Chris Hayes: How Biden Is Succeeding Where Trump Failed | All In | MSNBC

3. mai. 2021
117 145 Ganger

"His fundamental promise was to defeat the virus, get the country up and running again, and be the polar opposite of Donald Trump by actually trying to unify the country around big goals," says Chris Hayes on Biden's campaign. "Biden is basically ticking through every box."
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  • boredom is exotic and exciting to see

    DA PorterDA Porter10 timer siden
  • Yeah thanks Joe for causing 5% inflation in one month with no signs of stopping . Super easy to look successful when you build a legal Ponzi scheme with free money raining from the skies.

    PaulPaul17 timer siden
  • Isnt POTUS vaccinated?

    t st s2 dager siden
  • Biden and success aren't compatible.

    New RepublicanNew Republican3 dager siden
  • Higher unemployment, gas prices, and debt. Can't wait for it to actually get better.

    eric brosofskeeric brosofske4 dager siden
  • So your defense, against an Out of control permanent border crisis, incredibly destructive foreign policy, destroying millions of jobs with yet another hand out to losers… Is that well, at least he’s boring?? My God we are screwed 😒

    Gary & Christy HGary & Christy H4 dager siden
  • This guy looks like his mommy dressed him.

    roger watersroger waters5 dager siden
  • MSNBC lost almost 50% of it's viewing audience after the 2020 elections. Biden's 5 minute pressers do not ring the money machine.

    roger watersroger waters5 dager siden
  • Our present economy is the product of Trump minus the crappy jobs report. Biden has done nothing yet to affect the economy.

    roger watersroger waters5 dager siden
  • Good job Joey you gave the Palestinian Authority hundreds of millions of dollars just in time to build rockets to attack Israel.

    roger watersroger waters5 dager siden
  • Half of the country is unified if that's the description of unity.

    roger watersroger waters5 dager siden
  • I have no idea what Biden's done? Trump implemented the NDA to produce medical equipment, the US had few suppliers of mask and cotton swabs. His team funded the first reliable test and launched operation "warp speed" that produced 3 reliable vaccines in record time. Trumps appointments also oversaw the production of the sub zero shipping containers and the distribution system for the vaccines.

    roger watersroger waters5 dager siden
  • Wtf Joe corruption pays well for msm/politicians/big business…as long as U use deception/ disinformation keep on the Lie Cheat Steal

    Too BadToo Bad5 dager siden
  • I’ll take boring over insanity every time. I’ll also take a “Sleepy” Joe who is actually in the office working as opposed to a crazy #45 texting or golfing.

    Meghan VidlerMeghan Vidler5 dager siden
  • Biden is like meeting a decent man after breaking up with a cheater-beater foul-up. He's not great, he's just head and shoulders above the last one.

    phil quotaphil quota5 dager siden
  • Americans NEVER WANTED DRAMA AND LIES. We want a POTUS that does his job and we don't have to be afraid.

    Sarah DixonSarah Dixon5 dager siden
  • He deserves nothing

    William BroadusWilliam Broadus5 dager siden
  • Your all a big joke lies and cover ups for the Democrats in office is all that comes out on your channel hope y'all go out of business Biden has not done anything good for this country the vaccines administrated was only able to happen because trump got them fast passed threw testing and had them stocking g them up for us Biden had nothing to do with that noone likes what he is doing he called permits on jobs and alot of people where put lot of office, they are trying to change everything to make Democrats permanent power noone of what he had passed or what he is trying to pass do any of us want

    William BroadusWilliam Broadus5 dager siden

    Don DDon D5 dager siden
  • Republicans who run for office, cannot run on their merits 'cuz they have NONE!

    joyce Loeschjoyce Loesch5 dager siden
  • There are scores of Repulsicons in red states, stirring up trouble.

    joyce Loeschjoyce Loesch5 dager siden
  • 5,000 people a day invading the USA, gas prices rising, food prices rising, wood prices at record high prices, All USA large blue cities are full of crime and drugs and homeless - yep puppet boy is sure winning, winning for the evil money changers and the evil that wants to destroy America!

    Krispy1011Krispy10115 dager siden
  • Do it - get rid of the anti-democratic structural problems with our government. We have the motive and opportunity, time to get it done.

    Fran VargaFran Varga6 dager siden
  • Next!

    Nick ANick A6 dager siden
  • Where is he succeeding???

