After 2020 Loss, Trump's Tax Cuts Endure As Corporations Duck U.S. Debts | The Beat With Ari Melber

3. mai. 2021
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Many profitable corporations pay no federal taxes at all, even as so many Americans struggle in the pandemic. Congress is considering some reform, but MSNBC’s Ari Melber documents how Congress is debating based on terms defined by the Trump-era cuts and Reagan-era corporate rates -- despite Democrats winning back both elected branches of government. Melber highlights how companies like Nike and FedEx pay no taxes and benefit from policies shaped through a campaign finance system that benefits corporations
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  • On the mark Ari. Big Business is already greasing the legislative process with $millions to make sure they're ridiculous profits go unharmed while they continue to use our roads, water, electricity, airports, shipping ports while many of they're workers can't make rent! Meanwhile, they expect the rest of us to pay enough taxes to keep all the above in good repair while they can increase profits to shareholders. Something is rotten in what we call capitalism.

    Gerry HiceGerry Hice5 dager siden
  • Slave north korea

    ekundayowtekundayowt5 dager siden
  • I wonder how many people at the BLM and antifa rallies were wearing nikes?

    You TubeYou Tube6 dager siden
  • Dont blame these corporations for legally not paying any tax... blame the legislators who allow them to do this

    Jai KyeoJai Kyeo7 dager siden
  • Corporations, politicians what's the different. Bla bla complain complain

    Honey BloomGardenHoney BloomGarden7 dager siden
  • and with biden getting rid of trumps tax laws the lower and middle class will also have their taxes raised. biden lied about only the rich would be taxed more. thats how his 4.1 trillion plan will be paid for.

    PINCH 85PINCH 858 dager siden
  • That’s not what Ross meant about kicking the shoes off! 🤣

    Life Struggles TVLife Struggles TV8 dager siden
  • I heard Nancy said YES!

    Marcel DagenaisMarcel Dagenais8 dager siden
  • Joe mansion playing king maker with his votes thinks he's running for president, he needs to get gone not a team player he's in it for himself !pos.

    Marcel DagenaisMarcel Dagenais8 dager siden
  • Ronald Reagan was a hypocrite just trump with dementia !

    Marcel DagenaisMarcel Dagenais8 dager siden
  • Newsweek BUSINESS Donald Trump, Facing $590 Million in Debt Payments, Gets $617 Million From Property Deal BY BENJAMIN FEARNOW ON 5/01/21 AT 10:02 AM EDT SHARE BUSINESS DONALD TRUMP TRUMP ORGANIZATION DEUTSCHE BANK BOND Former President Donald Trump, who reportedly has $590 million in debts due over the next four years, is set to receive a $617 million cash payout as part of a bond deal made by Vornado Realty Trust, his longtime majority-stake partners. Trump apparently scored the massive $600-million plus in cash after investors bought up $1.2 billion of bonds tied to the refinancing of a San Francisco office tower, 555 California. Trump has a 30 percent minority stake in the building, which makes up a massive portion, as much as $800 million, of his entire net worth. Because Vornado holds the majority stake, Trump doesn't have any control over the two properties he owns with them, the second being 1290 Avenue of the Americans in New York City. The windfall he "stumbled into" comes at a great time for Trump, analysts said, because numerous banks and businesses cut ties with him in the wake of the January 6 U.S. Capitol riot. The $617 million cash infusion from the Vornado refinancing in San Francisco is likely to precede another large payout for Trump's 1290 Avenue of the Americans office tower. Steve Roth, Vornado's chief executive officer, told investors this past week, that building is "on deck" for refinancing, Bloomberg News reported. Trump has a lengthy financial record which includes numerous corporate bankruptcies, suing lenders and provoking nearly every bank except for Deutsche to run the other way. But with $617 million of cash and another lucrative refinancing deal about to fall in his lap, analysts said he may have already dug his way out of more than a half-billion of debt his Trump Organization has sat on since entering the White House

    michael b.michael b.8 dager siden
  • Shouldn't it just be illegal for corporations to donate money to government? I'm probably missing something ...

