Ashley Parker: The Fringe Of The Republican Party Has Become ‘Its Beating Heart’ | MSNBC

3. mai. 2021
111 493 Ganger

Washington Post White House bureau chief Ashley Parker, editor at large of The Bulwark Charlie Sykes, and former Democratic senator Claire McCaskill discuss the MAGA takeover of the GOP, and the efforts to push out the former standard-bearers of the party.
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  • It's so telling how little it takes for republicans to just tyrow away everything they used to value in favor of a loser one term president who never got above 45% approval rating. You can see in real time their plan to go all in on trump and pass voter surpression laws to try and give them a shot. All for power. Though they have no plans for what they would do when they get it.

    Caleb FowlerCaleb Fowler2 dager siden
  • "Good" Republicans are looking like good cops. *Now* y'all got something to say?!? **side eye** **SMH**

    phil quotaphil quota5 dager siden
  • Castrati of the republican party! I love it. I have to make a meme of that!

    Crystal RatclffeCrystal Ratclffe6 dager siden
  • Republican voters were calling for a coup and military dictatorship...

    atwilliams8atwilliams87 dager siden
  • All the representatives of the Retrumplican "Grab em by the ...Party" are all traitors to the constitution. Liz Cheney & Mitt Romney are true patriots!

    LollieVox (Laurie Webb )LollieVox (Laurie Webb )8 dager siden
  • The Democratic Party FOUNDED ON RACISM! Being a Democratic Party Member PERPETUATES SYSTEMIC RACISM! Get O-U-T of the RACIST Democratic Party RIGHT NOW! NON-AFFILIATED Florida Voter

    Steve FreemanSteve Freeman9 dager siden
  • The survivalists, insurrectionists and disloyal Americans constitute the GOP Party, lead by a disgraced, twice-impeached Former President. If this is how they will Make America Great Again is delusional. Where is their courage, their love of country? mst

    saluki 83saluki 8310 dager siden
  • Castrati. That’s the perfect title for the republicans in congress.

    Youbea DumassYoubea Dumass10 dager siden
  • If the lips of most Republican's are moving, they are lying .

    Ronald M HarrisonRonald M Harrison10 dager siden
  • I think its called...losing power and function.

    Sylvie WalkerSylvie Walker11 dager siden
  • I wonder why the Justice Department hasn't charged them all, including Trump, Giuliani, Hawley, Cruz, Greene, and the rest of their mob with incitement to overthrow the election? Not to mention manslaughter and attempted assassination?

    don juandon juan11 dager siden
  • The castrati of the Rep Caucus! LMAO. Good one! Cheney has bigger stones than any of these simpering nutless Rep men

    Tom WestTom West11 dager siden
  • This isn't about telling the truth. This is about not following the party all the time. Look at Jenner in Cali. She believed that teen trans should be allowed to compete under the gender they identify with until she decided to run for Gov. At that stage she had to fall in line with what the party says. The republican party are fascists at this stage and it needs to be shown to everyone. Ask yourself this question. If trump said tomorrow he believed that Hitler was a great man and he aspires to be like him, would he lose a single vote? That answer should tell you all you need to know.

    Angelica LynnAngelica Lynn11 dager siden
  • They *_are_* beyond shame. They have no empathy. It's not a political party, it's a cult. They only _understand_ issues if the issue directly affects them. We've all seen it. If they have staunch anti-LGBT rights and find out that their child is anything other than binary.. next thing you know they're voting for marriage equality etc. They created the "Tea Party" and tried to pass it off as some grass-roots movement, when it was an artificial, intentional, desperate attempt to tap into the true beating heart of the GOP base. It's core foundation. Not some ridiculous gaslighting nonsense about "Family Values™" or (lmfao) "Fiscal Responsibility™". No, the real GOP bedrock. Racism. Fear. Hatred. Conspiracy driven lunatics. And the sweet sweet bonding of "OTHER-ISM". It was their only chance (in their minds.. I mean, they could have just developed better policies) to get any sort of energy back into the party as it struggled for relevancy and to remain in power. This plan went a little TOO WELL. Psychos gleefully crawled out of the shadows. The GOP created a monster that they could not control. Instead of it serving them, they became carnival barkers that had to keep juggling the things the chromosome compromised crowd wanted to hear. To constantly have, and find, and create out of thin air .. new supplies of fresh red meat to toss out to their insatiable, ravenous cult. THIS direction could *_ONLY_* lead to fanaticism, fascism, xenophobic jingoistic nationalism that preyed upon the uninformed. That emboldened the racist. The bigot. The hate-filled "Christian". The delusional conspiracy theorist. This direction could *_ONLY_* lead to someone like TRUMP. A vile, criminal, traitorous, narcissistic sociopath. Driven only by greed and a desperate need for his fragile ego to be adored. Someone who would tell all the lies that the new base, the true core of the GOP, always wanted to hear said out loud. The GOP CREATED TRUMP. The gilded the calf that they now worship.

