Arizona Republic Reporter Doesn’t Know Why He Was Removed From Observing The Arizona Audit

3. mai. 2021
336 968 Ganger

Ryan Randazzo, reporter at the Arizona Republic, speaks about what he witnessed at the GOP-led audit of the 2020 election results in Maricopa County, and why he felt one of those counting the ballots was newsworthy.
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  • Wow! Can this woman hide her Hate of President Trump a little better. I found her repugnant! Ewww.

    Frances FulghamFrances FulghamDag siden
  • What a dumpster fire. So now the only thing they need is someone just SAYING they heard that their was voter fraud and theyll do an "audit?" This is very disturbing. Congress need to investigate this Cyber Ninja company

    Caleb FowlerCaleb FowlerDag siden
  • I won't be surprised if this CyberNinja company is linked to the ghost company activated in the DoD system minutes before Trump left office.

    Tope BabsTope BabsDag siden
  • He was excluded just like republicans were during the election, there was no transparency whatsoever. Red flag.

    Sharann BraySharann BrayDag siden
  • Why should anyone believe a politician from our corrupt system? If there is a complaint involving criminality, I am more inclined to believe it than disbelieve it.

    Joseph ZrnchikJoseph Zrnchik2 dager siden
  • This is not reporting. It's funny to hear democrats want transparency.

    mathman43mathman432 dager siden
  • NOTHING makes progressives look more guilty than fighting tooth and nail to stop transparency.

    PillCosbyPillCosby2 dager siden
  • Very interesting!!!, repugnicons using criminals in an federal audit!!!. is that how trump going to find thousands of votes!?!?!?, we know about trump's perfect calls!!!.

    IlansiniShoresh ApacheeIlansiniShoresh Apachee2 dager siden
  • If it was a lie, you would not be so worried.

    chris besuchris besu3 dager siden
  • This whole "audit" is as every citizen who loves our democracy a scam. I'm fairly certain that either before it's completed or when these "auditors" claim it to be completed, they will announce that they have proof that thousands of ballots were fraudulent, i cannot see them saying antything else. Upon an actual examination of the ballots or voting machines, there will be evidence they were tampered with. BUT they will be taken to court and the courts will throw out the "findings" because of 1 - Provably dishonest people were given access to the ballots. A - Conflict of interest violations 2 - No independent observers were allowed to be present to verify there was no illegal tampering with the ballots and voting machines. 3 - That the "Auditors" were not trained properly and commuted multiple violations of the required chain of custody. The only problem is all they have to do is "claim" they found widespread voter fraud. Then The big Liar and his minions will make alot of noise getting the true believers riled up all over again. I'm hoping that if they try this in any other state they will be facing injunctions preventing another scam-count from taking place.

    Lowell MartinLowell Martin3 dager siden
  • every ballot is counted by 3 persons, one is intended to be a democrat and one a republican. Each persons tally sheet is compared after each 100 ballots are counted. If at least two do not agree on candidates the entire 100 ballots are recounted. If one counters tally is very far off, it will be obvious to all the others tat person is not counting correctly.

    Donald LambertDonald Lambert3 dager siden
  • Prime example of biased media. What are democrats hiding? Why fight so hard to stop an audit? You would think it would be settled finding the truth?

    Ruth JoynerRuth Joyner3 dager siden
  • Stand with Palestinian against the ugly terrorism of Israel

    Mohamed WahbaMohamed Wahba4 dager siden
  • Romney doesn't know what the truth is you all lie

    Barbara KnutsenBarbara Knutsen4 dager siden
  • The Arizona audit is a complete farce just like Trump himself. Support the audit and him....then you're a part of the farce.

    Thomas FreemanThomas Freeman4 dager siden
  • The AZ gop should pay for this audit!

    Frugal LivingFrugal Living4 dager siden
  • Walking around with red and blue ink pens sure doesn’t help restore confidence in votes. Especially when they started contacting voters at their homes to “confirm the validity of the ballots.”

    MajimeMajime4 dager siden
  • Really, you don't know why you were removed?

    Nochannel ZNochannel Z4 dager siden
  • The msnbc big riot lie

    Pete SilvaPete Silva5 dager siden
  • Why not let the audit continue and we all we see if it is a big lie or not.

    Pete SilvaPete Silva5 dager siden
  • THE ARIZONA AUDIT IS A VIOLATION OF ALL OF OUR RIGHTS ! Email / Write to your congress wo/man urgently please.

