToMe DamnIt13 dager siden