    X - ForceX - Force11 dager siden
  • Republicans could be using their energy to improve America, instead of destroying America.

    Americannovice TwocentnoviceAmericannovice Twocentnovice11 dager siden
  • Liz Cheney is of legal age and can vote anyway she chooses.

    Americannovice TwocentnoviceAmericannovice Twocentnovice11 dager siden
  • As a Democrat who received 3 unsolicited ballots there is doubt about the validity of the election. PS everyone who failed to support Hillary helped Trump get elected.

    Blanqtita MontoyaBlanqtita Montoya11 dager siden
  • Miss Lindsey graham, the almighty prophet of the GQP. "He will destroy us and we'll deserve it." Oh so true. And oh so funny. Down with the GQP.

    Thorny Turtle RanchThorny Turtle Ranch11 dager siden
  • JUST STOP watching the news MEDIA of corrupt news MEDIA is in the hands of criminals PEOPLE who is trying to keep the PEOPLE down for RICH people ONLY

    Ronald McDanielRonald McDaniel11 dager siden
  • LIES of prominent GOP/Republicans and former (white supremacist) president will come to a point where the party is going to separate. Truth, democracy, liberty and justice will and cannot exist in the "CHUMPY-TRUMP party." Sad to see their once great group turn into liars, criminal minded, racist, thieves and favoring injustice to those who do not "fit their color or wealth status."

    Paul ChavezPaul Chavez11 dager siden
  • Beating heart? The Republican's 'beating heart' doesn't seem to work as effectively as it once did. I'm hoping the Rs aren't playing some sort of long game. If anti - voter bills don't pan out for them, the Rs might claim something ludicrous like, "so is the US now a 1 party country?" As opposed to the Republicans having creative policy ideas.

    The Panzer Kunst ExponentThe Panzer Kunst Exponent11 dager siden
  • Corporate owned MSNBC once again desperately trying to "both sides" racism is what is TRULY dangerous.

    Canadian TiredCanadian Tired11 dager siden
  • "The castrati of the Republican Party" is a great description. Trump has all their nads in his pocket.

    Harry SchaeferHarry Schaefer11 dager siden
  • Cult is when you pretend Joe is not curropt. Claire you can pretend you care for people as a narcissist. The not so great reset

    mista extramista extra11 dager siden
    • There's be has been quite a few corrupt presidents but none in American history as corrupt as Trump none of the former presidents even come close to Trump's corruption

      Robert GensonRobert Genson6 dager siden
  • Mit, Liz. Qanon Trump Big Lie (Programimg)

    mista extramista extra11 dager siden
  • Liz is a plant. Liz showed her voter base who she actually works for. I love how everything you say is the opposite. Shaming the truth and mad that the people want Trump after decades of lies. Looks like your magic isn't working anymore. Haha

    mista extramista extra11 dager siden
  • Ashley is a good little activist using words like the actual Fascist like the "big lie". Post fact more like the propagated lie. The joy of seeing you all bold face lie calling the truth a lie is so amusing. Nichole must be really nervous if it was a be just a lie why even speak about it. God knows all.

    mista extramista extra11 dager siden
  • Kennedy eats a bullet and this Russian traitor is allowed to breath.