    Sweet Hard-BicepsSweet Hard-Biceps9 dager siden
  • If the GQP has their way, big corporations will never pay any taxes. Only average Americans should have to pay and keep the country moving. I mean why should the very wealthy have to pay? It's their money and they worked hard at making it by not paying a living wage to the lowly worker ant and investing wisely. It's tough keeping that nose in the air and walking around like you are better than anyone else. Plus it's hard work counting all those zeros in your bank account. They don't know that if it weren't for that worker ant, they wouldn't have all those zeros to count. In their warped minds, they did it all by themselves.

    Sherry EvansSherry Evans9 dager siden

    Neural Stimulus RecordingsNeural Stimulus Recordings9 dager siden
  • So are we boycotting Nike??

    Andrew VazquezAndrew Vazquez9 dager siden

    Eleniki JrEleniki Jr9 dager siden
  • That tax break was for tRump himself. Just corporate America just happened to fall in on it and capitalize on it

    MrRottweiler72MrRottweiler729 dager siden
  • The casino executives in Las Vegas make 800 times more than the lowest paid.

    Sunny MagnusonSunny Magnuson9 dager siden
  • WHHHHAAAAAAT!!! MSNBC talking about 1 of their rich friends ? normally the rich (including media) just hold hands and push for tax cuts to the top 10% and 1% . specially because they pay them for ads. but seriously everybody should pay the same taxes, even tho traditionally the rich were forced topay more since they have extra and enough to live for many years or even generations....

    Gustavo MedranoGustavo Medrano10 dager siden
  • The Shock Factor Is No Longer Their.

    Real Music Real ArtistReal Music Real Artist10 dager siden
  • The word is corruption.

    Janet PanksJanet Panks10 dager siden
  • Take tax cuts away.

    Janet PanksJanet Panks10 dager siden
  • The fact that Trump made it to president even with help says it all!!

    M BM B10 dager siden
  • Ironically, while the REPUBLICANS oppose 28 percent, Alot of the CEO'S of major CORPORATION'S approve of the hike so it's evident that the only republicans agendas are to HINDER Biden's goals to better AMERICANS

    John FigueroaJohn Figueroa10 dager siden
  • Biden's agenda, make everyone pay equally

    John FigueroaJohn Figueroa10 dager siden
  • This is so disgusting,

    Patty ParsonsPatty Parsons10 dager siden
  • ...that’s crazy.

    WHISKEY OPS on PS4WHISKEY OPS on PS410 dager siden
  • The same money the customers already paid tax for

    marimari10 dager siden
  • Does he means the taxes they collect from customers?

    marimari10 dager siden
  • Is it a monumental task to dig up the trash out of the Repub. party to seize on the fact that they're the party of the SUPER rich?! Go figure!

    joyce Loeschjoyce Loesch10 dager siden
  • $$$Multi-billion corporations customarily throw out crumbs to their workers. If this isnt greed, then what is?! 🤑

    joyce Loeschjoyce Loesch10 dager siden
  • Theres the tax money get them taxes coming Biden

    Tom LiddellTom Liddell10 dager siden
  • ... and our beloved 45 is really rich but pays approx $ 750 tax yearly ???

    J.L. KlamerJ.L. Klamer10 dager siden
  • The one thing I didn’t hear Ari mention was that we all paid sales taxes to buy those products from those 55 companies on top of the federal income tax we common folk pay every year as good little Americans.

    rw501rw50110 dager siden
  • Stop putting in politicians who protect corporations tax relief. And Americans wouldn’t have this problem. And start voicing to those in office NOW!!

    Biggpaparayy22Biggpaparayy2210 dager siden
  • A Perfect example of Trickle Down Dose not Has not Ever Happen for 30 years. Welfare for working people?

    Kevin B WillsonKevin B Willson10 dager siden
  • American style corporations becoming India style corporations. Look at how they treats the workers over there. Look at the growing tent 🎪 cities in USA. Compare that. Go figure 😱.

    Lok TomLok Tom10 dager siden
  • Trumps a loser, make him go away, that's it!

