‘Be Bold, Go Big’: Sen. Bernie Sanders On How Democrats Can Hold Onto Power | All In | MSNBC

3. mai. 2021
17 203 Ganger

“The right thing to do policy wise makes very good politics. And that is to continue Biden’s effort to be bold, to go big,” says Sen. Bernie Sanders on how Democrats can hold onto their Congressional majority in future elections.
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  • Bernie is so right!

    Kevin NorthingtonKevin Northington5 dager siden
  • It's not structural problems, Democrats have a major problem with corruption. Profits before human life. Remember Bernie, Sociopaths don't have friends only victims. Democrats, the Party of World Class Sociopaths led by Obama and now Biden. Corporate news, Joseph Goebbels contribution to society.

    Karen GraceKaren Grace6 dager siden
  • If you want trumpism to die out...keep the house and the senate in '22. He will become irrelevant to most Republicans. His power comes from the 'threat' of angering him. But if he is irrelevant, his anger does not matter.

    john mccrimmonjohn mccrimmon6 dager siden
  • On the verge of becoming an autocracy. (Google it. It has nothing to do with cars). Had the orange blob gotten in again the first thing he would have done is silence the NEWS MEDIA...the ones that report accurately what is going on, including his actual wealth, his actual SMARTS, and actual family problems

    BunzeeBearBunzeeBear9 dager siden
  • Alternate facts from anarchists that want the turmoil of lies to dismember government? Got to love truth more and overpower the liars at the ballot box... no other way.

    Yourdeadmeat69Yourdeadmeat699 dager siden


  • Infrastructure's never going to get done unless Democrats maintain the House and pick up a couple more Senate seats. Make it count in 2022, America.

    Constituent AConstituent A10 dager siden
  • Yes senator go big

    Nadit PermeNadit Perme10 dager siden
  • Bernie right now, you're still the best hope for the Democrats!

    oldschoololdschool10 dager siden
  • Before the pandemic, 46,000,000 Americans lived in poverty.

    Ocean RockOcean Rock10 dager siden

    MO ELMO EL10 dager siden
  • Love u Bernie 👽🤗🤩😇🐣🤠!!!¡!!!¡!!!¡

    ralph michael waltherralph michael walther10 dager siden
  • We're so lucky to have Bernie.

    Libby HoltLibby Holt10 dager siden
  • The Earth will remain, humans and other creatures are going to have it rough.

    Chris filosiferChris filosifer11 dager siden
  • Bernie is absolutely right on strategy. If they play it small all of humanity loses!

    Debra SmithDebra Smith11 dager siden
  • I like Bernie and Warren and Biden might be coming around? That said, as long as McConnell is around and the senate is 50 50 he can only do so much. I personally think Biden gets it now especially when says he wants/needs to be a transformable president. One thing that really bothers me is when his people say the bill that was just signed will lift one-half of American children out of poverty. This is great and I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I have to ask WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER HALF? We have to take the congress and a Senate majority. Then we can transform this oligarchy economy so the rest of us can support our families. Difficult but not impossible. TheReaper!

    joeblackakareaperjoeblackakareaper11 dager siden
  • Mitch McConnell and the rest of the clan are cozingup up to the ex-president, to keep money he's raising from the mega crowd flowing into their coffers, and backing his upcoming rallies not in hopes that he will ever return to the White House but to keep him from starting a second party. Mitch's counting on good old-fashioned gerrymandering, the newly minted voter suppression laws and the fired up base to take back the House of Representatives and/or the Senate in the 2022 midterms.

    Katie HettingerKatie Hettinger11 dager siden
  • This country is in major need of government housing to end homelessness. I seriously hope Bernie and the Democratic party have a plan for our fellow americans, let's not forget them!

    JEWELL WilsonJEWELL Wilson11 dager siden
  • Angry old fart... but he cares...