    TheWOLFMAN6220TheWOLFMAN622011 dager siden
  • A Republican that tells the truth is an absolute conflict with the Republicans that Donald J Trump created, "Lie for me or YOU'RE FIRED!!!!"

    Richie TattersallRichie Tattersall11 dager siden
  • The truth always matters more than misconceptions. Liz has it right. Do what is good for your constituents. Become an independent if it comes to it, I trust you. Not the republican party. Trump needs to be indicted and charged by Georgina and N.Y. This man needs to be stopped now, stop putting it off. We all saw what happened.

    60'smusc kathy60'smusc kathy11 dager siden
  • Trump needs to back down, not enough to vote him back into the White House. He is destroying the Republican party. 'A house divided can not stsnd' Trump might just end up in prison, not a good bet.

    60'smusc kathy60'smusc kathy11 dager siden
  • OMG 😱 I’m so triggered right now I mean like wow and stuff geez

    Harry ManbackHarry Manback11 dager siden
  • GO HOME, YOUR FIRED, Old man!!!

    Gary JohnsonGary Johnson11 dager siden
  • I think that Liz Cheney's socio-polical views are reprehensible, however, I respect that she is holding to the truth and sticking to what is correct. She is a hero on this issue.

    Denise SchaelDenise Schael11 dager siden
  • "How can you accept results you don't like? You are a waste of human flesh." - Taaa raaa raaa ra-tataratarata... ah nevermind, the classical circusmusic

    ShinShin11 dager siden
  • The party that hates cancel culture has no problems canceling the truth tellers in their own party. We will see what the public thinks come 2022, 2024.

    A_Light N Da_DarkA_Light N Da_Dark11 dager siden
  • The lunatic fringe of the Republican party took over when Obama was elected President

    joel busaldjoel busald11 dager siden
  • The fringe has always been the heart of the Republican party. Ever since the southern strategy. It's just showing itself for all to see.

    aliastheabnormalaliastheabnormal12 dager siden
  • Hillery Clinton and the rest of the deep state did an amazing job of elevating Trump as the perfect weapon to destroy the opposition forever !

    Cordell WilsonCordell Wilson12 dager siden
  • Ashley Parker used Republican talking points to criticize President Biden about the boarder, but now that Biden has taken care of that problem, where is Parker and the Washington Post’s story about that? The Beltway journalists only like to exaggerate bad news for Biden, but they were cool with Trump.

    Susan KeeferSusan Keefer12 dager siden
  • All the Nazis hate a woman with courage.

    Robert HansenRobert Hansen12 dager siden
  • The Republican Party has embraced lunacy and denial.

    Lonesome LennyLonesome Lenny12 dager siden
  • Ashley Parker is a great journalist, reporter. One of the best!

    E. F.E. F.12 dager siden
  • So America has a full fascist party now amazing

    Jerrod SchumacherJerrod Schumacher12 dager siden
  • If McCarthy had any courage at all, he would show some strength. Alas, he is a eunuch.

    Inge MeinzerInge Meinzer12 dager siden
  • The democrat fringe has also become it beating heart that the problem with politics

    T MoneyT Money12 dager siden
  • Growing up in the 60, 70, 80, I often wonder how black ppl put up with slavery for generation after generation for 250 years...I see now..I understand how my ppl had to endure this hated for so long...

    Peggy CornutePeggy Cornute12 dager siden
  • These useful idiots are doing Putin's bidding. Trump is the FSB's hack of the USA's democratic government

    Duane AndersonDuane Anderson12 dager siden
  • Why do you act so shocked? Systemic racism has Always been lead by crafty linguistic gymnastics or outright hate on Political stages and in US Courts...

    Gibs UprootedGibs Uprooted12 dager siden
  • WHY WHY WHY????!!!! 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵He HAS NO POWER ANYMORE!!!!!! Get OVER HIM!!!!!!!! LOSER LOSER LOSER!!!!!!!!

    natalie harlessnatalie harless12 dager siden
  • They sold out to Wall Street now they're selling out to their constituents, which would be great if their constituents had any integrity.