    YT CommentYT Comment10 dager siden
  • Morning Ari, I believe you misspoke when you said “the corporate tax rate is going back to 28% under President Biden new infrastructure bill. But…When was it ever 28%?

    Philippe LouisPhilippe Louis10 dager siden
  • Heartbreaking :(

    Firstname LastnameFirstname Lastname10 dager siden
  • That is a Hair Transplant on Biden lol

    5 Star Vids5 Star Vids10 dager siden
  • We shouldn't worry people cause they'll need roads an bridges an Plaines to deliver there things once thats not fixed they can't do anything so let's make them suffer we just gotta start going back to normal stores an support our small businesses

    pretty cure Foreverpretty cure Forever10 dager siden
  • All the same with Amazon workers i should know I've worked there lasted 4 months they fired me I said fu**em

    pretty cure Foreverpretty cure Forever10 dager siden
  • 5:44 - ...they have been telling you this crap for the past 70 years....and you all still vote. What a peculiar species. Huge brains yet still so easily manipulated.

    ChristopherChristopher10 dager siden
  • And maria you are appart of the cult and fact you are the cult of racism maria

    Doug PattersonDoug Patterson10 dager siden
  • Remember cuz a lot of you believe you still own individuals and I say.....nottttt!

    Doug PattersonDoug Patterson10 dager siden
  • Well them days pretty much over with babygirl

    Doug PattersonDoug Patterson10 dager siden
  • Big corps should pay their fair share.Great report.

    dan nilesdan niles11 dager siden
  • It is so ironic, I spend 12 hours a day standing on a highway directing traffic for $15 an hour, I cannot even afford to buy a pair of Nike shoes for my comfort. I stopped buying Nikes when one of their first air soles on the Nike Mariah blew out when I was running the peak to peak marathon in Colorado. Ever since then I have gone with Brooks and New Balance. But now those shoes are so overpriced too. I just want to find a cushiony pair of shoes for under $100, but that does not seem possible anymore. Any ideas would be appreciated, thank you.

    Howard MulvihillHoward Mulvihill11 dager siden
  • These people need gathered up and kicked out of this country

    Evang Michael NorrisEvang Michael Norris11 dager siden
  • Now with President Biden's Leadership big corporations will be paying their FAIR SHARE OF TAXES! The working class will be given a break!

    Clyde CrailClyde Crail11 dager siden
  • Very good - don't stop. ❤

    MakingKnowSenseMakingKnowSense11 dager siden
  • Really sad, especially because sheep can't read

    Aaron LytleAaron Lytle11 dager siden
  • Republican'ts scream bloody murder as Biden roles back the glad-handing tax cuts that Trump gave to the rich hoping to buy their support. Trump lied to the middle class about how great he thought they were. He didn't think so. You have to watch what he does -- and not be conned by what he says. He's a liar -- plain and simple. He catered to the rich, where he believed his strongest support would be, but it cost Americans dearly in the long run. Now we need to regain some balance and some sanity. Trump lacked both. America needs to embrace a better destiny. Trump sold us out. Wake up America. We need a better future for ourselves, our kids, and out grand kids. The future is built on our todays. If you believe in America, then take up her future as your cause. Beware of those that traditionally have stood in the way of America's growth and progress. If we are not getting ahead, then we are getting behind. There is no comfortable middle ground. If w are standing still, we are getting behind. The republican'ts are standing in the way, blocking our forward movement as a nation. It is part of their tradition. It gives them a sense of control. But it hurts America and the people suffer. Remember that when you vote.

    Millennial SeekerMillennial Seeker11 dager siden
  • Thanks Ari! For telling us about this BS! THIS IS GODDAM INSANITY!

    Cat MagicCat Magic11 dager siden
  • Corporations need to pay their fair share.