    White DragonWhite Dragon11 dager siden
    • No no no, that is Bernie Sanders on TV-not your dad.

      weantoineweantoine10 dager siden
  • Americans, make sure you vote, don't allow voter suppression to stop American citizens from voting legally.

    EvenstarEvenstar11 dager siden
  • It is unbelievable that the Republicans still want the lie to go forward that Trump won the election after so many court cases proved it to be a lie. What is wrong with the Republicans. The Republicans no longer stand for anything. They say what they are against but offer no solutions. Republicans have lost their way and are so disconnected from even their own voters.

    Susan GriffinSusan Griffin11 dager siden
  • President Biden, Go Big! If the republicans refuse to play ball and just want to hem and haw and drag things along. I say play without them (it's not about their feelings but about America's needs). They're not thinking Americans first they're thinking how can we sabotage this presidency so we can gain back power. No more play fair if they refuse to see the urgency. Batter up... Yes I know President Biden will not even see this.

    Larry NottinghamLarry Nottingham11 dager siden
  • The Democrats have the power to change America right now. If Biden doesn’t change America it’s because he doesn’t want to. Maybe he is low key Republican trash

    Eric Van DammeEric Van Damme11 dager siden
  • Keep pushing BERNIE, WE THE PEOPLE are still supporting you! Biden's plans are not YET comparable to New Deal legislation.

    Rrosa SecondaRrosa Seconda12 dager siden
  • The MOST important thing to get through is the voting rights bill. If we ever hope to pry these ticks in the GQP out of our Govt...Stay frosty people. This is not over by a long shot.

    shawn6669shawn666912 dager siden
    • I mean, seriously. If t-Rump or even MOST of the people on the right get control of the Govt again, we likely won't get another chance. We GOT LUCKY!!! We can't waste it. EVERYTHING depends on this. If we don't deal with the Climate or Covid or whatever we're doomed, and those on the right are more concerned with grifting than surviving. FWIW.

      shawn6669shawn666912 dager siden
  • Go big or Go home!

    Judith SmithJudith Smith12 dager siden
  • I wish Bernie would be more like a pundit. Including explaining the facts and strategy in interviews: if Biden can push meaningful changes, he won’t change the minds of the MAGA base, but he will absolutely persuade millions of moderate Rs to give him a second term and help keep Democrats in the majorities. THIS is why Republicans are trying to block any bipartisan legislation!!! They don’t want to give Biden a win.

    TJTJ12 dager siden
  • Bernie Sanders, the only true Democratic politician that gets it!

    stanley kotcampstanley kotcamp12 dager siden
  • Go Bernie!! Love this man because he knows what Americans need and want

    Sharon WilliamsSharon Williams12 dager siden
  • The young progressives will push more people to the Republican side of the house and senate, despite whatever Trump did or does as pr party champion, or president trying to be an autocrat.

    Michael BorrorMichael Borror12 dager siden
    • @TJ Just like it occured to me a few weeks ago that civilians under 30 shouldn't be able to buy automatic or assault rifles. While some progressives want to cancel sugar, rather than try to think of ways we can use more reusable containers or whatever it may be, than our individual packaging issues, with weighing solutions that don't immaturely violate everyone else's rights. While the "environmentalists" often try to incentivize and build all these baby nests all over the place, in a world with limited resources.

      Michael BorrorMichael Borror12 dager siden
    • @TJ Sounds like something almost everyone does. It's pretty vague, but any extra tax money in a world without rich people is most likely going to some form of government "help", organized in such a way as to antagonize and androginize homeless and poor people? Good thing that's not likely to happen, as I was just saying.

      Michael BorrorMichael Borror12 dager siden
    • You’re wrong. You got it totally warped. Young progressives care more about the policy than the cancel culture stupid stuff. It’s the moderate liberals close to the center that do that stupid cancel stuff and the rest.

      TJTJ12 dager siden
  • If trump had won, it would be 1933 all over again.