    Kerri GrandmaisonKerri Grandmaison6 dager siden
  • The Trumputian Maga Alt Right RepublicOn Swamp party is just that a wild party playing games at the expense of the American people, a cult branded in slogans policies of distractions actual dedicated snowflakes playing full time games moaning and whining committed to falsified manufactured fake outraged propaganda, an entire political movement based on a whole bunch of TRIGGERED NOTHING, manipulating the legal system praying on voter suppression for future favourable outcomes pushing offensive culture wars actively projecting defensive blame demanding cancellations of anything and everything they don't like &/or want clearly a National Security Threat ultimately threatening public health and safety only presenting disastrous harm to our GREAT NATION seeming favourably for Putins sponsored Russian oligarchs, let's all of US🇺🇸hope not

    The League Of Justice Emma Jinn Goodwin BoothThe League Of Justice Emma Jinn Goodwin Booth6 dager siden
  • Biden has done can he fail....border crisis...cold war mentality....economy in chaos...delaying Afghanistan withdrawal...and on and on....

    Flash GordonFlash Gordon6 dager siden
  • So restaurants can't get people to work for 2.13 an hour? Maybe they should try 5 dollars than?

    гарненькадівчина puellam servum ad dominumгарненькадівчина puellam servum ad dominum6 dager siden
  • That silence is Biden really working without hate.

    Steven LearSteven Lear6 dager siden
  • As a foreigner, it is of great importance and very calming to know that you now have a grown up in charge of your nuclear "football."

    Ross DaviesRoss Davies6 dager siden
    • Holy Jesus, are you crazy? Biden is incapable of understanding ANYTHING about global politics at this point. Did you see what China did to him and his delegation in Alaska? You are another brainwashed leftist nut.

      Charles YuditskyCharles Yuditsky5 dager siden
  • You're out of there Manchin.

    sheila lopezsheila lopez6 dager siden
  • He wasn't put in office to entertain us. If we wanted clowns in the office of the united States of America, we would have voted for Nazi-trump. He was voted in to fix the mess Nazi-trump made. And to make America strong again.

    sheila lopezsheila lopez6 dager siden

    AB MiaAB Mia7 dager siden
  • Trump is king!

    Sally CriderSally Crider7 dager siden
  • Trumpism = Fascism

    Lynn AbelLynn Abel7 dager siden
  • LOL this guy is even more clueless than Rachel Maddow. Had Biden just done nothing. Covid would have declined (vaccinations, the vaccines didn't come from Biden), jobs would have continued to grow and unemployment fall and the boarder remained secure. The real question is why to you let your bosses make you support this misinformation? The Biden Harris Obama Soros policies will distroy the economy but put them permanently in control, that is their plan. We will get trickle up poverty and a race to the deprivation of the lowest common denominator. Inflation is already here, jobs already falling, unemployment headed north. Stagflation and a wage price spiral will follow and the poorest among us will be hurt the most. The Dems and their brethren Elites will get rich. My opinion

    M McTestM McTest7 dager siden
  • Oh Bidens presidency isn't boring one bit we have riots, poverty, race wars, no jobs, high unemployment rate, canceled shows, canceled people, border crisis and a blatant in your face criminal sitting in the White House sinking the country so no it's anything but boring. They should take a more out reached poll because these numbers they give are way off unless I been sleeping for the past 6 months.

    Jason HillJason Hill7 dager siden
  • Yes, Barack O' Biden is doing such a great job.

    stu beaststu beast7 dager siden
  • ❤ the boring, boring is the best, lets support the boring🤗🤗🥳🥳

    kenshur Hard-Bonekenshur Hard-Bone7 dager siden
  • Americans should stop being so naive because the enemies of democracy (communists,fascists,putin,xie,kim) are the most evil and play dirty. The U.S. and the whole democratic world must accept sometimes to defend democracy you have to play dirty as well because it literally is a win at all cost situation no choice but the bad guys MUST LOSE!

    Helen GoHelen Go7 dager siden
  • Biden isn't succeeding anywhere you leftist whacks.

    tientien777tientien7777 dager siden
  • Boring is 10 times better than disgraced two-timed impeached! They called him Sleepy Joe, but he our Speedy Joe for wanting things done!!