    Sandy KatzSandy Katz11 dager siden
  • This is what is wrong with leaders like trump. Keep giving to the rich .meanwhile I made less than 12k in self employment and paid $660 that I paid in March and no one was at the IRS to cash my postal money order .so this year i worked for a company and was owed a one thousand dollar refund but only got 3 hundred back because one year later they still haven't processed my payment from two years ago . No one answer the phone at I R S so it took a tax advocate to get me straight with them and i will finally get the rest of my refund in about a month . Unbelievable. I barely make enough to eat and get back and forth to work .this crap is unacceptable

    Lisa NeelyLisa Neely11 dager siden
  • The rate doesn't matter, just get rid of ALL of the bs loopholes. Small businesses and individuals are the ones that can't or won't play fast and loose with the rules and get screwed.

    ScienceBitchScienceBitch11 dager siden
  • Is anyone else tired of hearing about problems and not seeing any action taken to resolve them?

    Solomon LynchSolomon Lynch11 dager siden
  • That's utterly abuse those companies made so much money where the poor people who make very little of a large sum in taxes those companies need to awaken with tax reform

    Doreen MacdonaldDoreen Macdonald11 dager siden

    ellobo1314ellobo131411 dager siden
  • I think water fountains are always women or boys peeing on the pond. That prepares the 99 percent for life.

    Adam NameAdam Name11 dager siden
  • Eveybody knows trump is a low life criminal, a scammer,liar and a cheat...trump gave himself a huge tax break when putten elected him president in 2016, using the excuse of passing a no tax for the huge corporations...he must have thought his base was as he calls them, suckers for believing every lie he sells...No No...if we gotta pay taxes,they gotta pay...lock trump and all his termites up...we won't all them to try to destroy our Democracy again.

    Robert DiazRobert Diaz11 dager siden
  • Right on, Ari. Speaking truth to power. You got some big balls, bro.

    Boogie BoogsBoogie Boogs11 dager siden
  • It’s a matter of course that business in the US is subsidized by the US Government.

    Lovey KLovey K11 dager siden
  • bamboozled Americans

    D DD D11 dager siden
  • no representation without... taxation? ugh what

    splazsplaz11 dager siden

    Patricia McGann-ZiontsPatricia McGann-Zionts11 dager siden
  • NIKE and don’t pay any federal tax...WRONG ALL KINDS OF WRONG...Biden when will you make the Uber wealthy pay their share?? Obviously the trickledown does not work...after all workers at Nike have to get help to survive. Do it just do it!

    Crystal TelfCrystal Telf11 dager siden

    Patricia McGann-ZiontsPatricia McGann-Zionts11 dager siden
  • Being a widow i was paying 34 and proud to be an american that was allso donating to down sydrome school.i can understand how you could complane and not feel bad.we as patriot is helping the COUNTRY and or serving it.what has happen to this COUNTRY?

    Maria MalakoffMaria Malakoff11 dager siden
  • This is exactly why your ratings have tanked TRUMP2024 WITHOUT CHEATING Lies Lies Lies what a joke of a man cheated to get in and acting as he can handle it - Don't forget only 8% is going to the CCP-Virus help and it will cost every American Taxpaying couple 69K and every tax-paying person 17K each Real smart bozo don't worry patriots 2022 and 2024 will tell the real story of who really won and we will do this without the Treasonous RINO's and Socialist DEMS cheating again.

    Vote em OutVote em Out11 dager siden
  • It's not right at all - and that's why the Brexit happened - to the damage of the UK but the benefit of people with millions and billions.

    M RM R11 dager siden
  • why do we have to keep seeing Donald Trump's photo?

    marte thompsonmarte thompson11 dager siden
  • I wish he stop quoting rap lyrics

    Mr. HMr. H11 dager siden
  • He does the most work, therefore he earns the as MOST money. Que no ?

    Guadalupe SalazarGuadalupe Salazar11 dager siden
  • Congress, please roll back the tax cuts or raise the minimum wage.

    Ife' GreenIfe' Green11 dager siden
  • I can't wait for Trump to go to prison.

    Alan MorrisAlan Morris11 dager siden
  • They will wiggle out of paying no matter what !