    Just HumanJust Human12 dager siden
  • I love you Bernie!

    Just HumanJust Human12 dager siden

    D LegionnaireD Legionnaire12 dager siden
  • You had to show that accountability is a reality, not some ghostly menace. Spread a lie is not about 1st A, is about truth! There ahs to be a standard that any representative must follow, something basic as: "if you say something you better had proof, because if not and you repeat it you got charged" Is basic child trainig, come on! The GOP is just sitting in his heels playing to obstruct ANYTHING without a criteria.

    Paty M.Paty M.12 dager siden
  • The world NEEDS more TRUTH TELLERS, and those willing to change to make things FAIR for everyone!

    Lance R. GreeneLance R. Greene12 dager siden

    GIBBY GIBBYGIBBY GIBBY12 dager siden
    • support for the revolution from the UK. You need to have free healthcare like the rest of the developed world

      Sandra CapparelliSandra Capparelli10 dager siden
  • Here are the 2022 scenarios: - Democrats maintain control of the House and Senate, possibly with new people in the Senate and able to work around the filibuster where necessary - hopefully not abolishing it fully, as Republicans will then use this as an "excuse" - things get done to improve and save lives - Republicans win either the House or the Senate - nothing will get done for the next two years - Republicans win both - autocratic laws start to get passed to Biden's desk for vetos - and if Republicans then win the presidency, America becomes a dictatorship because that is what they now want Here's the truth, folks. Nothing will get done as long as there is a split of power. And right now, Republicans want to destroy your lives. I can see this clearly. So giving them all three levels of government is bad for the entire world, not just the U.S. Especially when they simply try to take credit for the things Democrats do in government (yes, they have done that recently). So having Democrats in power is the only way things will go in a positive direction. Rich people don't like that! But guess what? THEY ARE THE MINORITY!

    CycloneCyclone12 dager siden
  • Wise gop always go big for corporate companies Dems go big for the people and the country

    LauraLaura12 dager siden
  • 100% 👍

    Frenetic321Frenetic32112 dager siden
  • the biggest reason why the 1% owned g o p is against public programs is because they cant shake down to population when prices are controlled.sure they hate paying taxes who likes them. but when you look back its sort of easy to see that before the reagan lie that government was bad and the huge tax cuts that 97% of went to the top . we where number one in just about everything . there was no student loan sharking .no subprime shake down of the fed mortgage system .there was a progressive tax system that allowed people to have one worker per household and afford things. being pro labor made us great from the new deal until the reagan lie. we had a contract between the people and the politic .it worked better the a graft driven system where a few got very rich and the rest left behind.maybe there is a cancel culture .but just maybe its because the g o p culture post nixon has fallen too new lows on the right. and at this time all the right have is the culture wars . well guess what its sliding and winning at any cost is being seen for what it is Cheating for money . the g o p in our past did great things. starting with saving the union. they tried to end the union on 1/6/2021 . thats reason enough to not vote todays g o p . because many are traitors to the idea of self rule by and for the people. trump never won but he did cause a coup and thats treason he belongs behind bars. the elected political back slapper club needs to put the criminal and enemy of the people behind bars where he belongs.

    tim kahntim kahn12 dager siden
  • in 2016 mad donny got nearly 3 million fewer votes .then who he ran against .mad donny was never elected by voters.

    tim kahntim kahn12 dager siden
  • He's was never elected

    Thirsty 4moreThirsty 4more12 dager siden
  • Where’s COVID when you need it

    Harry TorsoHarry Torso12 dager siden
  • America is number one in medical care, I don’t understand people wanting Medicare for all it doesn’t work look at Europe and Canada. Then tell me it is so great, yes you pay for it with your tax dollars so are highly educated think it free, but the real problem is medical care drops and wait time go up greatly.