    Caribbean GirlCaribbean Girl7 dager siden
  • I Agree with Everything Chris said...and I mean...Everything!!!!!...if you voted for JB you have too be just as Proactive as DT's supporter's...Otherwise, he May Win(God Hope Not) in the next you see, his delusional base is going stronger then ever...they have Not slowed down Once...Not even when they used their Stimulus to pay for their insurrection legal fees...listen, you Can't let Other ppl Silence You on the person You Voted For...Especially if They're Delivering...I Got the vac , the Over needed Stimulus...and I Personally am...Truly Grateful...

    toya adamstoya adams8 dager siden
  • Biden is a joke and MSM is a joke. Covid-19 is not bidens save. It's all in the numbers. The WHO dropped the cycle's in the PCR test, from 40 to 28 , after bidumb took office. That's why covid is dropping. You people better wake up the democratics and MSM are destroying themselves and America. They are lying to you.

    Mike GrahamMike Graham8 dager siden
  • And then the Jobs report came out showing what a disaster he is. Despite getting the most favorable coverage of any president in history from corporate media everyone knows dementia joe is a failure.

    MrSnicker14MrSnicker148 dager siden
  • Is Manchin boycotting the Democrats? If so, what is the reason? Has he been bought by the Republicans to tell them what the Democrats are going or planning to do, boycott them, and oppose every single thing the Democrats say, do, propose, etc.? He has been boycotting the Dems ever since he announced approximately 3 years ago that "he was going to go to the Republican side, because they have it made!" He tried it, but for some reason, he went back to the Democrat side. Perhaps, it warrants some questioning here! Or check his bank account?

    Cris BFCris BF8 dager siden
  • Republicans Jealous Because President Joe Biden Is Working And Getting Things Done 😀 Corrupt Donald Was To Lazy To Work Trump Was To Busy Watching Fox 🦊 And Friends,And Playing ⛳ And Making Money Off Of Taxpayer 🤔

    Denise BellDenise Bell8 dager siden
  • The inhumane border disaster is a true success , the same flip flopping and confusion about COVID is a true success, calling America a racist country ? Winning

    Red OutRed Out8 dager siden
  • Boring is good. Trumpers are not. Vote blue in 22. Help vote nazism out.

    Patrick HenryPatrick Henry8 dager siden
  • Jo Biden has proven his devotions to Americans within 108 Days. Vaccines, jobs, economic, climate change, international relationship and much more ... Is not a boring president but a great president who is bringing America back.. He is the best

    Kim SandbladhKim Sandbladh8 dager siden
  • Boring? He's leading America into a economic crash... Value of the dollar is plummeting, America isn't producing, cost for gas lumber four etc skyrocketing. Open your eyes you libs smh

    Green BurstsGreen Bursts9 dager siden
  • Biden is a sure fire cure for insomnia, no doubt about it.

    Julia DoveJulia Dove9 dager siden
  • As a Brit watching from across the pond, never have I seen such hate, lies, deceit and fraud from the democratic party. You must jail the leaders of that corrupt party, I would not be surprised if these low lifes have received bribes from China. It,s just so vile to watch this, from the rest of the world, who are just in shock, and disbelief at the behaviour of your left. My point MSNBC, unless you change the mob will get you, so are you clever or just plain dumb. You cannot change history, it repeats.

    El InglesEl Ingles9 dager siden
  • Truth over lies.

    Yourdeadmeat69Yourdeadmeat699 dager siden
  • The "polar opposite of Trump?" Big deal..It isn't as if Trump set the bar all that high..A one legged ant could hop over it easily..

    MrReed314MrReed3149 dager siden

    JesusiskingJesusisking9 dager siden
  • Meanwhile your ratings are still plummeting because Trump's out of office so you gotta keep bringing him up. Don't be surprised if he wins in 2024. That'll be on YOU.

    JayRTea2187JayRTea21879 dager siden
  • Well this is easy. He is catering to the radicals, fighting against freedoms, and dismantling the constitution and law and order!

    David GibbsDavid Gibbs9 dager siden
  • They've been delivering on what they promised??? What about the $15 minimum wage? Or how $2000 ended up equaling $1400? American propaganda is unsettling.

    AngelaAngela9 dager siden
  • Make no mistake, this administration will never allow you to take off your mask, ever. It doesn’t matter if you have been vaccinated or not. It was always about control.

    Winchester HypnosisWinchester Hypnosis9 dager siden
  • so whom is Biden going to tax ?