    Michelle NorrisMichelle Norris5 dager siden
  • I'm sure we can trust these people and most I'm sure can count to 2 million or more with no problem or put a check mark with a bold black sharpie across the ballet to make sure it's not counted twice. We can save the Empire Long live Lord Vader !!

    ducebiggs007ducebiggs0075 dager siden
  • TRUMPS whole presidency was A BIG LIE. I'm so glad we FIRED that dog dump.

    1Derek20101Derek20105 dager siden
  • They won't find it because it doesn't exist. Donald Trump is delusional, paranoid, and egotistical. Also has grandiose thoughts.

    Cecile HoustonCecile Houston5 dager siden
  • This place looks more and more like a banana republic every day. Has it always been like this or have I just started paying attention?

    heethnheethn5 dager siden
  • The fraud happened when Biden won when the observers were thrown out in huge numbers in the places were covered the windows were covered be honest people

    tarcmstarcms5 dager siden
    • Do you not proof read. Your writing is gibberish.

      Thomas FreemanThomas Freeman4 dager siden
  • If theres nothing wrong, whats the concern? An audit would prove Biden won wouldnt it? why so upset? lol.

    Ryan ParkerRyan Parker6 dager siden
    • Do you not know the standards used to certify the election results? Count all the votes 10 times. Biden would still be the winner. You still won't believe it.

      Thomas FreemanThomas Freeman4 dager siden
  • I live in Arizona and this is embarrassing!

    Patricia HermanPatricia Herman6 dager siden
  • Dictatorships don’t have audits they always win elections ask Maduro in Venezuela.

    Karl SanchezKarl Sanchez6 dager siden
  • MSDNC mouthpiece of the Democrat National Cult

    Karl SanchezKarl Sanchez6 dager siden
  • Because he belongs to propaganda fake news media

    Karl SanchezKarl Sanchez6 dager siden
  • It's because most of the ballot counters are Trump fans

    Nicole JeuneNicole Jeune6 dager siden
  • So these are people who promote the “Thin Blue Line” faction of law enforcement. Hmm🤔

    Second Advent Messenger Ministries - Anthony BurnsSecond Advent Messenger Ministries - Anthony Burns6 dager siden
  • At the rate the “Trump” Republican Party is headed, America will be the next Australia of the West... It will be a penal colony for the politically insane!!! This will truly be a new Republic and it will be run by a truly new (r)epublican Party. It will have the mantra, “the inmates have taken over the asylum.” To take familiar words from Michael Steele, “You just can’t make this stuff up!”

    Second Advent Messenger Ministries - Anthony BurnsSecond Advent Messenger Ministries - Anthony Burns6 dager siden
  • At the rate the “Trump” Republican Party is headed, America will be the new Australia of the West... Is will be a penile colony for the politically insane!!! This will truly be a new Republic and it will be run by a truly new (r)epublican Party. It will have the mantra, “the inmates have taken over the asylum.” To take familiar words from Michael Steele, “You just can’t make this stuff up!”

    Second Advent Messenger Ministries - Anthony BurnsSecond Advent Messenger Ministries - Anthony Burns6 dager siden
  • keep reporting this video as spam/misleading and let them know this is a fake story based on a lie, that reporter knows exactly why he was removed.

    Kevin TunaleyKevin Tunaley6 dager siden
  • Why did a federal judge even allow this to happen? It will not change the election. And the election is certified. So why let anybody have access to the ballots. Then for this bunch of Arizona lunatics do this is beyond me. Plus why isn't Kern in jail?

    Bubby RedmonBubby Redmon6 dager siden
  • U.V. lights to check ballots? Why not. It's been said to cure COVID-19 too. But seriously, that biased and fraudulent vote recount resembles the burning of the Reichstag in 1933. The Big Lie = the rise of fascism.

    rouelibre1rouelibre16 dager siden
  • Lol, DEMOCRATS still scared.. twisting everything you can that isn't blue. Lol... The Fed has no say on State business. Continue the count!!!! .Next,,, Michigan,,Penn, Georgia...get a move on recount.

    Matt dMatt d6 dager siden
  • Wallace is a hack

    Joseph EllisJoseph Ellis6 dager siden
  • Trickle down situation, take out the corrupt leader, and the house of cards with fall down instantly, FBI should just lock one particular person up, then the rats will scream

    F LF L6 dager siden
  • Medias reporters DO NOT report truth, they report LIES! Made up stories from their lying agendas. SO there is NO need for the medias reporters to see anything , you do a good enough job with your made up stories. Every lie will be revealed. If there is nothing to hide, stop your whining and wait for the truth to be revealed. If you say this was the cleanest election, then the more you should support this audit to prove your story.