    Henry AnnisHenry Annis12 dager siden
    • @TJ Listen to John Stossel single payers, basically socialized healthcare is great, but you realize healthcare is diet , exercise and mental well being. Medical care is total different under single payer medical care you may wait week to see a doctor, months or even years for surgery, advanced medicines are unavailable and there are age limits imposed on medical care. A fair portion on the population of Europeans that can afford it have private insurance, many Canadians and European come to America for surgery because it is available and higher quality.

      Henry AnnisHenry Annis12 dager siden
    • I’ve lived in those countries. The healthcare is amazing. You don’t know what you’re talking about!

      TJTJ12 dager siden
    • @tim kahn listen to John Stossel single payers, then research don’t believe everything politicians tell you.

      Henry AnnisHenry Annis12 dager siden
    • yes please look at europe and canada. .not social media trolls.

      tim kahntim kahn12 dager siden
  • Anyone listening to Bernie Medicare needs to cover dental eye and hearing care along with affordable medications, Majority of Seniors cannot afford.

    Lyn BeckLyn Beck12 dager siden
  • go big we must buy the lambs votes!

    David GoldmanDavid Goldman12 dager siden
  • Yes, go big or go home!

    william Thomaswilliam Thomas12 dager siden
  • So tragically Mr Sanders isn't our president. Oh God help us. It really breaks my heart

    Sung SpattaSung Spatta12 dager siden
    • @jkrt Totally agree Folks dont understand politics. We need these smart ones (AKA Bernie) on the ground running for the President. It is a good match

      weantoineweantoine10 dager siden
    • The only tragic thing here is that we don't have more Senate seats. The presidency is going great.

      jkrtjkrt10 dager siden
  • They can't.

    evan doeevan doe12 dager siden
  • Never thought I'd get to see the day when politicians start drowning in their own lies. How many years and generations has this puppet show gone on, And still people line up for front row tickets. Try something new ...Let us pay all government employees minimum wage, limit their hours, cut their healthcare. Then fine them for not having healthcare. Why not give them Identical treatment to that of an essential worker and see how they like being essential for a change ( fancy little name you have there ) I'd prefer if we were just honest .. "Replaceable" is the word you're looking for not essential. But not our dear leaders, oh no....not the cults of personality before me. We must beg for food that the earth offers to us all freely, Cry for water that falls from the sky and flows from it's veins. Pleading for a place for our heads and children all while the earth was never for sale. Yet somehow owned and totally restricted by governments worldwide. Don't worry though, just one more law and it's gonna be all better... like a band-aid. Bernie will kiss it and make it all better there~there

    Mylee SavageMylee Savage12 dager siden
  • Hed be a great pres...wouldnt put it past him to throw his hat in the ring for it in 4 yrs

    Barry DavisBarry Davis12 dager siden
  • Among other effects, sports have succeeded as a means of mitigating chauvinistic warfare. What means can be employed to mitigate militant racist hegemony? Christianity has obviously utterly failed 👎🏽

    MoonInSun108MoonInSun10812 dager siden
  • "The debate now...is not over [policy]. It's whether or not [Americans] remain a democracy." Hit the nail right on the head 💪🏽

    MoonInSun108MoonInSun10812 dager siden
  • Be bold! Go big! Or go home!

    MoonInSun108MoonInSun10812 dager siden
  • The question is the age old one. Which side are you on? With one 'side' being "our side."

    Vivian BengeVivian Benge12 dager siden
  • These were pretty good questions for Manchin and Sinema. Where are they? Are they... somewhere?

    Peter PetrovPeter Petrov12 dager siden
  • Dang, I Love Bernie!

    Lily JadeLily Jade12 dager siden
  • God bless Bernie Sanders.

    t moneyt money12 dager siden
  • Dump and cult in houses must be charged NOW

    Claudette FolsomClaudette Folsom12 dager siden
  • Sanders is a go getter

    Claudette FolsomClaudette Folsom12 dager siden
  • I wish we had bernie for president he goes hard for the people, biden is soft

    Derick WillsDerick Wills12 dager siden
  • Democrats aren't going to sway Republicans into voting Democrat by being more conservative. The party hate is too deep. Instead, motivate liberal, progressive, and leftists to vote by going farther Left.