    IH LIH L9 dager siden
  • Boring is AWESOME. I don't WANT to live in a Hunger Games book.

    Ecliptor CalrissianEcliptor Calrissian10 dager siden
  • It's more than alright to be white and it isn't at all wack to be black but we together will overcome the big lie of the left/communist as United Americans. NBC MSN and CNN are reporting misleading information oh PBS too the government is currently trying to make our culture a communist

    Josh stop youtube Censor EvansJosh stop youtube Censor Evans10 dager siden
  • It is a travesty that there are areas governed by the federal government of the USA that do not have representation, specifically DC, but there's Guam, US Samoa, Puerto Rico etal, also. Bring them into the fold or give all of them to those that live in them.

    Ronald HardingRonald Harding10 dager siden
  • Breaking news Biden gets kicked out of Catholic Church for pro abortion stance.Bishop calls him evil baby killer. What a embarrassment

    August WestAugust West10 dager siden
  • Succeeding in killing jobs, saddling our kids with massive debt and opening the floodgates at the border letting in who knows what diseases and criminals to prey upon our famlies! He gets an "F"!

    PaulPaul10 dager siden
  • He hasn't done crap for the virus, the economy is rapidly careening off a cliff and forcing people into a tyrannical socialist system is not unity. Well it is unity technically but not one I want.

    CapAnson12345CapAnson1234510 dager siden
  • I will take "boring" any day over the incompetent buffoon we had running the country. And no telling how he would had manipulated and screwed up the vaccine roll out

    drew4021drew402110 dager siden
  • We are happy with boring!

    Vicky B ArtistryVicky B Artistry10 dager siden
  • Don’t tell this to republicans .. They call it fake news and swing at u ,,but there crossed so they’ll miss..

    Chacha AndersonChacha Anderson10 dager siden
  • Boring is infinitely better than insanity. Appreciate it Joe, keep up the good work 👍

    AntonyC83AntonyC8310 dager siden
  • This "boring" is very good, very nice and very welcome for our country. Trump emotionally and psychologically abused Americans every day with his tweets and speeches.

    BluebirdsBluebirds10 dager siden
  • Successful in massive Failure

    Kenny ShepardKenny Shepard10 dager siden
  • So glad I don’t have to constantly worry about what the orange clown did to put our lives in jeopardy for the day and can sleep at night! I haven’t watched the news since the day Biden was declared the winner and it has felt so good!

    christine millschristine mills10 dager siden
  • I prefer boring and effective to nerve-wracking and dangerous.

    William CorpeningWilliam Corpening10 dager siden
  • We support our President Joe Biden and Vice President Harris. Excellent job in just 100 days. 🇺🇸❤️America Strong💪💪💪💪💪

    Adam TharpeAdam Tharpe11 dager siden
  • He lives in your heads rent free. You are like the democrat witch trials.

    Matthew ThompsonMatthew Thompson11 dager siden
  • Due to the changes Joe Biden made at the Southern Border America is being over run with illegal aliens. JOE BIDEN IS LOCKING KIDS IN CAGES AT THE SOUTHERN BORDER. MSNBC polls are not reliable and are used as political tools. Everything Biden is leading the country toward Socialism

    Donald CottaDonald Cotta11 dager siden
  • Thank you god thank you jesus for president joe biden he is saving us from bad luck trump the devil

    worldsbesttarotworldsbesttarot11 dager siden
  • Biden has got nothing done

    house2homeplushouse2homeplus11 dager siden
  • Biden should forget about bipartisanship. McConnell is active blocking everything to keep dems for accomplishing what we need in this country. Get it done!!!!

    Nena SchmollNena Schmoll11 dager siden
  • It is so peaceful without Trump. Boring Government is good!

    crispycrispy11 dager siden

    Just SusanJust Susan11 dager siden
    • @TJ Pav That may be what your family is, but it’s certainly not hers.

      Jack-of-all-tradesJack-of-all-trades4 dager siden
    • Must have got a bunch of free money!!!!

      All-IN OffroadAll-IN Offroad5 dager siden
    • A family of TURDS!!!!!

      TJ PavTJ Pav10 dager siden
  • I wonder why the Justice Department hasn't charged them all, including Trump, Giuliani, Hawley, Cruz, Greene, and the rest of their mob with incitement to overthrow the election? Not to mention manslaughter and attempted assassination?

    don juandon juan11 dager siden
  • A warthog would have more success than Trump. Not to cast doubt on Biden.

    don juandon juan11 dager siden
  • He’s not lead by greed, deceit, anger: yeah basic good human vs. indecent human.