  • If its from the Arizona Repubic IT'S NOTHING BUT A LIE... No more truth from the rag than abc, cbs or ktar and npr... They are all one voice....

    Todd BounceTodd Bounce6 dager siden

    * Gblueslover* Gblueslover7 dager siden
  • End the trump-tardation already... He lost. Martians did not interfere in the election or anything else these crackheads CA come up with... Bamboo bs etc....STFU....

    nathan brehmnathan brehm7 dager siden
  • He has a blue pen in his hand. So we know what he is up to.

    Wendy ImbimboWendy Imbimbo7 dager siden
  • So they do not have the MAGA caps while counting?

    O HO H7 dager siden
  • First off this guy is an actor second off the whole audit can be live streamed from over five different cameras. The media can do whatever it wants and say whatever it wants and can lie without penalty remember this when you go listen to Fox CNN NBC CBS cuz they're all paid by the same people once you realize this the media and its propaganda begins to make more sense and you realize that that it's not for the people.

    DyortosDyortos7 dager siden
  • shame shame shame on you MNBC.

    NANCY ZURNNANCY ZURN7 dager siden
  • If there's nothing to hide, let the audit continue.

    D2tha IzzoD2tha Izzo7 dager siden
  • I didn't here you complaining when they didn't let the Republicans in the first time during the election remember the democrats counters was laughing at the Republicans tru the window

    Mike RolloMike Rollo7 dager siden
  • But its not the truth

    Mike RolloMike Rollo7 dager siden
  • They need to lock him up. He’s crooked and we know it.

    Twilight Gardens presentationsTwilight Gardens presentations7 dager siden
  • Why were Republicans systematically kicked out of the polls on November 3rd?

    Brandon WillifordBrandon Williford7 dager siden
  • So funny to see to watch bimbos spouting out thing when she has No Clue what she is talking about ! You think over 36,000 non citizen votes would give her just a small clue ! 😳

    Donna CroakerDonna Croaker7 dager siden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 great question Nicole

    Shery BrownjonesShery Brownjones7 dager siden
  • They are insane TRAITORS to the United States of America, it's Constitution and it's. Citizens

    Richie TattersallRichie Tattersall7 dager siden
  • Trump won. The Dems cheated with flurry of phony mail in ballots, no signature verification, no ID, illegal aliens and dead people voting, paid creeps voting multiple times for Biden, rigged machines, Dems taking advantage of pandemic chaos to change rules for their own benefit, state laws violated, Constitution violated-- plenty of nonsense to investigate.

    Grace GhazaiiGrace Ghazaii7 dager siden
  • Arizona like Republicans have become the latest members of the Village of Idiots?!

    AngelinaAngelina7 dager siden
  • Citizen should be able to sue the Republican for trying to Sabotage the elections especially the ones that donate large large sums of money in the selections.Donors spend lots of money in these elections only to say that it is rigged which is a lie.

    Cheerio GCheerio G7 dager siden
  • MSNBC is a joke. Now auditing something is not allowed and bad lol. This joke of a reporter that is complaining for being removed from the audit meanwhile republican poll watchers were removed in nearly every state and blocked and harassed lol.

    Jeffrey PiccoloJeffrey Piccolo7 dager siden
  • What's up with these loosers

    michy booblessedmichy booblessed7 dager siden
  • Is it actually a GOP controlled audit, or is this a way to divide people, by party association? That could just as easily be the military doing the audit. "Against all enemies, both foreign and domestic."

    Omega ManOmega Man7 dager siden
  • Mitt is a suckup and cheater

    Gary BrownGary Brown7 dager siden
  • MSNBC spends too much time trying to undermine an effort to investigate a flawed process. Very biased & certainly not journalism.

    OF CVOF CV7 dager siden
  • trump** and All of his closest supporters Must go to Prison.

    rob smithrob smith8 dager siden
  • The ENTIRE world knows Trump won. More importantly Father God knows Trump won. Vengeance is God’s, He will repay. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🇺🇸🇺🇸

    wegoallwegoall8 dager siden
  • Tremendous accomplishment Ryan. While breaking through the RepulsiveCons' Big Lie you've revealed the rotten core of how they play dirty and you released the photo before they could eliminate your evidence🤣

    1 We R1 We R8 dager siden

    Tanya RylandTanya Ryland8 dager siden
  • Why? Because the fascists calling themselves democrats are using the FBI and the DOJ as their personal NAZI Gestapos and SS!

    dawn sousadawn sousa8 dager siden
  • Fake news, RINO Mitt is a joke.

    Alabama DSAlabama DS8 dager siden
  • You were removed for passing gas incessantly

    Frank JoseFrank Jose8 dager siden
  • What are the democrats afraid is going to be found? They said this was the most secure ever right?