    Dr.BrightDr.Bright13 dager siden
    • @James Nguyen No, I want an economy like what they have in Sweden. I don't care what you call it, I want it here.

      Dr.BrightDr.Bright12 dager siden
  • Beyond The Smile... My smile is happy, pleasant, and graceful too, If you could see the things it hide from you. You can't because its on the outside, The perfect place to handle disguise. Check the inside and you would, probably scream. Not me I just treat it like a dream. All the unhappiness misfortunes and sadness. I just interpret them as gladness. That is how I truly learn to cope, or by now I would be a the end of a rope. So the next time you see someone smiling at you. Just smile back so they know you have been there too. -Dsprincemarley. -Roots for life poetry.

    big youthbig youth13 dager siden
  • I will always believe in. Bernie. He cares about people. God bless the man.

    Kim WatsonKim Watson13 dager siden
    • @Reg U a brainwashed little commie how unique and pitiful

      David GoldmanDavid Goldman11 dager siden
    • @David Goldman Disingenuous TROLL. Can't even spell or form a coherent thought, like most of them.

      Reg UReg U11 dager siden
    • @Reg U bet you like bernie the commie that has never had a job other than government- worried about Russia then worry about if bernie was recruited when he when there on his honeymoon

      David GoldmanDavid Goldman11 dager siden
    • @Jaison Borne can you imagine never being anything but a politican and a communist, getting paid by Americans to spew communist bs

      David GoldmanDavid Goldman11 dager siden
  • corporate dems mocked Bernie only to turn around & implement his policies 🤷🏼‍♀️ they need to get out his way!

    autumn rainautumn rain13 dager siden
    • @Miles Veterans supplemental healthcare bill.

      Thunderchief1981Thunderchief198112 dager siden
    • 💁🏼‍♀️expanded child tax credit

      autumn rainautumn rain12 dager siden
    • What policies? Name one.

      MilesMiles12 dager siden
  • EXACTLY. Go big, or go home... again.

    LaLa HLaLa H13 dager siden
  • If after all the great biden did, democrats lost in midterm election than American desver what they will get

    Piary AndrewPiary Andrew13 dager siden
  • Tell them like it is Bernie.

    Sandra LewisSandra Lewis13 dager siden
  • Kamala “held” Mayor Brown and “out of him” she got temporal power. No matter what title Harris has or comes to have she’ll alway be known as having obtained it through being Willie’s🕳.

    O SO S13 dager siden
    • She will not be known for that. What she will be known for is being the first woman of color as VP that has to deal with trashy and jealous people that she would not even hire to wash her Bentley. In simple terms: O S you a hater~!

      weantoineweantoine10 dager siden
  • I don't think there's a single thing Democrats can do to hold onto the House in 2022. Not one.

    Thomas De QuinceyThomas De Quincey13 dager siden
    • @James Nguyen try me cupcake

      Cody RussowCody Russow12 dager siden
    • Thats the problem Thomas, you don't think 🤔 you nailed it !!! Couldn't of said it better myself..

      Cody RussowCody Russow12 dager siden
    • I bet you were one of the same cultists chanting "trump 2020" too.

      Roger OutRoger Out13 dager siden
  • Losers

    Patrick WoodPatrick Wood13 dager siden
    • 😆 cultist

      Roger OutRoger Out13 dager siden
  • By giving illegal immigrants voting rights

    Ric GibbonRic Gibbon13 dager siden
    • He fought for people like my father, who is a veteran, to get VA insurance when they denied him. I think I remember a person who called veterans who died in war "losers". Yet this same person has never served and has sat on his behind for most of his life. I wonder who said that? The answer starts with the letter T. Bernie is the real deal! I'm glad, at the very least, he's working with Biden. It will serve the American people well!