    JB BginJB Bgin11 dager siden
    • @JB Bgin someone's getting a little personal that's what happens when you end up lacking intellect, you can't even tell me how I'm wrong 😂🤣😂

      Upper 90Upper 9013 timer siden
    • @Upper 90 reread . Get back to us when you’re sober. 😔

      JB BginJB Bgin13 timer siden
    • @JB Bgin coming from the person who says there isn't a border crisis, that there is not a gas shortage, and inflation is not real 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

      Upper 90Upper 9013 timer siden
    • @Upper 90 ever heard of projection?😂🤣😄😁😆

      JB BginJB Bgin13 timer siden
    • @JB Bgin 🤣😂🤣

      Upper 90Upper 9014 timer siden
  • Good job

    Angeline okyneAngeline okyne11 dager siden
  • "Biden is so boring. Trump would have been impeached at least TWICE so far!"

    YuiYui11 dager siden
  • After that wannabe president 45 AKA Dr Trump this man and his trustee side kick is the right thing for the country right now but not just because he's a man of compassion we needed glue to try to mend us to help us respect eachother good leaders are like good quarterbacks they rally the team and make you better but they do listen if it can help the team my feelings on the way our neighbors to the southern border was being treated by that dictator was just wrong not just from a political stance what I'm saying if I was president and separated families and had it enforced I would be sleeping on the couch because my wife that is a mother wouldn't let me hear the end that's how screwed that Whitehouse was to me

    big Dbig D11 dager siden
  • I'd rather have boring but effective and competent than loud ignorant and draining.(orange lunatic)

    Jayson GnosJayson Gnos11 dager siden
  • Sure... Joe Biden is doing a great job for the average American people...but keep in mind that it's the corporations that fuel the Republican party.... and they have money to burn... Expect corporations (especially Big Oil) to pump money like there is no tomorrow into 2022 GOP House/Senate candidates to turn the Senate & House back over to red. Why? Because corporations cannot stand to have Biden and a Dem dominated House & Senate forcing them to pay higher income taxes... The rush to support "Trump" isn't a drive to support Trump's policies.. He has none.. The push is to support "Trump" the synonym for "tax cuts for the rich & corporations." With no real issue with Biden's policies, Trumpers will resort to attacks on Biden's health, wealth, stamina, sunglasses, tie color, dogs, cats, children, and wife... But nothing seems to stick..... GOP should stick to the real issues.... and do something about them... Give the voters options.

    Pancho VillaPancho Villa11 dager siden
  • Once Biden wakes up in the morning someone change his diaper. Then they feed him ,and they are keeping awake for a couple hours long enough for the media to convince America that he is working. At 7 they put him back to bed. The question who is running the country:

    Theo PericleousTheo Pericleous11 dager siden
  • When trump starts going to all of his criminal Court cases & losing them, only then will you see Republicans start to work with Biden.

    lori dysonlori dyson11 dager siden
  • Republicans are now doing more damage to America than a communist country is currently doing.

    Americannovice TwocentnoviceAmericannovice Twocentnovice11 dager siden
  • With Trump’s long nose from lying, Elon Musk could use Trump to bore tunnels in his Boring Company.

    Americannovice TwocentnoviceAmericannovice Twocentnovice11 dager siden
  • Trump is boring compared to my pet dogs.

    Americannovice TwocentnoviceAmericannovice Twocentnovice11 dager siden
  • Well done, Chris. Rub it in deeply, again and again. Hopefully the former guy and his cronies see this or at least some of them.

    GiacomodellaSveziaGiacomodellaSvezia11 dager siden
  • I dont think a lack of chaos is necessarily boring.

    Pammie SterlingPammie Sterling11 dager siden
    • I'm happy not to hear about things working properly and for the good of people and country. We all have lives to live. We don't need a stupid and destructive reality show with stupid characters in it.

      Steven LearSteven Lear6 dager siden
  • The GQP branding machine has stopped using “sleepy Joe” as a tag for Biden. GQP is struggling to find anything to slam Biden for - I guess it’s a 👍🏼👍👍🏻👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿 4 Biden. 😁

    No WayusayNo Wayusay11 dager siden