    Asian guyAsian guy12 dager siden
  • So these populists are turning to the right. How ironic. The right has nothing to offer the working class, certainly not unions. All this is is white identity politics. They go against their own interests to make sure minorities don't take from them.

    Asian guyAsian guy12 dager siden
  • Biden and The Cheating Mala did inauguration while in the middle of a bloody deadly voter fraud crime scene and they got Ashli Babbitt blood all over the house and senate chambers and desecrated the place after they trampled through the blood of a United States Air Force vet on Jan 6th to certify a late fraud vote for Biden

    Jettabusy JacksonJettabusy Jackson12 dager siden
  • jan 6th was a peaceful protest against the elected terrorist in the congress and the late china bot fraud mail votes and the unconstitutional lockdowns and business closures and congressional abuses of Power and Spending is what encited the riots and so who's gonna hold the elected terrorists in the congress accountable

    Jettabusy JacksonJettabusy Jackson12 dager siden
  • People must understand that Trump and his ant-American followers are more upset that Jan. 6th insurrection failed. They were just fine with a bloody war where the Executive branch went to war with the Legislative branch, with a gallows built to hang Mike Pence to prevent him from certifying the election. They wanted it to succeed.

    anton1949anton194912 dager siden
  • I think at this point many of the Republican lawmakers are literally afraid, physically, of their own constituents, which is why so few will speak out.

    Unified VisionUnified Vision12 dager siden
  • Sounds like NIcolle's question depends on what the definition of "Right" is, as in move to the Right. I'd say that "Right" really means a move toward the authoritarian end of the scale, which has a single dictator (i.e. monarchy, "one rule") as the purest form on the very farthest Right; on the other end, "the Left" is democracy, pure democracy being rule of "all the people". So I'd say that it is a movement toward the Right, toward rule of one, namely their new evil savior, Donald Trump.

    Unified VisionUnified Vision12 dager siden
  • And their loyalty to the 1% who hide behind the bombastic Diaper Don.

    Tigers foreverTigers forever12 dager siden
  • In every respect this GOP has become a fascist party: McCarthy, Moscow Mitch,Kennedy, Diaper Don, Taylor Greene and yes, the castrati are the 21st century embodiment and our worst nightmare. I bet the 1% is enjoying every minute of this party's demise.

    Tigers foreverTigers forever12 dager siden
  • Biden won! Trump lost! How many times did Trump lose? Trump is not American Presidential material! He is a traitor to our Constitution our Democracy! If you want to get down and dirty about it anyone who supports Trump isn't fit to be in any office!

    Sandra HartSandra Hart12 dager siden
  • The party of Jesus must be a complete disappointment to Jesus-as it makes him look like a terrible teacher of morality.

    Randy KrusRandy Krus12 dager siden
  • It's time for Liz to get on the right side of history. Perhaps it is time for Liz to switch parties

    MayitoMayito12 dager siden
  • "That's where we are, if you tell the truth, you're not a good fit." That could almost be a line right out of George Orwell's cautionary tale, "1984." The people who believe that the truth is inimical to their agendas are unfit to be American leaders. Indeed, it may be said of them that they're the very "deplorables" Hillary Clinton called out some years back. The Republicans should first own this hostility to the truth, and then repudiate it. If they don't do that, and soon, they will never, ever, again be worthy of our trust.

    Thomas ThompsonThomas Thompson12 dager siden
  • Hillary called it correctly: "deplorables "

    Peter JonasPeter Jonas12 dager siden
  • Many people are saying that Donald Trump is the biggest liar of all time. Some experts confer on that. Lots of people, in the know agree, on that.

    Sarah McCoySarah McCoy12 dager siden
  • Lunatic Fringe ... We know you're out there - We'll come out in the 2024 and run your Republican (Domestic Terrorist) Party presidential candidate over like we did in 2020 - next time ... 10M+ popular vote win for the Democrats ... watch and see. This trump-filth-cult is setting the GOP back to the dark ages ... where they belong!