      EvenstarEvenstar11 dager siden
    • They're called "citizens" when they can vote.

      Roger OutRoger Out13 dager siden
  • By cheating?

    Tod BrownTod Brown13 dager siden
    • Not their thing.

      Roger OutRoger Out13 dager siden
  • *shakes fist at Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema for stonewalling progressive legislation Biden is doing a lot of necessary good right now, far more than most of us expected. I wish all Democrats in the Senate were on board with his plans.

    ziqi92ziqi9213 dager siden
  • How did this Greed America ever get by ,I was on Tegretol in N.H. for30 dollars a month ,I moved to Florida it was 130.00 dollars ,They Milk the Seniors and Medicare ...I decided to Stop those pills that caused me Great headaches by Myself ,No Doctor Need Apply ???

    Al 57KAl 57K13 dager siden
  • 'murka doesn't deserve the b-man.

    Garrett OlsonGarrett Olson13 dager siden
    • No, but hopefully before too long American-Dreaming Americans raze 'murka to the ground

      Daniel DuvalleDaniel Duvalle13 dager siden
  • 22 voting machines in Antrim County Michigan were audited and 63% of Trump votes were artificially switched to Biden votes. Audit every voting machine and find out who did this...

    Rob BRob B13 dager siden
    • Conspiracy theory, you guys need to wake up and stop being Donald Trump puppets.

      t moneyt money12 dager siden
    • 😆 Surces? That sounds like something a domestic terrorist would make up .

      Roger OutRoger Out13 dager siden
    • lol you're not a credible source, "Rob". Why do you hate America so much, anyway?

      Daniel DuvalleDaniel Duvalle13 dager siden
  • Love you both!

    Enchanted HomeschoolEnchanted Homeschool13 dager siden
  • Who should I vote for? Democrats- helping everyday people. OR Republicans- helping corporations. This is a hard 1.🤔🥴

    #Campaign-Donation-Cap#Campaign-Donation-Cap13 dager siden
    • Bingo, and yet about 45% of the votes that get counted, vote for billionaires! Who knew there were so many rich or stupid folks around

      Music GMusic G12 dager siden
    • Neither help people. Nothing really has changed

      Shibata KatsuyoriShibata Katsuyori12 dager siden
    • @Tod Brown The joke is on them then.

      Roger OutRoger Out13 dager siden
    • Funny. Most corporations support Joe. 🤔

      Tod BrownTod Brown13 dager siden
  • I just love this Man. How blessed are we to have him in Our Nation.

    Toni OlsonToni Olson13 dager siden
    • I was wondering what is it that makes watching and listening to him feel so refreshing. Then I realized that it's just his thorough honesty and integrity. It feels like spring water on my face after a hot, dusty walk.

      Ado AteroAdo Atero12 dager siden
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️TRUMP2020⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Brutus SmithersBrutus Smithers13 dager siden
    • @Roger Out Monday

      Brutus SmithersBrutus Smithers13 dager siden
    • 😆 do you even know what day it is?

      Roger OutRoger Out13 dager siden
  • I was hoping for Grandpa Sanders, instead we landed Grandaddy Joe.

    Stoned HomerStoned Homer13 dager siden
    • @Shibata Katsuyori he may not of won but he has one of the most powerful positions in the Senate.

      The Dani Do'sThe Dani Do's12 dager siden
    • Doesn’t matter it’s business as usual whether it would be Trump or Biden. Once again they screwed Bernie.

      Shibata KatsuyoriShibata Katsuyori12 dager siden
    • Anyone but trump

      Roger OutRoger Out13 dager siden
  • Sending much love ❤ to my favorite Senator and Chairman of United States Senate Committee on the Budget. Thank you for your compassion for the American people 🙏

    RainInTexasRainInTexas13 dager siden
  • If politicians do good things for their voters they get re-elected - simple yes? Try telling the majority of politicians who use voters to get elected then the whole 'game' is about 'How do I milk this cow out of every drop it has, legally or not."