    T4 mannT4 mann8 dager siden
  • You’re burning your own house down and I’m roasting marshmallows 🤨

    BlueFairyBlueFairy8 dager siden
  • Even the rat Romney is nervous.

    SocialismSucksSocialismSucks8 dager siden

    PrometheUSPrometheUS8 dager siden
  • Oh wait ... Perhaps it was him whom placed a rock in the doors to sabotage the audit. You dems have no shame. IF IT WAS THE CLEANEST AND SAFEST.... WHY DON'T YOU WANT IT PROVEN??? THOU DOST PROTEST TOO MUCH. THIS IS GLORIOUS TO WATCH ALL THE FROM THE UK. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 TIK TOK TIK TOK.. . THE CLICK IS TICKING AND YOUR LIES WILL OUT VERY SOON.

    ruby koheealleeruby koheeallee8 dager siden
  • I wonder if they'll ever realize this whole audit farce is purely to make money off their followers..

    Savage OneSavage One8 dager siden
  • I guess it no longer matters what the people want in america. The people demanded this audit so just let them do it.

    American PirateAmerican Pirate8 dager siden

    American PirateAmerican Pirate8 dager siden
  • We asked the same thing when republican poll watchers were kicked out and berated out of polling places.

    American PirateAmerican Pirate8 dager siden
  • every news outlet is obviously biased in how they frame their headlines etc. its obvious that everything is controlled

    Demon PosessedDemon Posessed8 dager siden
  • But, hey, ya know but if we are all just going to keep letting them do this...

    Naomi BeeNaomi Bee8 dager siden
  • Oh shoot, bombshell picture of truth at the end there, huh!! They have insurrectionists counting (violating) american voters ballots. I thought our ballots were safe from random haters digging through our names and votes with predjudice completely outside of the legal process.

    Naomi BeeNaomi Bee8 dager siden
  • Republicans are still just committting treason. Not because they’re racist trash (It’s true) but because they’re actively committing treason.

    Naomi BeeNaomi Bee8 dager siden
  • I like seeing their worried faces.

    TheRandymanning88TheRandymanning888 dager siden
  • Rofl...whats wrong? I do not believe this story. But this would mean the lying democrats are saying they dont like not being able to observe?? Oh! Well imagine that!!!!!!

    Prodigy FXProdigy FX8 dager siden
  • I know Arizonian are so embarrassed it is do sad for this Judge to make Arizona the laughing State in the USA wow 😳 how could you do this to your Constituents is is do sad I would vote every Republician in that state out of office for making us look do bad across the WORLD 🌎🌍 WOW Republicians you hate your State that much that you would do that to it😭😭🧐🤔😳

    Lady You GoLady You Go9 dager siden
  • STOP IT!!!! Soooooo, REPUBLICANS said there is NO MONEY for the POOR PUBLIC $15. YET they keep finding MONEY for these FAKE GAMES!!!!

    JewelJewel9 dager siden
  • Audit the votes! The Big Lie is true, reporters

    Darlene MartinezDarlene Martinez9 dager siden
  • Trump is taking us toward COMMUNISM.

  • Listen America,this is Putin destroying the American Democrats

    Julia CallanJulia Callan9 dager siden
  • So a lawmaker who was there on the 6th, is on the ballot, is counting them. Ummm, that is a bit of a conflict of interest no?

    Eric HEric H9 dager siden
  • He showed a ballot (not allowed) on screen and visually doxed volunteers. If he doesn't understand, he's brainless.

    gregatyisgregatyis9 dager siden
  • Kern's direct participation and contact with ballots, should make this "audit" completely invalid.

    E HE H9 dager siden
  • I love all the comments here - If there is nothing to worry about then dont worry!!! You Dems had all the machines and ballots locked up for months and wouldnt let them out - you had the chance to audit and prove otherwise yourself...The request for audit is a Constitutional right!

    William RandallWilliam Randall9 dager siden
  • How can anyone let them get away with this? The are bound to skew the numbers.

    locadisalocadisa9 dager siden
    • Same way dens got away with stealing election

      Richard TerryRichard Terry6 dager siden
  • Why don't y'all report on the border crisis? Or thousands of covid + people being let into the country? Or skyrocketing gas and food prices? Or why we have a 'president' that can't string 2 sentences together? Or why thousands of jobs have been lost? Or why Korea and China are now threatening to attack us? You know, some real news for once.

    JillJill9 dager siden
  • 🖕 MSNBC 💩

    7th Fleet7th Fleet9 dager siden