    James SchneiderJames Schneider12 dager siden
  • the big question is how we got here?

    chelsea for everchelsea for ever12 dager siden
  • Why are conservatives all a bunch of fascist morons anyway? Bc its in their nature and when the right strongman came along to feed their deepest right wing desires for power and authority, they swooned. Trump’s entire political existence has been like the revival of American white nationalism that brought us slavery and segregation. They’re all goners.

    Joseph VandevanderJoseph Vandevander12 dager siden
  • The Republican party is Donald Trump’s cult. It’s not hyperbole. It’s not an exaggeration. I seriously do think he’s blackmailing them. I’ve been saying it all this time and nobody is listening.

    Joseph VandevanderJoseph Vandevander12 dager siden
  • Is he going to shut up? If this wasn't so deadly, it would be the presentation of one of the best SNL scripts ever. But - you just can't make this trash up. Liz Cheney is THE leader of the Old Party. Wish it was still grand. Because bi-partisan true interface and compromise is where the greatest advantage comes for the people and the nation.

    S StarkeyS Starkey12 dager siden
  • Jimmy Kimmel exposed that No Person interviewed on the street Knows The USA Pledge of Allegiance. 🤔

    Ellen Rose GaynorEllen Rose Gaynor12 dager siden
    • @Ellen Rose Gaynor Minus- "under God". So it's "One nation, indivisible".

      tw ttw t12 dager siden
    • I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

      Ellen Rose GaynorEllen Rose Gaynor12 dager siden
  • Let the Snake eat itself. The Orange Conman is openly trying to fleece their people, and these politicians want a slice.

    Ziah SolisZiah Solis12 dager siden
  • The GOP was built by corrupt treasonous liars, but Trump took it to an unprecedented level.

    Richard ElginRichard Elgin12 dager siden
  • I 💕 Liz Chaney for standing up for TRUTH regardless!! GOD is TRUTH! With that let the chips may fall where they may!

    Zewditu BachoreZewditu Bachore12 dager siden
    • The World is Hungry for TRUTH!!

      Zewditu BachoreZewditu Bachore12 dager siden
  • Stop covering Liz Cheney no one cares. Do actual news!

    Jim whiteJim white12 dager siden
  • Stop covering Liz Cheney no one cares. Do actual news!

    Jim whiteJim white12 dager siden
  • Stop covering Liz Cheney no one cares. Do actual news!

    Jim whiteJim white12 dager siden
  • Stop covering Liz Cheney no one cares. Do actual news!

    Jim whiteJim white12 dager siden
  • Stop covering Liz Cheney no one cares. Do actual news!

    Jim whiteJim white12 dager siden
  • Stop covering Liz Cheney no one cares. Do actual news!

    Jim whiteJim white12 dager siden
  • Stop covering Liz Cheney no one cares. Do actual news!

    Jim whiteJim white12 dager siden
  • Stop covering Liz Cheney no one cares. Do actual news!

    Jim whiteJim white12 dager siden
  • Stop covering Liz Cheney no one cares. Do actual news!

    Jim whiteJim white12 dager siden
  • Stop covering Liz Cheney no one cares. Do actual news!

    Jim whiteJim white12 dager siden
  • Stop covering Liz Cheney no one cares. Do actual news!

    Jim whiteJim white12 dager siden
    • Republicans don't care about anything, other than white dominance and guns.

      Richard ElginRichard Elgin12 dager siden
  • Here's something that the GOP party hasn't done, a least not in the last 4 years. The first quarter GDP was 6.4%. Remember when Dump said that the economy would grow and the GDP would be 3, 4 even 6%? It didn't happen under him did it? And incomes in the first quarter grew 21.1%. Wow now that stimulating the economy isn't it? And the best is yet to come. Anyone making $75,000.00 or less will pay no federal tax this year. People making $75,000.00 to %100,000.00 will pay 1.1%. Now someone from the GOP party please tell me what it was that Dump did that beats this information. He certainly didn't create millions of jobs as he said he would. He didn't get any steel factories reopened like he said he was going to do. And, more companies left the US in the 4 years he was in office than any other year in our history. His tax tariff with China hurt the US economy more than they ever helped. More farmers filed for bankruptcy in his 4 years in office then any years since the great depression. His hateful comments caused 5 deaths during the capital riots. And, his foreign policies only caused other countries to hate the US and cause such a riff in our relations that some countries refused to even meet with him. They even laughed at him behind his back. His response to the Covid-19 pandemic killed more than a 1/2 million American's, and he said he didn't think American's could take the truth about the virus so he lied and lied and lied to you. So why is it that you keep following him? Here's what I have to say about President Biden, YOU GO BIDEN, YOU ARE A GREAT LEADER AND LOVED BY MANY. Thank you for standing up against those that can't get on the train to help America.