    Antony BellinghamAntony Bellingham13 dager siden
  • THANK YOU BERNIE FOR ... nothing. You putz. You rolled over for the corporate Dems like a cur. You broke the hearts of us progressives. We've moved on without you

    Harvey ManfredsenjensonHarvey Manfredsenjenson13 dager siden
    • @Garrett Olson Bernie worshipper?

      MilesMiles12 dager siden
    • @Daniel Duvalle Who? Garrett?

      Harvey ManfredsenjensonHarvey Manfredsenjenson13 dager siden
    • Weak astroturfing, crybaby

      Daniel DuvalleDaniel Duvalle13 dager siden
    • @Garrett Olson Dunno. Who's that?

      Harvey ManfredsenjensonHarvey Manfredsenjenson13 dager siden
    • dimmey jore fan, i assume?

      Garrett OlsonGarrett Olson13 dager siden
  • Easy answer: they can't

    Jasmany FochJasmany Foch13 dager siden
  • Bernie always speaks his mind no matter which side he angers. Wish more politicians had his courage.

    robert hollingsworthrobert hollingsworth13 dager siden
    • When it comes to fighting Big Pharma, Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney are no better than Marjorie Taylor Green and Matt Gaetz.

      DaveDaShrubberDaveDaShrubber12 dager siden
    • I agree. Bernie has not only courage but also integrity.

      Chantale MassieChantale Massie12 dager siden
    • Bernie is both consistent and rational. He's contribution allows the discourses to factor in those who followed him in the primaries. Its best that the Democrats focus on actualizing Biden's promises rather than be distracted by the visionless opposition. Trust the people to feel the difference and how lives are better with a Democrat governance.

      Brian HardBrian Hard12 dager siden
    • It's not *just* that, he also genuinely cares about the general public, and doesn't care how many rich toes he steps on to *care for* the public.

      Ittybritty196Ittybritty19612 dager siden
  • In states where minimum wage has increased, the number of jobs increased because minimum wage workers have more money to spend.

    E TheoryE Theory13 dager siden
    • @French onion the only way to devalue money is to raise prices of goods. The value of money is a choice. and greedy people raise prices when they know the people are willing to spend it. Just like with Covid, prices went up. Because the greedy people knew we had stimulus checks and they wanted it. So big corporations got all the stimulus money. They got their bail out and your money too. That’s the cause of inflation not paying people a fair wage. Keeping prices fair is how you build an economy.

      Eric Van DammeEric Van Damme11 dager siden
    • @Eric Van Damme Inflation is the devaluation of money. It cost money to make money. Yes you can raise minimum wage as price's go up but it will take more federal note's or mint to represent that price which devalues it. This is also the reason why digital currency is on the raise because it's not physical and thus cheaper. It still takes resource's ( electricity) to mine although

      French onionFrench onion11 dager siden
    • @French onion inflation is when goods go up and wages don’t. If you got an education you’d know the higher wages lowers inflation and boost the economy and promote growth and jobs. I guess they don’t teach that in republicans 101 guess they’re too busy telling you how the Democrats are trying to destroy the world by making them pay their employees a fair wage.

      Eric Van DammeEric Van Damme11 dager siden
    • @French onion so u are saying that the increase in wages =increase in goods ? Funny how everything has went up drastically yet wages stayed stagnant for many years ... care to explain 🤔

      Cody RussowCody Russow12 dager siden
    • It's just more inflation as the cost of goods and services go up as well

      French onionFrench onion13 dager siden
  • Spot on! Bernie believes in Americans & commonsense.

    warpedjaffas1warpedjaffas113 dager siden
    • @TJ explain your idea of socialism. Let's compare.

      Tod BrownTod Brown12 dager siden
    • @Tod Brown you would say breathing the same shared air is communism. That word is using its fear mongering effectiveness.