    Jeanele GarrettJeanele Garrett11 dager siden
  • It’s corporations that are not being patriotic to this country the media should be shamming them this country made them rich and all they do move jobs out this country for cheap labor their a joke

    Ralph PascaleRalph Pascale11 dager siden
  • Trumps tax cuts for the 1% is like dog poop. Blue poop and red poop are the same poop that funk up everything and perform the same, be funky and kills progess.

    lorettamemphislorettamemphis11 dager siden
  • Of course because a great leader evolves ..not stuck on stupid’s okay a great leader should be like Biden ... hello !

    Alexis BaderAlexis Bader11 dager siden
  • Pure MSDNC PROPAGANDA garbage

    Tim SmartTim Smart11 dager siden
  • Help India covid is real

    Kiki BabyKiki Baby11 dager siden
  • Basically there's no difference between red and blue it's all green

    justin winfreejustin winfree11 dager siden
  • this needs to be on a loop for everyone to see...AOC said something never gets talked about OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS ... new worthy , YES!!!! Panama Papers!!!

    Gary RayGary Ray11 dager siden
  • Reagan was one of the worst POTUSs we've had. He increased every regressive tax while giving huge subsidies and tax breaks to US corporations. This boosts the market which Republicans point to as being the hard stick for economic health. To be honest, trickle down economics is just another way to say, "Take from the poor so the rich get richer."

    Ronald HardingRonald Harding11 dager siden
  • I literally am sick to my stomach after watching this and it doesn't just happen in the's EVERYWHERE. One day, those who are less fortunate, will stand together and fight this hypocrisy!

    Nancy LynnNancy Lynn11 dager siden
  • This is how dictatorships start... The rich get richer and the poor suffer the consequences.

    Maria ScheerMaria Scheer11 dager siden
  • Dems drop this ball after ALL their complaints about dotard's corporate tax

    agent x channelagent x channel11 dager siden
  • The entire system is rigged in favor of those who have money and power. 😔

    JJ11 dager siden
  • Republican president Ronald Reagan's quote government should not "ride on the backs" of the people of America -- with US corporations not paying taxes -- the government surely rides on the backs of the people of America -- whether they are Republicans or Democrats.

    Laurence VasquezLaurence Vasquez11 dager siden
  • Ueah companies are wayyyyyyy too entitled

    adam r lathamadam r latham11 dager siden
  • And remember, this 21% or 25% or whatever tax rate is what the corporations are _supposed_ to pay. What they _actually_ pay, especially the bigger ones, is _far less_ than that, all the way down to zero.

    LizardVideoDudeLizardVideoDude11 dager siden
  • Our masters do as they will. Praise our corporate overlords, may our suffering sustain them.

    Jim StoufferJim Stouffer11 dager siden
  • At least the congressmen and women they bribe with campaign contributions pay taxes- right?

    Tolba SzyTolba Szy11 dager siden
  • Governments and the fortune 500 companies exploit other countries so we in the United States can have cheap food and material goods, while many of these companies are richly lining their own pockets to legally exploit others. Including their own employees back home. To the point the US government is subsidizing these company's employees through food stamps, other welfare programs, and entitlements, because these employees are not receiving a living wage. While the owners of Walmart, Niki, Amazon, and so many other US companies pay themselves billions each year. Totally legal. But highly unethical. The US legally engages in human trafficking, again by another name called; migrant workers, for farmers or the modern plantation, or through the H1 Visa program for for under paid technology workers for corporate America, and the tech industry. Yes, these people come of their own free will, in hopes of making more than if they stayed in their own native homelands, just to be exploited in the US. This is just the way the Southern Republicans like. This is their ticket to staying in office for decades.

    Cliff StraitCliff Strait11 dager siden
  • There is absolutely no reason someone should make 500 times what their employees make

    ron jamesron james11 dager siden
  • This is painful to say but I will never wear another pair of Nikes.

    Cowboy AmpCowboy Amp11 dager siden
  • If your allowed to donate $12 million dollars to elections. Then your "allowed" to pay taxes to Amazon. The corporations and business in their first year of life, these are the business that deserve a 1st year tax cut

    Christian ManriquezChristian Manriquez11 dager siden