    SMSSMS12 dager siden
    • The reason that republicans always vote for incompetent, corrupt, treasonous, anti-government/society liars. Is because the only thing they care about is white dominance and guns. If not for Democrats, they would live like animals.

      Richard ElginRichard Elgin12 dager siden
  • I'd like to see an interview with a mental health professional that specializes in cults, cults of personality, etc. What we are witnessing is not just political. It is the mental health crisis unfolding in real time too. MH hasn't had the kind of respect or funding/access it should in this country. So I am hardly surprised when unaddressed MH issues are coupled with existing hate, ignorance, and greed, placed in the incubator of this pandemic feed the big lie and the GQP. I'm not even sure indicting him, forcing him to testify under oath on live TV will work. Its been too long.. it should have been done months ago.. The crazies will say it's a hologram, clone, alien, or Hilary's emails 😒

    MJ PulliamsMJ Pulliams12 dager siden
  • Only a handful of Republicans remain who might save the party. Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney are the most prominent of that group. Whether they can overcome the Trump fringe party is a question that has yet to be answered.

    irrefudiateirrefudiate12 dager siden
    • If Republicans want to corral their supporters around a common cause. They should hire David Duke.

      Richard ElginRichard Elgin12 dager siden
  • Perhaps an election like those conducted in Tribal ....Third World Countries

    Ken PanzerKen Panzer12 dager siden
  • So, it's the New Deranged Party of Trump. Absurd.

    Chulita R VenegasChulita R Venegas12 dager siden
  • Question to these Trumpards.......WHAT IS A GOOD AND FAIR conducted by the GOP ??

    Ken PanzerKen Panzer12 dager siden
  • The Fringe Of The Republican Party Has Become ‘Its Beating Heart’ Well, this has been obvious in the extreme for some time now; especially over the last administration.

    LR VogtLR Vogt12 dager siden
  • Claire knows everything! Love you all😍

    Johnna FunkhouserJohnna Funkhouser12 dager siden
  • The problem started in 1980 when Ronald Reagan embraced The lunatic Fringe when he did not have to The silent majority of Republicans have used to win elections since 1968 is starting to die off, The lunatic Fringe is now taking over the party

    James RickerJames Ricker12 dager siden
  • When you bring a devil into your home, he will not only destroy your house but he will turn and rend you.

    Kevin StclairKevin Stclair12 dager siden
  • Trump is a loathsome hag. He won't spend the money & he won't take the responsibility. Those who don't realize that Trump will throw them under the bus or not show them any support, deserve whatever happens to them.

    CERCARIACERCARIA12 dager siden
    • They don't care. Trump supporters want white nationalist leadership, and they'll obviously take anything they can get.

      Richard ElginRichard Elgin12 dager siden
  • The Reptilians live on lies. Trump is their false god. NYC please convict trump. Otherwise, the creep will resurface in 2024.

    Orion KovachOrion Kovach12 dager siden
  • If you tell the truth you are not a good fit for the Republican party. The same is true if your are a policeman and you tell the truth, you are not a good fit for the police department. This is Black America.

    J StreeterJ Streeter12 dager siden
  • Integrity. Wish there wasn't such a big price to pay for a politician to stand up for the truth. She is willing to lose her seat for this.

    shawn doeshawn doe12 dager siden
  • Castrati of the GQP. That is so elegant and will fly over the heads of so many of those cretinous GQP.

    Sue MontgomerySue Montgomery12 dager siden