      TJTJ12 dager siden
    • @Tod Brown you guys need a new one .. thats old af commie this commie that .. America excuses all her evilness with that commie this commie that ..greedy slave owners

      louieDsypolouieDsypo12 dager siden
    • common sense, omg lol

      David GoldmanDavid Goldman12 dager siden
    • You spelled communism wrong.

      Tod BrownTod Brown13 dager siden
  • President Biden should file a law suit against numb nut for harassment slander punitive damages he needs to squash these lies so Americans can clear this from their heads and focus on family, life not numb nuts

    Catherine HendricksonCatherine Hendrickson13 dager siden
  • GQP voters need to start asking themselves the question of "Who stands to gain from the policies that republicans have been pushing all this time?" Because for the most part, given how the world has passed them by, it certainly hasn't been them. Corporations on the other hand....🤔🙄😅😂

    Ro GRo G13 dager siden
    • @David Goldman " Ivan, Ivan, Ivan.....lol! What sad country are you trolling from, my sad simple friend? Is this how you really want to waste your one life? Trolling for a ruble a comment so you can stay drunk on cheap vodka? Your mother deserves better from you, the poor woman....."

      Reg UReg U12 dager siden
    • funny but blue collar workers the back bone of America is firmly around 73% in rep camp dems have become the party of social media giants and Total power and trash the constitution

      David GoldmanDavid Goldman12 dager siden
    • Republicans voters will vote on culture wars, while they are dying opioid overdoses. Its very sad Republicans despise working class people .

      joh buralejoh burale13 dager siden
    • The Dems are just as at fault for getting us into this boat. Both parties are utter filth. Ranked choice voting is what we need

      Harvey ManfredsenjensonHarvey Manfredsenjenson13 dager siden
  • Happy you are helping President Biden, Bernie!

    Bonnie RobinsonBonnie Robinson13 dager siden
    • @Jasmany FochThe one-term president is old news. Get a new story.

      EvenstarEvenstar11 dager siden
    • @Garrett Olson Cool story kid

      Jasmany FochJasmany Foch13 dager siden
    • @Jasmany Foch biden is a republicuck with a D in front of his name. drumpf is a proto-fascist. i'll settle for biden any day of the week and twice on sunday. i would rather have bernie, but that requires rank choice voting... and a well informed, well educated electorate, which will never happen.

      Garrett OlsonGarrett Olson13 dager siden
    • @Garrett Olson No, it isn't

      Jasmany FochJasmany Foch13 dager siden
    • @Jasmany Foch i'm not happy about it, but it's better than fascism.

      Garrett OlsonGarrett Olson13 dager siden
  • He should have been President

    468 468468 46813 dager siden
    • @BunzeeBear I am glad he is not Pres. we needed Biden this time around.

      weantoineweantoine10 dager siden
    • Yes & also no for he would have to give up a Senator Seat or keeping the house 50/50. It was a hard choice.

      BunzeeBearBunzeeBear11 dager siden
    • He still would have faced the same issues Biden is right now with Congress.

      Yvonne PlantYvonne Plant12 dager siden
    • Who? Biden?

      Jasmany FochJasmany Foch13 dager siden
    • Hells yes!!!

      Nutritionist LizNutritionist Liz13 dager siden
  • Fascism is on the move in the US.

    sam Iaintsam Iaint13 dager siden
  • Exactly! Ignore the wailing wailers. Go big on policies that will be popular among the 99% working class in the US, at least 70% of them will be reasonable enough to know that Republicans only care about conspiracies, obstruction and their 1% millionaires. From an independent. I’m not gonna eat “Democrats want to abort your babies and bring foreign killers as your neighbors”

    Amazing FCAmazing FC13 dager siden
  • "Reality Winner" Remember her name ?

    Cillian MurphyCillian Murphy13 dager siden
    • Why?

      CShieldCShield13 dager siden